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Professional Manager magazine May Issue 2011



The May issue of Profeesional Manager from the CMI features:...

The May issue of Profeesional Manager from the CMI features:

Innocent's, Karen Callaghan fuses order and chaos to brilliant effect

Phil Smith reports on the CMI's Salary Survey and asks Is your pay keeping up with your peers?

What's it like to be managed? Our Secret Staffer reports on management honesty

Helen Loveless introduces how to Perform Under Pressure

Tom Peck explores Why enchanting staff will make them deliver

Should sacking be made easier? See both sides of the argument and join in the debate

Are you managing staff holidays properly? Alison Blackhurst reports



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Professional Manager magazine May Issue 2011 Professional Manager magazine May Issue 2011 Document Transcript

  • £4.50 / FREE TO MEMBERSthe chartered management institute magazine MAY/JUNE 2011are yougettingenough?Managers’ salariesrevealed in ournationwide survey innocentblooms The smoothie empire’s people director Karen Callaghan fuses order and chaos to brilliant effect fire fight Should sacking people really be made easier? club mad How bosses are failing to manage holidays magic circle Why enchanting staff will make them deliver
  • Professional Manager May | June 2011 Chartered Management news & views Institute (CMI) Management House, Cottingham Road, Corby, 05 Briefing Northamptonshire NN17 1TT Top bosses beat recessions with ideas, says CEO Ruth Spellman t 01536 207307 06 Feedback e Your letters and our mystery new columnist 08 agenda Michael Skapinker’s essentials, plus other key management news Chief Executive Ruth Spellman 15 View from Westminster Director of Marketing and John Denham MP says it’s folly to expect business alone to save us Communications Simon Dolph 16 Debate Head of Communications Should firing people be made easier? Mike Petrook CMgr 50 aoB 7 Managers must sell their way out of a slump, says Stefan Stern Editor Ben Walker Art director Scott Bentley features Chief Sub-editor James Debens Editorial Assistant 18 inside innocent Rebecca Kearley People person Karen Callaghan mixes it up at the drinks giant to Account Director Sam Gallagher find the perfect fusion of order and chaos Publishing Director 24 Perform under pressure Ian McAuliffe Helen Loveless says budget cuts can make you rethink – for the better Advertise with us: For all 26 the age of enchantment enquiries, contact Michael Tom Peck attends charm school Coulsey (t 020 8962 30 Pay checked 1261, e michael.coulsey@ Philip Smith brings us the big findings from CMI’s salary survey. or Vicci Rule (t 020 8962 2942, 26 Is your pay keeping you up there with your peers? e cPd Planner Professional Manager 35 PM profile © 2011. Published on BAE Systems’ Alan Robson flies the flag for CMI’s chartered behalf of CMI by Think, management qualification The Pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 36 Masterclass Barlby Road, London W10 6BL What not to do and which questions to ask when interviewing t 020 8962 3020 e professional.manager@ job candidates 38 ask the experts How to motivate your people in turbulent times 41 the personnel touch Member of the Audit Give your staff a break, says Alison Blackhurst – you will soon Bureau of Circulations reap the benefits 86,578 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010 36 46 events Boost your contacts book with the latest networking eventsCOvER phOTO ChARliE BEST Printed by Headley Brothers on UPM Star matt, which is certified as coming from well-managed forests. CMI is incorporated by Royal Charter and registered as a charity (No. 1091035). CMI does not necessarily agree with, nor guarantee the accuracy of, statements made by contributors or advertisers or in this issue accept responsibility for any statements which they may express in this publication. ISSN 0969-6695© Tom Peck Philip Smith Stefan Stern The Independent’s The business The award-winning roving reporter writer for The Daily business journalist dons his magic Telegraph dives into says managers hat and learns to the data from CMI’s must brush up their cast a spell p26 salary survey p30 sales technique p50 _ 03
  • get More FroM CMiRuth Spellman, chief executive, Chartered Management Institute as a cmi member, you have access to a comprehensive HR range of products and marketing services, all designed new recruitment to help you on your path business advertising R&D catering to management success ty uri sec on the WeB With free checklists, e-learning modules, podcasts and an ‘ask benefits internat t the researcher’ service at www. ional en IT projects u re m oc services, the latest thinking is pr just a click away. There are good cuts, on your CV Enhance your professionaland there are bad cuts status with a CMI management qualification, not to mentionNecessity is the mother of invention. resistance is understandable – study tips when you needThat’s why this slump could be the making if the business is profitable, there is little them most.of many companies – and many managers. incentive to launch a time- and energy-While researching my new book, I talked consuming restructure, even if the in your inBoxto survivors from past recessions. Not business is not as efficient as it might be. Keeping on top of employmentonly had some of these people survived But in a slump, there is an incentive. Your law changes and managementthe recession, but, in many cases, they had business might not survive if you don’t updates has never been easierthrived because of it. The recession had look again at its structure. But, if you