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Hello greek friends


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Hello greek friends

  2. 2. OUSMAN• Hello my name is Ousman.• Im ten years old.• I live in Vilanova i la Geltrú.• Im tall and Ive got dark curly hair.• My birthday is on 23rd of June.• I love fencing and football and my favorite football team is Valencia.• Have you got a pet?
  3. 3. AINHOA My name is Ainhoa. Im 9 years old. I live in Vilanova i la Geltru. My birthday is in Octouber. I Love dogs, cats Takuon-do, and cinema. Im wearing, white t-shirt, blue jeans and pink trainers. I ve got long arms and long hair. I ve got one dad, his name is Kiko, a mum, her name is Lidia, a broter, his name is Eric and mydog Poncho. Have you got a dog? Bye bye.
  4. 4. GERARD Hello my name is Gerard. Im ten years old. I live in Vilanova i la Geltru. My birthday is on 23rd july. I love playing football, playing basketball, playing Tennis, playing padel, drawing a picture, ride a bike, going to the mountains and playing with my dog. Ive got two normal eyes, a normal nose, a big mouth, long straight hair, two normal arms, two feet and ten toes. Ive got a brother. Hes eleven years old. Ive got a dad. Hes forty-five years old and Ive got a dog. Hes one year old. I like español FC.
  5. 5. IZANHello my name is Izan .Im 10 years old . My favorite food is pasta, vegetables and cake. My birthday is on 27th april .My favourite sport is football, basketball, swimming, waterpolo and listen to music.I’ve got small eyes, big mouth , long fingers, small nose and short brown hair.Do you like pasta?I like Barça, what about you?
  6. 6. TONIHello my name is Toni.Im 11 years old .I live in Vilanova i la geltru.My birthday is on 1st April.I love football, tennis, basketball, listening to music and waterpolo.I´ve got small eyes, big mouth, long fingers, small toes, short dark hair and dark eyes.Ive got a brother. He’s got long hair, small eyes, small mouth and small toes.Do you like hamburger?I like madrid football team!
  7. 7. ANGIEMy name is Angie .Im 10 years old.I live in Vilanova i la Geltru.My birthday is on 26th april.I love: horses, dogs, singing,dancing and swimming.Ive got big eyes,small nose,long brown wavy hair. I ve got a sister, shes one year old . I love my sister.Do you like the macaroni ?
  8. 8. NILHello my name is nil.Im 10 years old.I live in Vilanova (Spain).My birthday is on 22nd April.I love music, playing football and speaking with my friends.Ive got a dad, mum,sister and a fish.Do you play football? I play fantastic
  9. 9. EVAHello, my name is Eva.Im 10 years old.My birthday is on 29th November.I love English, tennis, basketball and volleyball.My physical description is: straight dark hair, brown eyes, small mouth and small nose. I’ve got my mum and my uncle.Do you play any sport? I play tennis.See you soon
  10. 10. MARC DE PEDROHello my name is Marc.I m nine years old.I live in Vilanova i laGeltrú (Barcelona).I love rollerblade, playing, theme parks, ice skating, dancing and singing.Ive got short straight brown hair, a normal nose, a normal mouth and brown eyes.Im tall and young.My family is brillian and I love:cMy dad, my mum, my sister and my cat. My hamster is dead, but I love my hamster now and always.Do you like rollerblade? See you soon
  11. 11. MARTÍHello my name is Marti.I m 11 years old.I live in vilanova i la geltrú, at avinguda garraf 23,33 street.I love playing football, playing tennis, listening to music, and playing basketball.My birthday is on 30th may.I have got long hair, big arms, small nose, small ears, and long legs.My family is very good. I ve got a sister. she is very clever.I like playing football and my favorite team is barça. and you?
  12. 12. AINAHello my name is Aina.Im 10 years old.I live in Vilanova I La Geltrú (Spain).My birthday is on 13th April.I love dancing,singing and taekwondo.My hobby is dancing and singing.Ive got two big eyes,a big mouth and a big nose.Ive got a brother, a mum,a dad and a dog. Her name is Cleopatra,my mum is Carmen,my dad isJose M. and my brother is Roger.My brother has got big eyes a big mouth and a long nose.Hey friends do you play any instruments?
