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December 2011 newsletter


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December 2011 newsletter for St Paul Lutheran Church of Lodi, California.

Published in: Spiritual
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December 2011 newsletter

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  4. 4. Page 4 THE SAINTINEL Hopefully this Advent season finds The 5:00 service is a children’s liturgy. We also have you waiting in eager anticipation worship at 9:30 Christmas morning. Christmas is for God’s gift of love and hope in on a Sunday this year, so please mark your calen- Jesus’ coming to dwell among us. dars with the change that there is only the one ser- It is a busy time, and there are vice that day. lots of exciting ministries happen- ing at St. Paul this month: Finally, many of you were present for the announce- ment made in church on November 20, but I am so The Advent Faire is on December 4, excited to share my engagement announcement with between services in Morton Hall. my church family! My fiancé will be in church on De- This is an intergenerational event cember 18th to be introduced and to meet you, but that involves craft projects, cookie decorating, and before then here is some brief info about him: His great fellowship. Please join us as we celebrate the name is Andrew Tate, Jr. (please call him Tate), and Advent Season! he grew up in Alliance, Ohio, which is in the Cleveland area. He got a business degree from the University We have started Communion classes, and they are of Akron where he also played football. For those of continuing on December 7th, and 14th from 4:00- you who love sports and are disappointed in my com- 4:30. The classes will provide time for 2nd-5th grad- plete lack of knowledge, you will have someone to talk ers to come and learn more about the sacrament of to! Apparently “our” teams are the Yankees, Lakers, communion and the place it holds in the life of the and Cowboys, but don’t argue with me when you dis- church and our lives as Christians. Christmas Pag- like these teams, as I am just the messenger. Tate eant rehearsals will be held in the same time slot, so moved to California for a former job opportunity. He the communion students can go to rehearsals when is currently a National Accounts Manager for a they are done with Communion classes. I enjoy this company called MMG Technologies. He works in opportunity to spend time with the children as we Sacramento, but recently bought a house in Elk learn about God’s love for us and the way that love Grove, where I will move after we are married. Don’t is expressed through the bread and wine of the worry, I’m not leaving St. Paul, I will just have a Lord’s Supper. somewhat longer commute than my current trek across Pleasant Ave. We are planning to be married The Christmas Pageant is happening on December on August 24th, 2012 and will have a reception in 18th! The program is entitled “The Wonder” and tells California sometime in September. Thank you so the story from the perspective of the innkeeper and much for the kind words and well wishes you have her son. Monica and the children have been working already given us. I look forward to sharing this new hard on this year’s production. Please come and part of my life with you! support them as they retell the Christmas story through word and song. There are so many wonderful ministries happening here at St. Paul. Please check out the rest of the The Preschool will be doing their Christmas program newsletter for more news and chances to get in- on December 15th, at 6:00 in the Sanctuary. This is volved. Advent and Christmas are joyous times in a wonderful opportunity to come and support our the church year, and provides us with opportunities preschool. It is also a lot of fun to watch the ador- to fulfill our purpose of connecting with God, each able 3 and 4 year olds as they retell the Christmas other, and the world. Blessings to you as you await story and sing songs. Please join us for this fun and then celebrate the birth of Jesus and the fulfill- evening. ment of God’s promises through the incarnation! Remember that we have 3 opportunities to worship together on Christmas Eve, at 5:00, 7:00 and 11:00.
  5. 5. THE SAINTINEL Page 5Board of Women’s Ministry will have Remembering our Militaryboxes in the Narthex as you enter members at Christmasthe church. There are photos of the5 members we have serving in themilitary. We encourage you to takea look at the list provided here andhelp us to fill these boxes. Not allof the these young men will be com-ing home for Christmas so letsshow them how much their serviceand sacrifice means to their St.Paul family and friends. Deadline toship these packages to guaranteeChristmas delivery is December 10so PLEASE have your items at thechurch by December 7. SAMPLE OR TRAVEL SIZE work best. Only non -perishable foods please. No pork products sent to the Middle East please. The altar always looks so beautiful with flowers from our members. If you have a special occasion coming up sign-up now! The flower chart is located on the bulletin board outside the church offices. Find a date that works for you and add your name. Call the church office and let them know who the flow- No Sunday School ers are in memory/honor/ celebration of. More than December 25 or one person can sign-up January 1 per Sunday.
