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Implementation - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)
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Implementation - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)


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7 Steps to implement Enterprise Microblogging.

7 Steps to implement Enterprise Microblogging.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Enterprise Microblogging. The implementation in the enterprise.
  • 2. Do you already know our presentations? The revolution of How to communicate today? communication Use cases. Where can I use microblogging in companies?
  • 3. The problem: Closed Communication Telephone and E-Mail cc and @all Mails dominate daily work… No traceability and documentation Structure and a clear overview are missing! Information gets lost!
  • 4. Are you confident about Communote Enterprise Microblogging and its use cases?
  • 5. Sharing information e.g. Status & conversation links, documents, … notes Other micro informations Questions & answers The use of Communote Social Communication as independent communication channel to create visibility.
  • 6. Did you create a Communote account?
  • 7. … and familiarised yourself with the features? Administration area Selection of topics/blogs Search: full text, Tags and authors Insertion of the message including attachments Tagcloud View selection by tabs Display of authors chronological display of posted notes Display of blogs Selection of period
  • 8. But you don‘t know, how to really start with Communote? Security Integration Topics/Projects Change Management Return Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
  • 9. We can help you. Increase productivity with modern communication. Step by step.
  • 10. Watch your environment Information/results from: precisely.IT Folie Post Topics/Projects Conversations The involved (discrete, im teams) and their roles Meetings People Topics Locations Telephone, E-Mail, Chat (Cities, in the office, at home, on the way) Documents, Information Communication channels Working environment
  • 11. Transparent (project-) Traceable communication decision processes Improvement of Innovation Satisfied employees Define concrete Goals that you want to achieve by using Communote .
  • 12. Get partners from the Management for the use of microblogging in teams for topics and projects. Also use microblogging in Change Management processes!
  • 13. Act on the principle: „ Start small, think big! “
  • 14. 7 Steps to Success
  • 15. Step 1 Invite Participants.
  • 16. • Emphasize the concrete benefit of microblogging. • Persuade and excite people about the idea of a new way of open communication with short messages. • Give a short introduction on Communote. • Get supporters und first movers! • Make sure all potential participants have access to Communote.
  • 17. Step 2 Define Topics and Fields of Use.
  • 18. • Are there current topics/projects that lend themselves to the use of Enterprise Microblogging? (e.g. projects in diversified teams or with many stakeholders) • Is there a general starting point for the improvement of team communication? (Exchange of status, ideas, current informations)
  • 19. Step 3 Experience. 2 Schritt Gain First Themen und Einsatzbereiche finden
  • 20. • Gain first experience in a limited group of participants with selected topics/projects. • Give participants the possibility to familiarise with the new way of communication. • Collect and assess feedback. • Evaluate potentials and further fields of application.
  • 21. Step 4 Define the Rules of the Game.
  • 22. • Define a few rules (of the game) based on your first experiences. • Declare which informations are to be found in the microblog. • Agree upon tags (#hashtags) for topics/projects. • Stipulate on when blogs are open to everybody or limited to certain participants. • Reach an agreement on the use with all participants (e.g. no further communication by e-mail).
  • 23. Step 5 Integration into Existing Structures.
  • 24. • Logo und design adjustments. • Integration into corporate communication and information portals. (Wiki, SharePoint, Intranet, Instant Messaging, RSS). • Use of Communote with mobile devices. • Consideration of security guidelines, possible installation behind the firewall. • Consideration of microblogging in the corporate Enterprise 2.0 strategy.
  • 25. Step 6 Take off.
  • 26. • Talk about Communote. Share your experiences. • Communicate the benefit! • Explain the handling of the tool. • Avoid technical terms in explanations. • Introduce Communote to a bigger group of participants. • Implement the new way of communication into daily work flows.
  • 27. Step 7 Expansion of Microblogging Topics to new and Projects.
  • 28. • Gain further multipliers. • Expand Microblogging to more topics and projects. • Increase the range significantly and include more employees and departments.
  • 29. 7 Steps in a nutshell: 1 Invite participants. 2 Define topics and fields of use. 3 Gain first experience. 4 Define the rules of the game. 5 Integration into existing structures. 6 Take off. 7 Expansion of Microblogging.
  • 30. Service Offering Saas Licencing Consulting Implementation
  • 31. About us. Communote is a product of Communardo Software GmbH. Your partner Jens Osthues Communardo Software GmbH for collaboration in companies.