Implementation - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)


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7 Steps to implement Enterprise Microblogging.

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Implementation - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)

  1. 1. Enterprise Microblogging. The implementation in the enterprise.
  2. 2. Do you already know our presentations? The revolution of How to communicate today? communication Use cases. Where can I use microblogging in companies?
  3. 3. The problem: Closed Communication Telephone and E-Mail cc and @all Mails dominate daily work… No traceability and documentation Structure and a clear overview are missing! Information gets lost!
  4. 4. Are you confident about Communote Enterprise Microblogging and its use cases?
  5. 5. Sharing information e.g. Status & conversation links, documents, … notes Other micro informations Questions & answers The use of Communote Social Communication as independent communication channel to create visibility.
  6. 6. Did you create a Communote account?
  7. 7. … and familiarised yourself with the features? Administration area Selection of topics/blogs Search: full text, Tags and authors Insertion of the message including attachments Tagcloud View selection by tabs Display of authors chronological display of posted notes Display of blogs Selection of period
  8. 8. But you don‘t know, how to really start with Communote? Security Integration Topics/Projects Change Management Return Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
  9. 9. We can help you. Increase productivity with modern communication. Step by step.
  10. 10. Watch your environment Information/results from: precisely.IT Folie Post Topics/Projects Conversations The involved (discrete, im teams) and their roles Meetings People Topics Locations Telephone, E-Mail, Chat (Cities, in the office, at home, on the way) Documents, Information Communication channels Working environment
  11. 11. Transparent (project-) Traceable communication decision processes Improvement of Innovation Satisfied employees Define concrete Goals that you want to achieve by using Communote .
  12. 12. Get partners from the Management for the use of microblogging in teams for topics and projects. Also use microblogging in Change Management processes!
  13. 13. Act on the principle: „ Start small, think big! “
  14. 14. 7 Steps to Success
  15. 15. Step 1 Invite Participants.
  16. 16. • Emphasize the concrete benefit of microblogging. • Persuade and excite people about the idea of a new way of open communication with short messages. • Give a short introduction on Communote. • Get supporters und first movers! • Make sure all potential participants have access to Communote.
  17. 17. Step 2 Define Topics and Fields of Use.
  18. 18. • Are there current topics/projects that lend themselves to the use of Enterprise Microblogging? (e.g. projects in diversified teams or with many stakeholders) • Is there a general starting point for the improvement of team communication? (Exchange of status, ideas, current informations)
  19. 19. Step 3 Experience. 2 Schritt Gain First Themen und Einsatzbereiche finden
  20. 20. • Gain first experience in a limited group of participants with selected topics/projects. • Give participants the possibility to familiarise with the new way of communication. • Collect and assess feedback. • Evaluate potentials and further fields of application.
  21. 21. Step 4 Define the Rules of the Game.
  22. 22. • Define a few rules (of the game) based on your first experiences. • Declare which informations are to be found in the microblog. • Agree upon tags (#hashtags) for topics/projects. • Stipulate on when blogs are open to everybody or limited to certain participants. • Reach an agreement on the use with all participants (e.g. no further communication by e-mail).
  23. 23. Step 5 Integration into Existing Structures.
  24. 24. • Logo und design adjustments. • Integration into corporate communication and information portals. (Wiki, SharePoint, Intranet, Instant Messaging, RSS). • Use of Communote with mobile devices. • Consideration of security guidelines, possible installation behind the firewall. • Consideration of microblogging in the corporate Enterprise 2.0 strategy.
  25. 25. Step 6 Take off.
  26. 26. • Talk about Communote. Share your experiences. • Communicate the benefit! • Explain the handling of the tool. • Avoid technical terms in explanations. • Introduce Communote to a bigger group of participants. • Implement the new way of communication into daily work flows.
  27. 27. Step 7 Expansion of Microblogging Topics to new and Projects.
  28. 28. • Gain further multipliers. • Expand Microblogging to more topics and projects. • Increase the range significantly and include more employees and departments.
  29. 29. 7 Steps in a nutshell: 1 Invite participants. 2 Define topics and fields of use. 3 Gain first experience. 4 Define the rules of the game. 5 Integration into existing structures. 6 Take off. 7 Expansion of Microblogging.
  30. 30. Service Offering Saas Licencing Consulting Implementation
  31. 31. About us. Communote is a product of Communardo Software GmbH. Your partner Jens Osthues Communardo Software GmbH for collaboration in companies.