Use Cases - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)


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Use Cases for Enterprise Microblogging:
Project management
Innovation management

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Use Cases - Communote Enterprise Microblogging (engl.)

  1. 1. Enterprise Microblogging. Use Cases. Project management Leadership Innovation management Sales
  2. 2. Project management
  3. 3. Paul new Paul is a member of the Project Team.
  4. 4. project With the microblog he has access to all relevant information.
  5. 5. Paul can start fast and simple into the project.
  6. 6. Paul works in Dresden. His project team throughout Germany.
  7. 7. due the steady exchange of status, ideas, problems, questions&answers …
  8. 8. Communote generates stronger ties within a team in projects and distributed groups.
  9. 9. Meetings … and become fast and result-oriented.
  10. 10. advantages •Archiving and documentation • Link and News exchange • effective, fast and informal communication • exchange of status informationen • realtime projectlifestream • Enhanced project quality
  11. 11. Carla works Carla in an other department.
  12. 12. She is looking for urgently required Information. - without success
  13. 13. … Communote provides her the solution.
  14. 14. Paul, thanks for your note.
  15. 15. Leadership
  16. 16. Steven Project Steven is manager.
  17. 17. Steven trys to keep track of the project.
  18. 18. Who is working on which Topics? What is the current status?
  19. 19. With Communote Steven knows what happend when.
  20. 20. … he can intervene if necessary and take comprehensible decisions.
  21. 21. Innovation management
  22. 22. Linda has an idea. Linda
  23. 23. ... she puts down her idea.
  24. 24. Linda hat eine Idee. Linda ist glad Ihre Gedanken that she can share dazu schreibt Sie herthoughts ins Communote. with others.
  25. 25. Thomas Thomas is interested and finds Linda‘s idea very exciting.
  26. 26. … he responds to her note on innovation topics.
  27. 27. A discussion begins.
  28. 28. after some Time …
  29. 29. The Management gets aware on the discussion … and starts an innovation project.
  30. 30. Linda is now Project leader She is happy about what happend to her idea.
  31. 31. Sales
  32. 32. Jens is a Sales Jens Manager. On his way to the Customer.
  33. 33. During the Meeting Jens documents the results. …mobile and transparent.
  34. 34. The Project team can respond immediately. Jens is happy to please the customer.
  35. 35. … he can relax on his way home.
  36. 36. Service Offering Saas Licencing Consulting Implementation
  37. 37. Presentationen and information The revolution of How to communicate today? communication Use Cases. Where can I use microblogging in companies? How do I start and what are Introduction. the first steps?
  38. 38. About us. Communote is a product of Communardo Software GmbH. Your partner Jens Osthues Communardo Software GmbH for collaboration in companies.