  6. 6. Page 6 THE SAINTINEL COUNCIL CORNER The Advent season brings us the promise of birth, member support is necessary to supplement the new life, hope and grace. Council is excited to be ex- missions here at St. Paul. This Advent season, if periencing some of those same promises through you really want to give a meaningful gift, say YES! our ministry here at St. Paul. Recent Consider a new approach to your com- council and forum meetings have mitment, offering yourself up to the sparked excitement and hope in the true spirit of Advent, and in return possibilities of a new Spanish language open yourself up to the joys of giving. ministry. The congregational discus- sions during Sunday school forums —Lori Bryant were informative, thoughtful and en- couraging. The idea of sharing our gifts and God’s word was met with enthusi- asm by those in attendance. Most members seem willing to take up God’s challenge to us to be disciples. While the how’s and where’s of this ministry Don’t forget are still up in the air, the hope of reach- ing others with God’s promise remains about … exciting! Christmas Eve Other council discussions have cen- tered on stewardship and how we can Services improve stewardship overall. Times are tough for many people right now, and I was reminded recently that there are 5:00pm many gifts we can give to supplement our financial gifts. 7:00pm Advent, which means “beginning,” “start,” or 1100:pm “approach.” is, wisely enough, not a single day, but a whole season including the four Sundays before Christmas Day Christmas. This Advent season, “begin or start” a new approach to Stewardship. Spend a Sunday Service greeting, ushering, host coffee hour, a Sunday school class or bible study. These are areas where 9:30am
  7. 7. THE SAINTINEL Page 7
  8. 8. Page 8 THE SAINTINEL Marie Boyd, Alexandra Burkhardt, Katherine Burkhardt, Joshua Churchill, Kim Churchill, William Churchill, Jean Clark, Karen Copstead, Cameron Daley, Luella Dietz, Marilyn Dorr, Rick Engelhardt, Holli Erlenbusch, Susan Faith, Christopher Faszer, Michael French, Nikki Froehlich, Craig Gallego, Marilyn Garcia, Rosilyn Gaudet, Joann Geiszler, Jonathon Gilbert, Rodger Gilbert, Aimee Giroux, Leanne Goldhahn, Elsa Gross, Kylie Hall, Faith Harper, Patrick Hazen, Susan Heberle, Colleen Herzfeldt, Sue Hetzner, Patricia Hickey, Gerald Hoyt, Robert Jaymot, Gary Kielhold, James La- Roe, Elmer Lautt, Richard Ledterman, Margaret Loney, Keith Lowrie, Tarek Maier, Steve Manas, Dustin Marzolf, Theresa Marzolf, Gail McCarver, Gavin McKeown, Jason Meyers, Nick Meyers, Nichole Peavy, Aimee Pennington, Martha Pfeifle, Kristy Phillips, Melissa Phillips, Victor Plunkett, Walt Plunkett, Katie Price, Lisa Price, Louise Pulliam, Lauren Quarnstrom, Erwin Rall, Karin Rogero, Ryan Rogero, Rachel Roth, Stacy Schafer, Kathy Schulz, Debbie Sharp, ElJoan Shealor, Makenna Staples, Mallory Staples, Sandie Stevens, John Stewart, Christian Sweatt, Ken Takeda, Kenneth Theilen, Elizabeth Tobeck, Elizabeth Vincent, Mary Vincent, Hilary Wagner, Daryl Weisser, Matthew Weisser, Brian Weist, Pat White, Isabella Whittaker, Carl Wohl, Alice Wolff, Mitchell Woods, Scott Woznick, William Wright, Michael Youdall. Advent Dinner for Octogenarians Octogenarians plan to join us for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a time to connect with each other. Our annual Advent Dinner for St. Paul Octo- genarians will be held, in Morton Hall, December 11th following the late service. Bell Sign-ups for Salvation Bell We look forward to seeing you, Ringers Ringing has begun. The sign- St. Paul Friendship ups will be gathered after the Ministry Coordinators service. The ringing starts the Monday after Thanksgiv- ing. I want to thank all you wonderful people that have served on Altar Guild this past year. You have been so faithful in serving. It’s a job that needs to be Blessing of the quilts. Thank you for all of your done and you’ve done it!! hard working quilters for such beautiful crea- tions. This is indeed a wonderful ministry you Thank you again and have a happy, healthy and have shared with your St. Paul family. If anyone blessed New Year. is interested in joining this inspiring ministry Norma Grinols please contact Esther Dietz at 333-8125
