24 03-2013


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24 03-2013

  1. 1. Welcome to...
  2. 2. Welcome to our Worship celebration this morning.Our heart is to worship God, be Changed by the Holy Spirit and grow in relationship. Pleas feel free to grab a coffee and a chat bothbefore and after the meeting.
  3. 3. New website please do take a look...notices on there too
  4. 4. The evening will be very social and a good chance for people to ask questions and hopefully realise that as Christians we are ok and that God is great Tuesday – 7.30pm at Costaplease keep inviting people to come along, especially friends.
  5. 5. Study Centre - this ThursdayWith Angela Kemm - 7:00pm for food starting at 7:20pm. Angela is a great lady and has lots of wisdom to impart to us so please make this a priority
  6. 6. Saturday 23rd – Occasia House lunch please see Steven or Ruth for a chat if you can to help
  7. 7. Saturday morning prayer 8:30-9:30 every Saturday Come and experience a powerful time of prayer for out town, our church, the Sunday morning meeting and more.Sunday morning prayer 9-9:30 every Sunday For those involved in the morning please do consider trying to get along and please also note the timings on Ian’s rota reminders and if unsure why or what’s expected please chat
  8. 8. Dates for your diary... Monday 25th God CentralChurch Kids workers meeting for crèche and children’s workers 7.30-9pm Got some excitingnew ideas and bits to be shared from Becca & Ben
  9. 9. Friday 29th – Easter walk of witness from 9:30 to 12:00
  10. 10. Friday 29th – pm picnic in the park – watch this space
  11. 11. 19th May – GOD CENTRALINTERNATIONAL DAY - Take 2!!!! Want to help out – see Ben
  12. 12. Sunday 24th – Malcolm and Sandra Sullivanfrom Chafford Hundred Community Church with us for the morning
  13. 13. We are back with St Pauls & Church of Pentecost. The plans this year involve bouncy castles, sumo suits, popcorn and much more.... if you can help please clear date in diary and more details to followSunday 26th May – BIG LUNCH family fun day
  14. 14. Diversity, Excitement and Truth NEWDAY BOOKING Next Sunday 17th during an e-mail from Mark, ... should have had serviceBethan & James – if you haven’t please see Ben before leaving
  15. 15. Saturday and Sunday 8/9th JuneNewfrontiers Regional Presence of God tour watch this space
  16. 16. Mobilise 2013 See Alan & Shana as need to getbooking – open to students and twenties
  17. 17. Please keep donating!please see Andrew / Simon for more details