  13. 13. POLHello my name is Pol.Im 10 years old.I live at Vilanova i la Geltru (Spain).My birthday is on 4th march.I love speaking in English, playing tennis, English and gymnastics.My physical description is I have short curly hair, small eyes and normal nose.My family is my mummy ,the other mummy, my auntie, my grandma, my brother and my grandpa. My brother is tall and hes got short hair and long arms and long legs.
  14. 14. PAULAHello my name is Paula.Im nine years old.My birthday is on 27th of November.Ive got blue eyes, a small nose, a normal mouth and a short blond straight hair.I usually wear a black and white t-shirt and a hippy jeans.I love animals and music.I live at fes street at number 57(Spain, Vilanova i la geltru)and I live with my mum my dad and my sister.Have you got a pet?
  15. 15. ALEXHello my name is Alex.I´m 10 years old.I live in vilanova i la geltru(spain).My birthday is on 28th January.I love playing football, scooter, animal.Ive got short hair, short fingers, brown hair, smallmouth, small nose, small ears.Ive got a brother, a 3 cousins.I like Fc Barcelona.
  16. 16. WILLIAMHello my name is william.I´m 10 years old.I live in spain but Im from Equador.My birthday is in May.My hobbies are playing football,tennis and swiming pool.Im a normal boy. Ive got short dark straight hair.Ive got a doag at home from one of my relatives.See you soon! greek friends
  17. 17. MARC RAVENTÓSHello my name is Marc R.I´m 10 years old.I live in Barcelona.I love music, theatre, singing, dancing, swimming, studying, playing on the computer, playing and speaking.I’ve got straight hair, brown eyes, big mouth, big nose, small ears and big teeth.I´ve got a pet and it is a dog, It´s very beutiful.I like F.C.Barcelona.
  18. 18. LAIAHi my name is Laia.I´ m 10 years old .I live at Barcelona (Spain)My birthday is on 6th January.I love dogs, dancing, listening to music, playing, ice cream, pizza, and pasta.I ´ve got big eyes , small mouth, normal nose, a long hair, small ears.My family is my mum my dad , 2 grandpas. 1 grandma, 2 uncles,2 aunties , 4 cousins and I have got 2 fish.My favorite team is Football Club Barcelona and my favorite player is Leo Messi and you?
  19. 19. ANCAHello my name is Anca Lazar.Im 11 years old.I live in Vilanova i la Geltú (spain) .My birthday is on 10th of august.I love playing on the computer , macarroni , pizza and badminton .Ive got long straight fair hair, normal nose and normal eyes.Have you got a pet?
  20. 20. NIRINA My name is Nirina . I am 10 years old. I live in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain. I am on the 5th grade of elementary school of Vilanova i la Geltrú. I am tall, I have brown eyes and black curly hair. I like dancing and I do it on Thursday in my school. I play voleyball in a school. I havent got any sister or brother but very nice cousins. In my free time I like reading books and listening to music. Do you like reading books? GoodbyeI hope to hearing from you very soon Yours faithfully
  21. 21. AINARA My name is Ainara. Im 10 years old. I live at Frances Macia street, in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Spain). My birthday is on fourth of February. I love doing Mogendo, listening to music, playin basketball, playing football and I love food: macaroni, pizza, salad and chips. Ive got medium, wavy and brown hair, big and brown eyes, small nose, big mouth, long fingers and small toes. I have a mum, dad and a sister. My favourite FCBARCELONA player is Leo Messi. and what about you?
  22. 22. SARA My name is Sara. l’m 10 years old. l live in Vilanova i la Geltrú. My birthday is on 27 March. I love singing, playing the guitar, playing basketball and playing football. I love music, and about food macaroni, soup, croquets, sausages, fish, noodles, cakes, strawberries, salad, chips, potatoes and cheese. I´ve got long dark wavy hair, green eyes, small nose, big mouth long fingers and small toes. My favorite colour is red and green. My favorite nunber is 3 and 6 my favorite food is ice cream.
  23. 23. YICHUHello my name is YichuI’m 12 years old.I live at Cami piular s/n Vilanova i la Geltru Spain.I have got long black hair, brown and small eyes, a big mouth and a big nose.I like drawing a picture and playing on the computer.My birthday is on 5th of December.