Enterprise 2.0 - Transforming Collaborative Work


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  • Sean, great explanation! can I get a copy of your ppt please?
    Many thanks!
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  • Sure, I just tweeted you for your email address. Cheers,
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  • Sean, can i get a copy of your ppt?
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  • Great presentation Sean, we're a new UK SaaS in this space providing 'social business software' and i feel you've done an excellent job identifying the all the key elements.
    Sarim (www.sharpcloud.com)
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  • This presentation is a lecture slide pack for under graduate students at University of Melbourne. I was invited as a guest lecturer.

    Please leave a comment if you would like to have the .ppt files.
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  • Enterprise 2.0 - Transforming Collaborative Work

    1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 Transforming Collaborative Work
    2. 2. Where’s the information?
    3. 3. Where can I find the person I need?
    4. 4. How to get the team to work together? test note
    5. 5. What is Web 2.0? 2nd Generation World Wide Web A read write web Enables users to share, participate, communicate and collaborate It’s an attitude, not only a technology Allows mobile access of applications
    6. 6. Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms [Web 2.0] within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers. (McAfee, 2006) Some examples of Web 2.0 applications that could be used within an organisation: LinkedIn Twitter Wikipedia Blogs De.li.cious (social bookmarking)
    7. 7. Enterprise 2.0 Common tools for internal Enterprise 2.0 Wiki Blog Social networking Social bookmarking Video / pod cast Instant messaging / video conference
    8. 8. Relationships Wikis Wikipedia Blogs Blogger, WordPress Social networking LinkedIn, FaceBook Social Bookmarking De.Li.Cious, Digg Video/Podcast Youtube IM, Video Conference MSN, Skype
    9. 9. Wikis Collaborative authoring of content Discussions Version control Why Wikis within an organisation? Improved virtual team collaboration Knowledge retention Improved communication
    10. 10. Blogs Chronological order postings (Text, pictures, videos) One or more contributors Comments / discussions Why Blogs within an organisation? Sharing of new innovation ideas Announcements and news
    11. 11. Social Networking Connect with other employees Search for other experts Why social networking within organisations? Improved networking especially for global firms Improved resource management
    12. 12. Video / Podcast Announcements and news Interactive communication Why video / podcasting for organisations? Effective communication Interactivity
    13. 13. IM / Video Conferencing Real time communications Virtual meetings Group chats Why IM / video conferencing in organisations? Cost effective team meetings Effective communications Interactivity
    14. 14. Benefits Improved collaboration and sharing of resources Reduction of communication and transaction costs Knowledge retention Innovation Improved communication Rich social network
    15. 15. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Business objectives and planning Product selection and implementation roadmap Technical implementation Engaging users and change management Iterative improvements to platform
    16. 16. Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Change management Always start with a pilot test group (select carefully) Solve a real business problem Engage with “champions” Motivate users to spread the good news Minimal training
    17. 17. Questions Do you expect your future employer to have these tools within the organisation? Would prefer to work with an organisation with or without these tools? Would you be interested to use these tools?
    18. 18. Sean Lew Blog: www.bluethots.com Skype: sean.lew Twitter: sean_lew Facebook: www.facebook.com/sean.lew Email: sean.lew@bluethots.com
    19. 19. Credits http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcdead/3844724619/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/driftingphotographer/2984561053/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/markop/2523825358/