do, with our monthly e-newslettergiven them an incentive to be innovative, your organisation will be fit for the future. Membership Matters and e-alertsto take a step back from their organisation, The keys to an effective rethink are from partner BusinessHR.reassess, and make sensible adjustments. focus – be clear about your objectives – I emphasise the word ‘sensible’. There and innovation. This issue, we go inside For the journeyis a temptation during a slump to treat a company that has been innovative in Make your next managementcompany streamlining as a simple its thinking – although Innocent Drinks move with confidence usingmathematical exercise – removing, say, rather modestly says it is simply doing our online continuing professional15% from every part of one’s business in a the basics better (see page 18). Although development system and careerwar on cost. The first casualty of that war successful, Innocent has not been immune guidance likely to be product quality. to the difficult times. But it has handled Better, then, to be discerning about those situations well. This is why the old on your Phonewhat you cut. Instead of taking a blunt axe idiom still stands: “It ain’t what you do, it’s Want answers on the move? Thenand top-slicing 15%, do as my recession the way that you do it.” download our free CMI app (seesurvivors did and think about which We’ve had recessions before and will page 45) or contact our legalsections and projects of your organisation have them again. There are businesses helpline for up-to-the-minuteyou’d like to keep, and which you could that come out of those slumps feeling advice from a qualified solicitor.handle losing. If you have 10 projects, stronger. There is a reason for that.better to pick the most important two and We have 10 copies of Ruth’s book, in the CoMMunitydo them well, rather than doing all 10 badly Managers & Leaders Who Can: How You Keep the conversation goingbecause you are scrimping on investment. Survive and Succeed in the New Economy both online – through our forums Making these changes, deciding to give away. For the chance to win, send your – or at one of our top regionalbetween good cuts and bad cuts, often name and contacts to PMCompetitions@ networking events (see page 46).requires something that many managers by 30 June. CMI membersfear – a restructure. During good times, can purchase the book with a 30% discount not yet a MeMBer?many managers resist restructures, plus free UK p&p. To take advantage of this visit they can take huge lengths of offer, visit, email customer@ or call 01536 207307 totime, and can cause staff to look inward, or phone 01243 843294 quoting join today.rather than focusing on the customer. This promotion code CMIML. _ 05
  • get in touCh Send your views to professional.manager@ or pM, Think, The pall Mall Deposit, 124-128 Barlby Road, london W10 6Bl. letters may be edited for length and clarityYour chance to comment on management matters Prize Letter universities is low, compared to the time spent on laptops accessing the internet. hang loose Letter During the last 25 years of my career I found your interview with Sara Murray Prize as chairman and managing director of (Professional Manager, March/April) my own company, I encountered several very interesting and a welcome breath of instances that exemplified the statement fresh air.  We so often hear the internet Bob wins a copy of of my mentor, the late Professor Peter sages laud the value of social media Business: The Ultimate Drucker: “Academic attainment is no for business – it was refreshing to hear Resource. it is a one- proof of performance.” someone with Murray’s experience (and stop reference and I am reminded of the quote from the technological understanding) question interactive tool covering Drain Brain Report 1967: “Our relative whether social media is really an integral all aspects of today’s poverty will be overcome only when corporate tool.  world of work. The book we become once more interested in As no Luddite myself, I’m aware of offers practical and the creation of wealth rather than its the benefits to many brands – certainly strategic advice for distribution and consumption.” Things those that have a younger generational anyone doing business have not changed much. customer base – but the prevailing logic today. Written by a team  Albert J Bellworthy, FCMI, FIoD suggests that all businesses need to have of world-class writers an active social media presence to be and editors, it is an two-year trial successful. As the ever-increasing list essential desk reference W Chamberlain’s letter, published last of corporates, celebrities and members for managers, MBA issue, that argues for two-year degrees of the public get their fingers burned and business students makes a good case. As a non-academic by exposing themselves through their and for small business employee at a university, I must declare online “voice”, I applaud anyone who owners worldwide. an interest and that this is my view only. goes against the grain and questions the The scale of the change to achieve a risks and rewards in equal measure. mass of degrees in two years of studying Bob Johnson is daunting – not insurmountable, but hugely challenging. I doubt anyone has Learn to earn the answer yet, but these issues are now With regards to W Chamberlain’s letter exercising some of our best grey matter. in the last issue – I couldn’t agree with Roger Thrush him more. He’s right – universities do have to turn out graduates in a shorter Lunch crunch period than three years. I am 81 and A fall in lunch quality has come about as have four grandchildren. I have paid the purpose of lunches in meetings