  9. 9. THE SAINTINEL Page 9 December2011 Azar Nafisi. The book will be available to check out at the Lodi Public Library on December 29th (Mention St. Paul’s Book club). Questions—call Bev Cornelius, 334 We invite all Seniors (men and -3719 or Betty Roget, 365-7266 women) to join our Social, Spiritual and Service projects ANNOUNCING and activities. Walk and Talk, Every Thursday, weather permitting at LodiLake at 9:00_a.mThe Walk and Talk Group will continue to meet at LodiLake at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday mornings during thewinter months, weather permitting. Questions-callJan Flanery—339-1753 or Sharon Seegmiller—712-3348 Senior Connection Monthly Gatherings scheduled for 2012.Knitting Group, 1st and 3rd Wednesday Every Month In addition to the ongoing projects, we invite all seniorin the Fireside Room at 1:00 p.m. members of the congregation to meet monthly at theBeginners and all levels of knitters are welcome. Knit- church for social, spiritual and service activities. Ourters and crocheters are invited to work on personal first gathering will be a lunch and get acquaintedprojects or on items to donate to community organi- event on Friday, January 13th at 11:00 a.m. Success-zations. Join the group to learn a new hobby and ful gatherings can be a mix of community life, planningmake new friends. Questions—Call Pat Fredstrom, for the future, affirmations for the group, new infor-368-2261 mation and prayer. Come and share your ideas for the future of St. Paul’s Senior Connection.Reading Group , January 26, 2011 inthe Fireside Room at 2:00 p.m.The Reading group will not meet in De-cember. The January book for discus-sion will be Reading Lolita in Tehran by Our preschool just re- ceived a very special donation from one of our St. Pauls Church families. Jim and Kathy Morris donated two train sets. One is wood with many parts and tracks. The other is a metal Lionel set, donated to us in memory of recently departed Arthur Marzolf. We are so blessed. Thank you Jim and Kathy Morris.
  10. 10. Page 10 THE SAINTINEL DIRECTOR’S CORNER leave beginning December 26. We have hired two substitute teachers to cover her morning and af- DECEMBER 2011 ternoon hours. Her baby is due January 10. December will be exciting and full of activities for our preschool. The “Mud Mill will be at our school on Tuesday, De- cember 13. The children and interested families will Our children and teaching staff are doing very well. select ornaments, paint them and the Mud Mill will The teacher’s provide an engaging, loving, and organ- fire, wrap and return them before our Christmas ized environment. The children respond by learning break. and growing. We continue to accomplish our goals set with curriculum, religion and socialization. De- We are having our Christmas Program on Thursday, cember begins our fifth month of this December 16, from 6-7pm in the Sanc- school year. tuary. The title of our program is: ‘Twas the Our next Parent’s Meeting will take Night Before Jesus, and is based on a place on Thursday, December 8. At this book by that same name. Both classes meeting we will discuss our plans to up- will be participating. You are welcome to date the sign in/out procedure and vari- attend. ous new accounting capabilities. We are also planning to send a box of items to The school will be closed December 26 J.D. (son of Chris Olson) who is cur- ST. PAUL LODI and we will return on January 09. This rently in Afghanistan. Several families schedule matches Lodi Unified. LUTHERAN have donated money and we have a list of items he needs and would like. Upon PRESCHOOL Our Bible Verses for December are: his return, J.D. plans to come in and NEWS “Peace by Unto You” and “Great is the meet the children and staff. There is a Lord.” Our themes for December are: An- collection box in my office, if you would like to partici- gels and Christmas. pate. The parent’s also are planning two fundraising events in the next few months. One will be with We wish you Happy Holidays. SEE’S candy and the other a TUPPERWEAR sale through one of our parents. We are considering us- Sincerely, ing some of our fundraising money to purchase a set Rita Spohn, of “walkie-talkies” Director to better our com- munication during outside time or pm activities. We also plan to buy a new CD player for Mrs. Mettler’s class- room. Miss Dotty will be Preschoolers perform- taking maternity ing for their families at the Pie Social
  11. 11. THE SAINTINEL Page 11 check to see if its covered by A Little Bit on Shingles your insurance company. Some will only cover you if you are overThere have been a few members of our congregation 59, others do not cover thiswho have recently been affected by this disease, and vaccine at all. Some physiciansit is possible that more will be as most of us offices do not have it available,are susceptible. According to the Center for Disease as it is expensive and does have an expiration date,Controls (CDC) there are one million cases of shin- so it is not something they can routinely stock. Yougles annually. can ask your physician for a recommendation as to where to get the vaccine. If your insurance companyShingles is a painful skin rash, often with blisters does not cover it, you will need to decide if you wantthat is caused by