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Cogmat campaign   101usesofgadgets
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Cogmat campaign 101usesofgadgets


This was a 5 week long campaign and was initiated with a set of five 30-second specially conceptualized, scripted (by CogMat) and created videos (with a production house) that were launched on the …

This was a 5 week long campaign and was initiated with a set of five 30-second specially conceptualized, scripted (by CogMat) and created videos (with a production house) that were launched on the brands YouTube channel, links are below:

Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpiZ890QGx8
Episode 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDp-n8qtufQ
Episode 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g4V-EmgzFA
Episode 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnari4vQxUA
Episode 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4PQE1lccvA

These videos were tied onto an exclusive microsite www.101usesofgadgets.com that gave the essence of the campaigns with options for users to upload their own uses of useless gadgets.

Published in Social Media , Technology
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  • 1. 101 Uses of Gadgets without Quick Heal – Campaign Review
  • 2. Brand and Communication Objective
  • 3. Goals of the Campaign To make non-Quick Heal users aware about the presence To make non-Quick Heal users aware about the presence of Quick Heal through all online channels of Quick Heal through all online channels To outreach to the casual users of Gadgets who don’t use To outreach to the casual users of Gadgets who don’t use Quick Heal Products Quick Heal Products
  • 4. Objectives Platform Objective Set Facebook Ad Campaign Impressions 0.12 Crore Facebook Fans 35 Thousand Twitter Impressions 0.3 Crore YouTube Impressions 27.24 Lakhs Digital Banner Impressions 6.5 lakhs 101 Website clicks 14 Thousand Total Video Views NA
  • 5. Target Audience
  • 6. Psychographic & Demographic Profile of Target Audience  Activities o o o o  Attitude o o o  Like the latest things Active on multiple platforms Like Watching videos Not averse to engaging with a brand deeper than others (videos, pictures etc) Age Group o  Look for whatever’s new Not receptive to preaching Despite being connected to the online medium are not hardcore tech enthusiasts Behaviour o o o o  Not receptive to traditional advertising Fans of comedy Creative Values o o o  Casual Users of Gadgets & Technology Connected online at all times via smartphones & tablets etc Watch funny videos No necessarily users or believers in anti-Virus software (especially for mobiles & Tablets) 15-30 Geographic Location o o India Urban Areas (All)
  • 7. Campaign Details
  • 8. Our Approach  Create a new identity under Quick Heal: 101 Uses Of Gadgets Without Quick Heal  This would have its own identity, personality and its own properties in the Digital World.  101 Uses Of Gadgets Without Quick Heal would be announced to the world in a 6 week long Campaign.  The Campaign would educate casual users about the need to use Quick Heal’s products in fun and subtle way using humour.  The Campaign would contain Youtube Videos, Facebook Tab Based Contests, Twitter #tag contests, User Generated Content and a Microsite as its permanent address
  • 9. We started with Teasers
  • 10. Created minimalistic posters of the videos that were to be launched and promoted them on the Quick Heal and 101 pages to make the fans aware that something exciting was coming their way.
  • 11. We moved on to Infographics
  • 12. We Launched the Micro-site
  • 13. Home Page Design Interactive Interactive Youtube Youtube Tab Tab Interactive Icons for Navigation Interactive Interactive Social Feed Social Feed
  • 14. Interactive Meme page to showcase the campaigns train of thought.
  • 15. A Contest page that allowed visitors to participate directly in contest on the site and on our social properties.
  • 16. A Fan Upload Page to Display UGC and allow visitors to submit their own!
