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Ingles yo

  1. 1. Me and my familyHello! I am Aitana and I am 12 years old. I live in Huesca. I´ve got a brother his name is Alberto and he is 9 yers old. His favourite sport is football and his favourite food is meat. My mother´s name is María José and my father´s name is Nacho.
  2. 2. What we like doing We like going to myvillage and eat with my family. We like going to ski Cerler. We like going to the beach for summer holidays.
  3. 3. My birthday My birthday is on 17th of March. In my birthday I meet my friends and we go to the cinema and then we go to have dinner to a restaurant and we eat cake.
  4. 4. My favourite animalMy favourite animals are dogs and horses.My favorite dog breed is the German Shepherd. I had a dog in my village and was a white poodle and he was clever. The horses that I like are the black and brown.
  5. 5. My favourite sportMy favourite sport is ride a horse. I have been riding a horse for four years. I like ride a horse because It ´s very funny and because horses are my favourite This photo is when I animal. started riding a horse.
  6. 6. My favourite colour and my favourite food My favourite colour is green. My favourite food is meat. I like soup and pasta too.
  7. 7. My friend marina
  8. 8. MarinaNow, I´m going to talk about my friend Marina. Marina is from León but when she was 7 yearsold she and her family came to Huesca. She hasgot brown hair and her eyes are brown too. She is short like me. She is very friendly and very nice. Marina has got a brother his name is Carlos, but his nikname is Carlitos or Carlis. They have got two dogs their names are Max and Luna.
  9. 9. My friend celia
  10. 10. CeliaCelia has got green eyes and fair hair. She is taller than me. She is very nice and friendly. In winter we going to her village, Panticosa, and in summer we going to my village, Villanueva. Her favourite sport is skiing and she is very good at skiing. Her favourite food is meat and her favourite colour is yellow. She has got a dog It´s name is Carai.