6 th b class


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6 th b class

  1. 1. Cyprus,“Fotis Pittas” Dasous Achnas Primary School Class:6b
  2. 2.  Hello! I’ m Paris and I’ m eleven. I come from Cyprus. I like fishing very much. My favourite sport is football.
  3. 3.  My name is Marina Andreou. I´m 11 years old. I come from Cyprus and I live in Dasaki Achnas,a small village. My mum and dad are refugees. They are from Achna. I can dance ballet. I can´t play piano. I like Art and drawing but I don´t like football. My favourite subject is Art and my favourite colour is orange. I am small and thin. I have brown hair and brown eyes.
  4. 4.  Hello ! My name is Christina Kyprianou and Iam 11. I can sing and dance. I can not play football. I like Art and Maths. My favourite singers are Stan and Ivi.
  5. 5. My name is EmilianaManoli . I´m eleven years old.I´m a little short and thin .I´ve got long brown hair andbrown eyes. My nose is small. Ilive in Dasaki Achnas in Cypruswith my family. I can play the piano. Ican also dance . I like cooking.My favourite singer is JustinBieber . My favourite song ofhim is “Love me”. I like white and black colour! Ilike Art lessons so much!!!
  6. 6. My name is Sotia Christodoulou.I´m eleven years old.I live in Dasaki Achnas. I can play tennis and singing. I like playing games on my laptop.I don´t like school. My favourite colour is light green. I´m tall and I’ve got brown hair and green- brown eyes. Would you like me to be your friend?
  7. 7. Hello! my name is George and i am 11.My family comes from Achna, refugees from 1974 but we live in Dasaki. I am a student.I am tall and thin. My eyes are brown and my hair is black. I can play football and i can play the guitar. I like pizza. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite team are Arsenal and Ethnikos Achnas (my village’s football club). My favourite subject is P.E. I have got a dog, a cat, an iguana and three turtles. I love animals!!!
  8. 8.  My name is Charalambos Pattichis. I am ten years old. I can play football but l don’t like dancing. I love Maths! I’ve got black eyes and black short hair. I like sports, especially basketball and football.
  9. 9.  Hi!My name is Pantelitsa. I’m eleven. I’ve got a brother older than me and a brother and sister younger than me. They’re twins. I’ m tall and thin. I like music. I enjoy cooking so much!!!
  10. 10. Hey, everyone!!!I’ m Katerina and I’min sixth class.I can play the piano but I can’ t cook. I like music very much but I don’ t like football at all!I love red colour!
  11. 11.  My name is Lambriana but my friends call me Lambri. I’m eleven years old and I live in Dasaki Achnas. I’m in sixth. I love ice-cream, cooking and riding my bike.
  12. 12. My name’s Elena. I live in Dasaki. I’m a refugee.I’m tall and thin. I’ve got long, brown, curly hair and brown eyes.My favourite colour is blue. I like P.E.I’ ve got a six year old sister.
  13. 13.  My name’s Ilia. I come from Romania but I live in Cyprus. I’m twelve. I am tall. I’ve got black hair and green eyes. I can play football. My favourite football star is Christiano Ronaldo.
  14. 14. I’m Panayiotis. I come from Cyprus. I’m 10 years old.I can play football.My favourite pets are my turtles!!!
  15. 15.  I’ m Andri!!! I’m eleven years old. I’ ve got green eyes and blond hair. I can play tennis. My favourit greek show- man is Sakis Rouvas. I love his songs.