  • 17. Conceptualised 10.1% Discount to connect Fan/Followers to products. A Buy Now button was integrated to take users to the Quick Heal Payment Gateway for immediate buys.
  • 18. Connected the users to the Quick Heal Blogs so that the new audience outreached to could see Quick Heals ideology
  • 19. Micro-site Analytics
  • 20. Activities on The Micro-site
  • 21. Created and promoted Memes
  • 22. Ran, Conceptualized and Promoted Contests
  • 23. Seeded, invited and moderated User Generated Memes 42 Entries
  • 24. Activities on Social Media
  • 25. We launched the videos * All videos hyperlinked. Click on image to open.
  • 26. Populated the Memes on FaceBook
  • 27. Personified Viruses to connect the new fans to our core business using the funny tone of the campaign.
  • 28. Cross promoted Twitter Contests on our FaceBook page using a Tab so that our fans could join the fun on Twitter
  • 29. Twitter Hashtags Pre- campaign #ICanAlsoUseMyGadgetfor During Campaign – 5 Weeks, 5 hashtags #ADayWithoutInternet #IAlsoUseMyLaptopto #ADayWithNoCellphone #BeforeTheInternet #MyPhoneIsMy All through the campaign #WithoutQuickHeal
  • 30. Fan Reaction to the campaign
  • 31. On Facebook
  • 32. Fans engaged with campaign and brand enthusiastically
  • 33. On Twitter
  • 34. Team 101 had a witty retort for every fun tweet
  • 35. We ended the campaign with the “Spot the Virus” contest
  • 36. Spot The Virus  The Spot the Virus contest asked Fans to search for a hidden Virus in each Video  A Dynamic Tab was created for fans to participate  The tab streamed the videos from YouTube  It timed the fans and allowed them to enter the time when they saw the “Virus”  The fan with the best time wins!  We received 388 entries,1431 likes and 2100 views for all 5 videos
  • 37. Reaction to the Spot the Virus Contest
  • 38. Highlights
  • 39. Total Exposure of 126,678,054 Impressions through all our channels combined in 5 weeks Facebook, GDN, YouTube data is from respective website’s data dashboard. For Twitter, Topsy Pro has been used to derive data.
  • 40. The 101 Handle trended at No2 during Week 1 and was the Top Trending handle in India during week 4
  • 41. Generated 1283 followers organically in 5 weeks through conversations and contests that can be reactivated for future campaigns
  • 42. #BeforeTheInternet  Trended Nationally at No1 for Day 1 and till 1 pm Day 2  Trended above Krish3firstlook  Trended Globally at No 1 (Above Justin Bieber & the protests in Turkey)
  • 43. City Trends – #BeforeTheInternet
  • 44. City Trends continued - #BeforeTheInternet
  • 45. #ADayWithoutInternet  #ADayWithoutInternet trended no 1 worldwide during the activity on the day of the first contest.
  • 46. Trended in Cities all over India  The #tag also trended in 20 of the 21 Twitter recognised Indian Cities
  • 47. Cont’d
  • 48. #IAlsoUseMyLaptopTo  Trended at No 6 in Delhi
  • 49. Media Coverage
  • 50.  15 Digital PR Activations  High visibility amongst the digital & marketing world  Help spread word of the campaign further  The AFAQS article created curiosity that attracted other publications.
  • 51. Social Samosa
  • 52. Campaign India
  • 53. AFAQS Video Views:1977
  • 54. Exchange4media
  • 55. Results
  • 56. Objectives V/s Achievements Platform Objective Set Achieved Facebook Ad Campaign Impressions 0.12 Crore 3.06 Crore Facebook Fans 35 Thousand 81 Thousand Twitter Impressions 0.3 Crore 9.1 Crore YouTube Impressions 27.24 Lakhs 27.60 Lakhs Digital Banner Impressions 6.5 lakhs 8.5 lakhs 101 Website clicks 14 Thousand 1 Lakh Total Video Views NA 42810^
  • 57. Campaign Statistics
  • 58. Facebook Fans and Interaction
  • 59. Break-up of Fan Interactions on 101 Use Of Gadgets FaceBook Page
  • 60. 101 Use Of Gadgets: Weekly Fan Growth Impressions All the ads for the page were targeted at getting new fans for the page. Except in week 6 where promoted were used to spread awareness among the fans
  • 61. 101 Twitter Hashtag Impressions & Tweets
  • 62. Statistical Impact on Quick Heal for the last 6 months