has the tuition fees for the three who have changed. I remember when lunch in a graduated and am still paying for the meeting was a time to take a break and fourth to complete his degree. The move away from the business matters number of hours that students attend and spend a bit of time socialising. Now latest discussions l how much of a l could london cope l what were you on www.managers. problem are potholes? with a major disaster? expecting from Are Britain’s rocky We’ve seen the the Budget? roads becoming a threat shocking pictures of the Anxious, or cautiously to business? Damage earthquake and tsunami optimistic? please let compensation claims that hit Japan recently. us know what you in london have But the Japanese have think of the Chancellor’s increased by more than been impressive in their big ideas for Britain, 37% over a three-year response. Do you think as well as what you period, according to londoners would be would do if you were the BBC. as measured? in his position. _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • letters honesty One of the ways in which Being ManageD is the management tries to build some sort of empathy and Best PoLiCy understanding with the What’s it like to be employees at my workplace managed? in our new is through meetings they call column, our mystery “town halls”. These give Secret Staffer reports from a handful of the 200 the shop floor. This issue: shopworkers some oh-so- management honesty rare face time with the top man, and an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have with him. At my first town hall, three colleagues and I were told by our boss to discuss our concerns with each other and write down any comments. After being led deep into the bowels of the store, we were finally sat in a windowless room. I took the lack of any natural light or secondary escape route as a portent of doom. Our manager’s last words before leaving us in the room were simple: “Be honest.” There was little need for discussion. When you ask a group of university-educated people earning just over the minimum lunch in meetings seems to be provided wage what their concerns about the job are, it’s fairly easy to so that the meeting can continue predict their answer: “I wish we earned more.” uninterrupted and people don’t get We passed our notes to the manager and braced ourselves hungry. If this is the case, then it doesn’t for 10 minutes of weasel words and management doublespeak matter how fancy your sandwiches are. on how we were valued workers and the company paid what John Milburn, CMgr MCMI it could, that there’s a recession on and how even the CEO has taken a pay cut in these tough times. great new look! This was not what we got. As a regular reader of Professional After a deep breath, he said: “Here’s how it works. We used Manager, I wanted to express my positive to pay a starting wage around £9.25 an hour, now it’s, what? thoughts on the new glossy magazine. £6.40? £6.50? I forget.” (For the record, it’s £6.28…) The relaunched title provides the “The recession brought,” he continued, “what is called a motivation we need in these austere ‘market correction’. That means there are lots of people looking times, along with the power of innovative for jobs, and to be frank, we can pay less to get the same talent. thinking and a positive mental attitude! “I would love for us to pay you guys more – I think you’re all The Masterclass, for example, section worth more than we give you. But we run a business, a very on networking enables us to improve successful one, and we operate in a free market. One of the the way we connect with others, reasons we are successful is because we don’t overpay for share thoughts and build business Below: products or staff. And, as such, we don’t pay you more than we relationships. Interestingly, though, I Simon Cowell need to.” hadn’t come across the animal terms to tells it like it is This blast of truth was actually taken pretty well. It was a test describe the kind of networker I might for him: he told us to be honest, we were, and he lived up to his be, and I am not sure whether I straddle side of the bargain and earned some respect from his staff for one or more category?  Perhaps the telling it like it is. term “Labrador” describes me because And when it really comes down to it, would I actually trade I am naturally sociable and friendly and respecting my boss and working for a company that talks to me the term “Limpet” because, yes, when like an adult for an extra few pence an hour?phOTO REx FEATURES / AlAMY I locate a friendly face and strike up Well, we’ve all got bills to pay… a conversation, I tend to remain with Yours, that person rather than work the room. So, now I will move towards “Cat” to express my clear-cut goals and hone my networking skills!  Well done, CMI, I look forward to the next good read. Viv Leach, Business adviser and motivational coach The Secret Staffer _ 07
