Doctor who


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Doctor who

  1. 1. The Costume Shop, With The Doctor! By Aaron MannPlayed by Wynston Nowak
  2. 2. Area 1
  3. 3. The Machines… Ello! Welcome to Area #1. As you can see, I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a jam here…
  4. 4. While I’m fiddling with this serger, look around! You’ll also find…• Domestic sewing machines• Tape measurers• And Hand sewing thread!
  5. 5. Hand Sewing Thread Oh yeah, and those OTHERstudent boxes… Lame Tape Measurers
  6. 6. Area 2
  7. 7. Oh… Uhm… Well, It’s exactly what it looks like!Anyways, welcome to Area 2 where you can find all your smaller costume crafting items…
  8. 8. • Seam gauges This thing has more shelves than the T.A.R.D.I.S! Only• Snaps joking, but around here, you’ll find…• Seam rippers• Box cutters/Matt knives• Thimbles• Tracing wheels• And the lowest shelf is where you’ll be storing your stuff!
  9. 9. These next shelveshave quite a bit as well! Such as… • Tracing wheels • Craft/Fabric scissors • Machine sewing spools • Machine sewing cones • Bobbins • And straight pins!
  10. 10. Don’t know if I’ll be able to fit all thesebuttons and jewelry on the T.A.R.D.I.S though…. Yes I will.
  11. 11. Area 3
  12. 12. I’m taking this material for a new Coat! Anywho, let’s look around Area 3 shall we? Here, you’ll find…• The cutting table…. Obviously
  13. 13. • Rulers• Wax/Chalk trace paper• Interfacing• Interfacing scraps• Muslin• And muslin scraps!
  14. 14. Area 4
  15. 15. Oh yeah, I definitely needed this. Welcome to the Ironing Table!
  16. 16. Around here, you’ll usually find…• Tailors ham• Sleeve roll• And a sleeve board!
  17. 17. Area 5
  18. 18. Area 5 is pretty easy tounderstand, basically, all you have is… • Industrial Sewing Machine • Office/Craft supplies Hey, what’s in this dark room over here?
  19. 19. Area 6 – Laundry Room
  20. 20. OH COMON’ NOW! A DALEK?!
  21. 21. Oh… Clothes drying unit. Must be the laundry room.Anyways, in here you’ll find… • Dryer • Washing machines • Stepladder
  22. 22. • Sink• Broom & pan• Laundry soaps• Spot cleaners• Hangers• And baskets!
  23. 23. Area 7Oh. My.Bowtie.
  24. 24. It’s Costume Technologists SHANNON FISHER’SOFFICE! I want her to be the next companion…
  25. 25. But wait… This is Ellie’s office! The best costumeconstructor in the universe! I hear she loves both me, The Doctor, and giving Aaron Mann “A’s” on projects! Maybe she’ll be my next companion…. Lets see if we can break in.
  26. 26. Still can’t get in!?
  27. 27. Huh… her door must be made of wood or something. ANYWHO, while I try to get thisopen to see the coolest teacherever, I hope you enjoyed touringthe costume shop with me! The Doctor! If you get lostagain, don’t panic… or blink. Just come back to this A+ material presentation and all youquestions will be answered! See ya! Allon-zy!
  28. 28. The End!