  • 63. For Quick Heal on Facebook (6 months) We have received maximum reach in June as we had promoted the videos of the campaign from the Quick Heal Page
  • 64. Quick Heal Historic Interactions on Facebook
  • 65. Quick Heal 6 months (Twitter) • • • • • A Positive Tweet is one where the brand /a product has been praised. A Negative Tweet is one where a negative thing is said about the brand/ product. Neutral Tweets are interaction with the handle’s posts Thorough the 101 activity in June we have received 174.5 % more tweets as compared to the previous month. We have received 213.4% more positive as compared to the previous month.
  • 66. Youtube Views Via Platform  The first episode got most of its views from people visiting Quick Heal’s Channel As the campaign progressed the Microsite and FaceBook became the largest contributor to views This was followed by people visiting the individual video links through YouTube Ads and because of cross promotion using Video annotations As the Campaign progressed more users with mobiles viewed our videos. This is as more people were following us more regularly as the campaign progressed due to regular activities on Social Media. Total Views: 40802
  • 67. Campaign Summary
  • 68. Highlights Campaign Highlights  126 Million Impressions during the Campaign  2 Campaign Hashtags trended Worldwide  Above 40,000 Videos Views in 5 Weeks  Over 1 lakh visit to the Microsite during the Campaign  Appeared in 16 different News/Blogs/Networks/Forums websites Brand Highlights  Positive Interaction by 213.4% on Twitter during the campaign (Ref: page 72)  Created a 1283 Follower Community on Twitter that can be activated on Twitter in the future (Ref: Page 47)  Successfully created a 81,000+ community on Facebook that can be managed to disseminate potential viral content with Memes & Infographics updated from time to time.(Ref: Pages 62,64,69)
  • 69. Supporting Data
  • 70. List of Websites featuring Campaign Name Link Date of Publication Social Samosa http://www.socialsamosa.com/2013/06/social-media-campaignreview-101-uses-of-gadgets-without-quick-heal/ June 29, 2013 Campaign India http://www.campaignindia.in/Video/348348,quick-healproposes-8216101-uses-for-gadgets8217-rendered-useless.aspx June 28, 2013 Cxopulse.com http://cxopulse.com/virus-turns-a-laughing-matter-for-quickheal/ June 26, 2013 Times Of India http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-06-21/socialmedia/40118145_1_facebook-page-virus-gadgets June 21, 2013 Frequency.com http://www.frequency.com/video/101-uses-of-gadgets-withoutquick-heal/101998413/-/5-1565 adforum.com IndiaTechonline.com metacafe.com ProcessLikeTheBeginner (Blog) Features.rr.com Technostable.com (Blog) Silobreaker.com businessworld.in twiends.com how-to-diy.org June 22, 2013 http://www.adforum.com/creative-work/ad/player/34487729 June 28, 2013 http://indiatechonline.com/viewimage.php?id=532 June 23, 2013 http://www.metacafe.com/videos_about/quick_heal/ June 17, 2013 http://processlikethebeginner.com/gadgets/101-uses-of-gadgets-without-quick-heal-episode-3.php21, 2013 June http://features.rr.com/article/01jccSDeCk7Nk?q=YouTube June 23, 2013 http://technostable.com/gadgets/101-uses-of-gadgets-without-quick-heal-episode-4.php June 28, 2013 http://news.silobreaker.com/quick-heal-shows-101-uses-of-gadgets-without-antivirus-5_2266900634156400703 June 19 2013 http://www.businessworld.in/en/storypage/-/bw/mobily -ksa-to-invest-325-mn-to-expand-network-with-nokiasiemens/r965473.37504/page/0 July 1, 2013 http://twiends.com/ovimcha June 8, 2013 http://www.how-to-diy.org/QfutqFiX8n-pDm/101-Usesof-Gadgets-without-Quick-Heal:-Episode-2.html NA
  • 71. Twitter Impressions: 8.9 crore August 7th) (Tool used:Topsy)
  • 72. Reference Links Microsite - http://www.101usesofgadgets.com/ Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/101usesofgadgets Twitter Handle - https://twitter.com/101useofgadgets Videos : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtEg133zHEkqtJ6_FFVOXC5Qp126ic4J Application for Facebook contest: https://www.facebook.com/quickhealav/app_476732242417911
  • 73. Thank You!