  • For the latest management news and views, visit from across the world of management management minutes Financial Times associate editor and management specialist michael skapinker lists his regular round-up of the top 10 news items for managers this spring1 Companies should take on moreapprentices 3 sickness absence to be reviewedThe government should pay The government hascompanies to take on more ordered a review of theapprentices and interns, as workplace sicknesspart of a drive to raise the absence system. illquality of skills and training, health is said to cost theaccording to a report intovocational education by country £100 billion perProfessor Alison Wolf. Her year. The review, whichreport said many of the will be chaired by Davidvocational courses currently Frost, director generaltaught to teenagers in schools of the British Chambersand colleges had little value in of Commerce and Damethe workplace. Carol Black, National Director for health and Work, will look into2 Demand to lift female board representationA report from former trade how more people can be encouraged to stay in employment.minister Lord Daviesrecommended that FTSE 100companies aim to ensure thatat least a quarter of their boardmembers are women by 2015. 4 Middle East revolts posing ethical dilemmas 5 All change for public sector pensions... Lord Hutton recommended, be switched into defined contribution pension schemes, as has happened inLord Davies said this was UK With countries in the in a government- much of the private sector.companies’ “last chance”. If no Middle East rocked by commissioned report, that Company final salary pensionprogress is observed, statutory revolt, managers have found public-sector-defined benefit schemes now closed to furtherquotas will be brought in. themselves caught between schemes be based on a career accrual from both existing and illUSTRATiON qUiNTON WiNTER phOTO CORBiSCompanies seem to their contractual obligations to average rather than final new members have risen tohave got the governments’ and protesters’ salary. He also recommended 17% of all schemes.message, demands. Vodafone defended that the retirement age forhowever: itself after it acceded to an all public sector workers beaccording toheadhuntersEgon Zehnder Egyptian government demand to shut down the mobile phone network and then raised to 65 and then rise in line with increases in the state pension age. Unions have 7 European Court bans annuity sex discriminationInternational, more sent out propaganda threatened action. Continuing the equalitythan a third of FTSE 100 messages from the now- theme, the European Courtexecutive board posts ousted regime. Vodafone of Justice ruled that pensionhad gone to women inthe first few weeksof 2011, compared with said it was legally obliged to act as it did and had to put its local employees’ 6 ...but final salary schemes face demise Lord Hutton did not, however, providers can no longer grant men better retirement annuity rates than women.just under 15% last year. welfare first. suggest that civil servants Men had long received08 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • Newsbigger pension payouts on nine to FiVethe grounds that they did notlive as long. The pensions asiF VaLiand insurance industry said Business managerthe difference was based on of British boxing starsound actuarial principles, Amir Khan and ownerbut the court ruled that this of multiple childcaredifferential contravened 49% of HR and transportEuropean Union equal- business leaders businesses, therights provisions. say their firms demands on vali are held back by could easily be 24/7. a lack of fresh Determination and8 Public sector pay- cap idea cappedAnother Hutton-authored talent. Bersin & Associates’ discipline help him keep controlgovernment review into fair Q1 2011 0500 My son is up, and are turned down. As soon aspay in the public sector, this TalentWatch® my first meeting of the day he’s back, we fit in as manyone by Will Hutton, dropped survey also is always with him. Before activities as we can.the idea of capping the pay unearthed that I leave the house, we do ourof top civil servants at 20 nearly half of all morning prayers. 1200 Lunch is whatever mytimes the salary of the lowest organisations secretary has left-over, andpaid employees. Mr Hutton say they find it 0700 I’ve checked in with always at my desk.recommended that public hard to fill key my transport business,sector organisations publish roles – up from which will have 40 people 1400 If Amir is abroad,their top-to-bottom employee 35% last year. on the road. Next, I check I check in to make sure hepay ratios and that senior in with my childcare has everything he needs.executives’ salaries be more businesses – I employperformance-related. about 70 people – to make 1600 A meeting at Gloves sure everything is all right. Community Centre (set up by Amir) to make sure the9 Call on companies to mentor studentsScience-based companies 0800 At the office, the first call of the day is to the lawyer, to catch up kids have what they need and the volunteers are in place. This is where I getcould improve the job and life on anything that has my rewards; knowing thatprospects of students from happened with Amir: you charge a kid only £1 forpoorer families by arranging contracts, sparring, venues, them to train in one of theworkplace experience for promotions and so on. best facilities.them and by mentoring them 47% ofat school, according to a UK-based 1100 Answering emails. 2130 Time to wrap thingsreport from the Organisation international I get about 200 a day up. The Americans arefor Economic Co-operation companies and 70% are related to online and they’ll keepand Development. The manage Amir – media, charity and you up until 3am if you arereport also found that poorer succession appearance requests. While not careful. By 10pm, I saystudents who succeeded in planning he is in training, all of those “that’s enough!”science tended to have a more globally,positive attitude to science- comparedbased careers. to 69% of the BottoM Line ShORT, ShARp organisations AND SMART SECRETS TO SUCCESS based in10 Visa system accused ofhampering business Western Europe or North “Challenge and question everything. the highest- America. This is performing teams are those thatCompanies claim that thevisa system for foreign the conclusion recognise that if they do things of Personnel in the way they’ve always donevisitors to the UK is severely them, they will get what they’vedamaging their businesses. Today and international always got, and are curiousThe companies, led by about finding a quicker, moreluxury retailers, say that visa HR software effective way of doing things.”restrictions mean that non- company Jeff Grout, motivational speakerEuropean Union business Cezanne, and author of Mind Games:and leisure visitors are which recently Inspirational Lessons from theincreasingly choosing to go to polled 200 World’s Biggest Sports Starscontinental Europe instead. professionals. _ 09