the same virus that causes to pay the price for this vaccine -- it usually runschicken pox. This virus is never fully cleared from the around $200.00. There is no way of predicting whobody and lies dormant in nerve tissues. Anyone who will develop shingles, and the peace of mind could behas recovered from chicken pox may develop shingles, worth the cost. If you have any questions, pleasebut the risk of disease increases as a person gets discuss it with your physician.older. And while it is not a life threatening illness, itis very painful and can last a long time. There is no People who should not get this vaccine include any-danger of passing shingles to someone who has had one whose immune system is compromised whetherchicken pox, but the virus can be passed on to those by disease (certain cancers, leukemia and lymphoma,who have never had chicken pox, causing them to de- HIV) or immunosuppressive drugs, such as steroidsvelop chicken pox, not shingles. There is a vaccine and post organ transplantation medications.available for those over 50 which will reduce thechance of getting shingles and the CDC recommends As we head into December, the Health Ministrythat anyone over this age get the vaccine whether or wishes you all a very Merry Christmas. Remember tonot they have ever had chicken pox. keep your New Years resolutions from last year -- watch your diet, get regular exercise and enoughThe vaccine is available in many pharmacies, but sleep to make this your healthiest holiday season ever!I’d like for you to meet Nikki Zupo, she is a parent Cookies Requested by 8:30am Tues, Dec 6!of a youth who is going to New Orleans next sum- St Paul’s quilting group has been very hard at workmer. Nikki is giving 25% of her commission of a getting the lap robes ready for our shut-ins. So, it ishome sell to the New Orleans fund. So, if you know time again, if you like to bake cookies for the holidays,of anyone who is interested in buying a home please share them with the quilters. To ensure as manyplease contact Nikki at 371-8211. Once again on cookies as possible fit into the bags please make thembehalf of the youth, thank you for all your sup- as small as possible. They will be delivering lap robesport. and bags of cookies to our homebound friends. It would be great if you could help out and bring them to church. They are packing and delivering on Decem- ber 6th, the first Tuesday in December.
  12. 12. Page 12 THE SAINTINEL
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  14. 14. Page 14 THE SAINTINEL TRIBAL NEWS - DECEMBER PLEASE PRAY FOR THE NEW DAN TRIBE Please pray for these tribal members and TRIBAL ASSIGNMENTS families: They need our prayers for the min- BASED ON istry they do in worship and in our church. Let’s connect with them by affirming their FISCAL CALENDAR YEAR service when we see them, and let’s connect FOR with God by praying for them during the month of December. They are: Erick & Julie 2011-2012 Albert, The Beaton family, Dolores Brandt, MONTH, TRIBE/SISTER TRIBE Michael & Meghann Cazale, Tambra Ciboch, Beverly Cornelius, Esther Dietz, Julia Engel- August 2011, Reuben/Naphtali hardt, The Ferguson/Luce family, William & Patricia Freeman, Kathleen Ganoe, The September 2011, Judah/Dan Gordon family, The Graves family, Patrick & October 2011, Naphtali/Reuben Nancy Hazen, The Hickey family, Phil & November 2011, Simeon/Issachar Karen Honkala, The Jacinto family, Connie Kiedrowski-Murphy, Vivian Kulm, M. Lassan- December 2011, Dan/Judah ske Family, Dave & Ann Mende, Robert & January 2012, Benjamin/Zebulon Lorraine Montgomery, Michael & Sharon O’Connell, The Price family, The R. Reeves February 2012, Asher/Gad family, Karen Rohrbach, The Schafer family, March 2012, Levi/Joseph Robert Shaw, The Staples family, Werner & April 2012, Gad/Asher Eileen Tiede, Robert & Carolyn Vocker, Flor- ence Wheeler, Larry & Doris Woznick. May 2012, Zebulon/Benjamin June 2012, Joseph/Levi THANK YOU SO MUCH! The families and individual Judah tribal members who helped during the month of November were; Esther Bartholomew, Francis & Luella Bitz, Betty Campora, Greg & Joanne Clark, Karen Copstead, the DeOliveira family, Phyllis Dyke, the Faith family, Lois Fish, the Fyffe family, Jerry & Susan Glenn, Kathy Gritts, Roger & Melinda Harbin, Michael & Roxanne Hess, Shirley Hoffman, Monte & Susan Hummel, Cori Knudtzon, Dwight & Pat Langhoff, Margaret Loney, the Martens family, Jim & Anita McKeever, the McKeown family, Leona Miller, Pat Neu, the Parker family, the Rasmussen family, the Rogero family, The Royal family, Aaron Rusch, Duane & Kathy Schulz, Willa Smith, Lee & Rose Terra, Elaine Ulrich, Connie Welch, Connie Wohl, Gerald & Mavis Zimmerle. We appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to serve.
