T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                                      Au g 5, 2...
T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                              Au g 5, 2 0 0 9

T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                            Au g 5, 2 0 0 9

T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H                                                 Au g 5, 2 0 0 ...
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August 5, 2009


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August 5, 2009

  1. 1. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Au g 5, 2 0 0 9 THE BULLETIN Getting the most from Manchester Church of Christ 66 Mammoth Rd. your faith Manchester, NH 03109 603.623.5559 As some of you know, I’m at and there could be other reasons. But of Gander Brook this week. It has been a the two groups, who do you suppose has mht_church@comcast.net great week, so far, with lots of fun, lots the most fun, gets the most out of Bible www.mhtcoc.org of spiritual food, lots of fellowship for class, makes the most friends, grows the our young people — and for a preacher most spiritually, or wants to come back an opportunity to watch people, kids in next year? Of course, it’s the ones who Elder’s Link: August particular. participate the most. Duane Coss – 424-9152 One of the observations I’ve Now in the Lord’s church, who drcoss@myfairpoint.net made has been about participation. In do you suppose gets the most from their every group there’s going to be a group faith? Like at camp, there are sometimes Barry Fogal – 487-2387 who will absolutely throw themselves folks who simply can’t do enough, are at bfogal@comcast.net into the fun activities with wonderful the church building every time the If you have any concerns that the abandon, and on the other extreme, a church doors are open, volunteering for elders should be aware of, or need group who satisfied to stay at the doing just about anything, participating to speak to with them, please periphery of things, never participating in Bible class with enthusiasm, studying contact Duane or Barry this month. in much of anything. Some participate in at home, putting their faith into daily the Bible classes, asking questions, practice, and sharing the good news with reasoning things through aloud in everyone. There are sometimes also Our Worship Services response to the Bible lesson, looking up those who don’t attend often; who Sunday AM: 8:30 & 11:00 the Scriptures, volunteering to read, seldom or never volunteer; who offer Bible Class: 10:00 taking notes, etc., while others seem to lots of reasons why not, when someone Sunday PM: 6:00 barely be staying awake, let alone paying asks them to serve the Lord, the church, attention. Some will really “go at” the or the community; who don’t get to Small Groups: work detail singing, competing, and know their brethren well (if at all); and West Side Small Group: 6:15PM at making a game of it — while others who limit their Bible study to the sermon Doug Paul’s approach the work detail with something or Bible class, rarely offer a comment or Merrimack Small Group: 6:00PM at like the mind of a slave, grumbling, question to the teacher. Which group do Stuart Peacock’s doing the minimum, and escaping at the you suppose enjoys their faith the most, Nashua Small Group: 6:00PM at Paul first opportunity. Sometimes it’s because gets the most from their discipleship to Mosier's they think the thing being done is silly Jesus? Wednesday PM Devotional/Bible (or worse still, if you’re a teen, He who has ears, let him Classes: 7:00 “uncool”), sometimes it’s because they hear. News Items? Please submit before aren’t very confident about themselves, 11AM each Tuesday. Gerry Millette will be teaching my class growing again? this Wednesday, while I’m at Gander Brook, while Last Sunday evening we — through a Ryan will be sharing the devotional thought this question that was asked — talked about a currently evening. popular set of doctrines: Calvinism, predestination, However, I will be back this Sunday, and election, and “once saved always saved” as it this Sunday we’ll be — well, not talking about the contrasts with the Scriptures. If you aren’t going to a Holy Spirit so much. This Sunday I’ll be starting a small group on Sunday evenings, come to the new series on Growing Deeper in the Lord. Our faith building at 6PM for the discussions that go on. Bring was meant to be a growing thing, but sometimes it a question, bring a Bible, bring something write gets a little stymied, stuck, or dry. How do you get it with; you’ll probably learn something and grow. unstuck, moving in the right direction, green and PAGE 1
  2. 2. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Au g 5, 2 0 0 9 “So then you are no longer strangers and Our Family aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19, NAS95. Coming up in August... to have several calls a week out but aren't sure how, you requesting food. can volunteer to be an Gander Brook Week six of the assistant. We need two adults camping season begins this in every class. Saturday, August 8th. Please be in prayer for all involved, Help needed Dave Skerry is the staff, counselors and looking for help to move a few children, and that many lives pieces of furniture up from may be touched this summer. Avon, MA. Anyone with a Labor Day picnic The annual truck and a good back please Tired of being in the red? The labor day picnic will be held at see Dave. Natick church of Christ will be the Potter's home on Penny needs someone to come and hosting a “No Debt, No Sweat” September 7th. Details to walk her down for evening seminar with Steve Diggs on follow. services, weather permitting. August 9th & 10th. Details can Needs to be met Tony Casella is be found on the flyer in the This and that... aware of a church member foyer. Doreen update She has been who is in need of kitchen dish taken to the Elliot Hospital ware. If you are able to help, Mark your calendar The Manchester family retreat at due to an infection in her leg. please see Mike Moser or She has been moved to room Tony. Gander Brook is scheduled for August 28-30. There are 567. Please continue to pray for the Lee family. Save the date ladies The Greater registration forms available in Springfield church of Christ in the foyer. See Stuart Peacock if Service opportunity We need a Chicopee, MA is hosting a you have any questions. teacher for the 1st-2nd grade Ladies' Day of Prayer on What else? class on Wednesday night for Saturday, October 10th. the fall quarter beginning in Registration, information and Food Pantry The new food drive September. If you have been directions to follow. sign up sheet is posted in the waiting to volunteer to teach foyer. Please sign up and bring this is a good time. Some of your donations in as soon as our teachers might appreciate you can. Our inventory is a break. Please let Sue Bell or running low and we continue Kim know. If you want to help Worship Leaders Prayer Concerns Sunday, Aug 9, 8:30AM Scripture ..................... Gary D. Health: Doreen Lee, Pat Arel, Bill Songs .........................Brandon H. Lord’s Supper ..............Gerry M. Waisnor, Deniza Chase’s niece, Marge Closing Prayer ...........Stuart P. Coordinator ................ Gerry M. Simon, Penny Ranger, Manley Jones, Scripture ....................Mike M. Michael Anderson's brother Lord’s Supper ............ Tom B. Sunday, Aug 9, 6:00PM Leadership: Ministers, Elders, Coordinator ............... Stuart P. Songs............................Ken B. Deacons Evangelism: Bible studies in Sunday, Aug 9, 11:00AM Wednesday, Aug 12, 7:00PM progress, our website, MNFM, food Songs ........................ Paul M. Songs..........................Doug P. pantry, Give Away Day Closing Prayer ...........David S. Return to the Lord: Brethren who have forsaken the assembly PAGE 2
  3. 3. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Au g 5, 2 0 0 9 RESTOR I N G T HE JOY OF T HE LO R D PARK LI NS C O MB Nehemiah and the returning and so much more. And his life; joy because Heaven is our exiles were facing an uphill battle. exhortation had its intended effect; home; joy because I know God will They had returned from Babylon the people took up the task, as hard always take care of me and knows and various others places across the as it was, as difficult as the what He’s doing; joy because God Fertile Crescent where they had Samaritans were making it on them, has blessed me enormously in both been relocated first by the Assyrians and completed the walls of material things and even more and then by the Babylonians. They Jerusalem in an astounding 52 days. spiritually, and joy because God had come home to Jerusalem and its By the way, I’ve seen the walls of hears and answers all my prayers environs, where everything had Jerusalem personally; I’ve also seen with my best interests in mind and at remained in ruins for the past 70 how large the city was in heart. years. They had inadvertently made Nehemiah’s day; and this is truly an enemies of the Samaritans by amazing feat! All because they let People lose the joy of refusing help from this gentile the joy of the Lord be their strength Christmas, oftentimes, when they people now inhabiting Palestine to through the completion of the task. just look at the work, the expense, rebuild God’s temple, and now the the hassles, the crowded stores, the Samaritans were out to make trouble Likewise, when we lack of parking at the mall, or maybe for the Jews with the ruling Persians. remember such things we will also the holiday traffic. No wonder, Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem regain our strength, our purpose, our they’ve focused on the negative. The was going to be arduous work, hard meaning, our backbone, and our joy of Christmas is regained, when labor; the Babylonians who had focus. It is for this very reason that we refocus on the family time, the destroyed the city had done a “bang Satan does his best to distract us smiles on the faces of our children, up job” for sure and to make matters from the joy of the Lord. He’d like the wonderful meals we share worse rumors were flying to direct our focus to the hardships together, the beauty of the lights, the everywhere that the Samaritans of discipleship, the difficulties of delightful smell of pine, the personal might actually attack them while temptation, the loneliness of doing gifts that say something special, the they were working before they could right when everyone else seems to recounting of family tales of get the walls up. It just seemed like be doing wrong, the sneering of the Christmas past, and more. doing the right thing was one crowd, the direct attacks others may problem after the other. How many make on us to abandon our faith. More to the point, when we challenges would they have to They buzz like bees around our lose the joy of the Lord through overcome? Was all this really even heads, distracting us, disheartening focus on the difficulties, we can worthwhile? In a word, Nehemiah us, scaring us, and causing us to expect to lose our spiritual passion and the returning Jews were forget the reason we do what we do. and activity. Restore the joy of the discouraged. The cure is the same, “…Do not be Lord in your life, lift your eyes to grieved, for the joy of the LORD is things above and get charged up It was then that Nehemiah your strength.” once again about living the life of a encouraged them with words that disciple of Jesus. we, today, need to hear again and Joy because we’re forgiven; again, “…Do not be grieved, for the joy because our lives have meaning joy of the LORD is your strength.” and purpose; joy because we’ve —Nehemiah 8:10. It was an been given a better way to live; joy encouragement to look to the greater because God loves us and made us and higher things about following His children; joy because His way God, keep in mind the bigger, leads to better marriages and better ultimate picture, know how glad children; joy because His commands you’ll be that you did this in the end, are not only wise but lead to eternal PAGE 3
  4. 4. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Au g 5, 2 0 0 9 Our Congregational Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 2 3 4 12 6 7 8 Bible class 7pm Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Happy Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Gander Brook Leslie Davis Dick Potter Anniversary: Happy Tom Carroll Jen Devoe week 6 Cecilia Skerry Larry & Vickie Anniversary: Jamie Hazelton Happy Glass Mark & Glenna Anniversary: Evans Scott & Terri Apgar 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Bible class 7pm Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Lucy Daggett Happy Birthday: Chris Dion Betty Baron Heather King Gloria Potter Happy Anniversary: Adam & Debbie Dlutowski Te e n N e w s yo u n g Ad u l t s Our Statistics Sunday Morning Worship (combined) 134 Contribution $3,054.75 T he Ma n c h es te r c h u r c h o f C h r is t 66 M a m m o t h R d. M a n c h e s t e r , N H 03109 PAGE 4