30s-40s Fashion


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Just a quick survey of men's and women's fashion of the 30s and early 40s

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30s-40s Fashion

  1. 1. The Thirties and wwii Fashion from the Stock Market Crash to World War II
  2. 2. Market Crash Stock Market Crash 20s: Era of Prosperity1929: The Great Depression
  3. 3. Early 30sLonger skirtsDefined, natural waistObvious curves
  4. 4. Early 30sUndergarmentsDefined curves
  5. 5. Madeleine VionnetFemale ClothingDesigner
  6. 6. Madeleine vionnet The Bias Cut Dress
  7. 7. madeleine vionnet The Bias Cut Dress
  8. 8. elsa schiaparelli Surrealist Motifs
  9. 9. elsa schiaparelli Surrealist Motifs
  10. 10. Sportswear For Women
  11. 11. Hats and Hairstyles Varied throughout the decade
  12. 12. Styles of Footwear
  13. 13. Typical accessoriesSunglasses Scarves Jewelry Handbags
  14. 14. Movie StarsBecome an Influence in Fashion
  15. 15. Later 1930sFrom Longer, Bias Cut to Shorter, Fuller Skirt and Square Shoulders
  16. 16. English Drape Suit Late 1930s
  17. 17. The Zoot SuitAdopted By Lower Income and Ethnic Groups
  18. 18. New: Jockey shorts Mens’ Undies
  19. 19. Prince of Wales Heavy Influence on Mens’ Fashion
  20. 20. From casual to formal
  21. 21. sportswear For Men
  22. 22. coatsPolo Coats and Trench Coats
  23. 23. Hats and hair
  24. 24. typical footwear For the Boys!
  25. 25. accessories Bow Ties Neck Ties HandkerchiefsCuff Links Tie Clips Wrist Watches
  26. 26. ChildrenUsually dressed like little adults
  27. 27. Boys and Young Men Boys: Knickers Young Men: Full Pants
  28. 28. World War II Has a Significant Impact on Fashion
  29. 29. Fabric is rationed
  30. 30. StyleAnd The Rise of The American Designer
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