  15. 15. 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study 10a Preschool Art 9a Pre Class Christmas 5p Women’s Bible Family Event Study w/ Pastor Sarah4 5 6 7 8 9 108a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 8:30am Quilters 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s9:15a Advent Faire 10:30a/4p Adult 1:15p Fairmont Ser- 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy vices 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 1:30p Naomi Circle 8:30am Girl12p Christmas Pageant Rehearsals 3:45p Girl Scouts 3p Kids Choir 5p Women’s Bible Scouts5p Confirmation #2029 4p Christmas Pageant Study w/ Pastor Sarah #2029 Gath-6p High School Youth Group 6p Cub Scouts Rehearsals ering7p Peals of Praise 7p Boy Scouts #199 4p Communion Class w/ 6p Christ- Pr. Sarah mas Dinner 5:30p Worship with Com- munion 7p Chancel11 12 13 14 15 16 178a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 8:30am Preschool Mud 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult Mill 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake SPA Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 3:30pm Eagle Scout 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 5p Women’s Bible 10a Christ-12p Advent Dinner for Octoge- 1p Friendship Court of Honor 1p Rebekah Circle Study w/ Pastor Sarah mas Pageantnarians Ministry 4p Executive Commit- 3p Kids Choir 6p Preschool Christ- Rehearsals12p Christmas Pageant Rehearsals 6:30p Bd of tee 4p Christmas Pageant mas Program 1p Pre5p Confirmation Worship & Music 6p Cub Scouts Rehearsals 6:30p Girl Scouts #182 Christmas6p High School Youth Group 7p Bd of Property & 7p Boy Scouts 4p Communion Class w/ Family Event7p Peals of Praise Social Ministry Pr. Sarah 5:30p Worship with Com- munion 6:45p Board of Christian Education 7p Chancel SPA18 19 20 21 22 23 24 318a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 6p Cub Scouts 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult 6:30p Council 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 7p Boy Scouts 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 2p Senior Connection 5p, 7p, 11pand Christmas Pageant 7p Cub Scouts Pack 1p Girl Scouts #182 event Reading Group Christmas5p Confirmation Mtg 3p Kids Choir 5p Women’s Bible Eve6p High School Youth Group 5:30p Worship with Com- Study w/ Pastor Sarah Services7p Peals of Praise munion 7p Chancel25 26 27 28 29 30 319:30a Worship with Communion 10:30a/4p Adult 6p Cub Scouts 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s Literacy 6p Preschool Board Mt 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study 6:30p Deacons 7p Boy Scouts 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 12p Private 7p Friends for Survival 3p Kids Choir Event 5:30p Worship with Com- munion 7p Chancel
  16. 16. St. Paul Lutheran Church 701 South Pleasant Avenue Lodi CA 95240 Phone: 209-368-2747 Fax: 209-368-3945 E-mail: officestpaul@yahoo.comRETURN SERVICE REQUESTED We’re on the Web! CONNECTING WITH GOD, EACH OTHER AND THE WORLD… The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is to Connect with God, each other and the world. The priorities in that mission are outreach to families with children and youth, deepening spirituality, strengthening stewardship, and developing leadership. The vision for St. Paul is to be an oasis, a place of refreshment, respite and renewal. If you would like to be a part of this mission and vision, please contact the church office at 368-2747 or