  • Last call for trustees meetings in London and the Wright stuff Don’t miss your chance, an annual strategy day. John Briscoe Wright CBE, as a CMI member, to join You’ll also act as a CMI CCMI and immediate past inBrieF our Board of Trustees and ambassador at events. national chairman of the help shape the strategy For detailed criteria and Federation of Small of the CMI. Apply by 31 a nomination form, go to Businesses, has been May if you are interested appointed to the Prime in one of the two Board elections or contact Valerie Minister’s Business vacancies. If elected, you’ll Hamill (t 020 7421 2707, Advisory Group. The group serve for three years from e Valerie.hamill@managers. meets the Prime Minister October, attending quarterly and Business Secretary onrisks must rise asbusiness priorityCyber security threats are posinga serious risk to the majority ofUK businesses, says a Cmi report. The report, Managing Threats ina Dangerous World, examines howprepared organisations were for theunexpected over the past year, reinforcingthe value of proactive planning. nearly two-thirds (62%) of managersreport that cyber-security threatsare increasingly posing a risk to theirbusiness and 32% of UK organisationshave come under attack in the past12 months. The weather also causedproblems: heavy snow affected 92% of Be prepared for emergencies bycompanies; while the volcanic ash cloud constant planninghad an impact upon 53%. The findings also show that the recentmedia focus on high-profile business Future PerFeCt:continuity failures has had a big impact hoW to Be reaDy Foron the UK’s business planning, with virtually anything15% of managers feeling that Deepwater 1. Put together a team of specialistsHorizon had strengthened the case for from across your business to identifybusiness continuity management, and critical business processes that would prevent or diminish its ability14% believing Wikileaks had caused their to operate and plan for them.organisation to review security options. 2. Integrate business continuity However, despite 82% of those planning into the wider managementsurveyed reporting that their senior strategy – understanding threatsmanagement views business continuity and putting processes in place tomanagement as important or very mitigate them can give businesses 32% of UK organisations have come under aimportant, just 58% say they have plans a competitive advantage. cyber-attack in the past 12 months, with 12% ofin place to cater for the unexpected. 3. Test your crisis plans regularly companies losing confidential information. nonetheless, the report shows clear to ensure that they are comprehensive and robust – a quarter of organisationsadvantages for organisations that have with crisis plans have never testedcrisis plans in place. of those who had them, running the risk that theto activate plans, 84% agreed it reduced plans don’t work when they aredisruption and 77% stated that the costs most needed.are offset by the business benefits. 4. Ensure that coordinating a media ruth spellman, chief executive of response is part of all plans – 61%Cmi, says: “every time an unexpected of managers believe that reputationevent interrupts the operations of a damage is now a more significantbusiness, charity or public body in this threat to their business than financial, UK plc suffers – yet with good 5. Ensure your key suppliers also havemanagement, this could be avoided.” crisis plans in place – just 5%To download the report or get free of organisations check whether their 84% of those who had to activate crisis plansadvice on crisis planning, visit supply chain will be able to survive said they reduced disruption. 77% said the a major disruption. of the plans is offset by the benefits they bring.10 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • Agendaa quarterly basis to advise President to be awarded past 25 years and recognises explore your social sidethem on issues of concern Chartered Manager status. those who have excelled Is a social media strategyto UK business. For updates, Read more at www. in areas such as guiding on your agenda? Discovervisit strategic direction and the business benefits anduk/professionalmanager developing organisational pitfalls associated with going for gold culture. Nomination forms are this new media – andLeading by example Nominations for CMI’s available from matt.beavan@ how to manage itTerry Morgan, chairman prestigious Gold Medal and the effectively – in CMI’sof Crossrail and president award are now open. The winner will be announced at new practice guide. Visitof CMI, has made history medal has been awarded to the CMI National Conference becoming the first CMI inspirational leaders for the in October. social-media-guide in memoriam uK business loses an inspirational educator John Constable, director general of Cmi (then the British institute of management) in the 1980s, has died. in the heaDLines John’s name was synonymous with management education, HOW CMI HAS MADE best practice and business strategy. With roger mcCormick, AN IMPRESSION ON he created a report that has led management and businessCMi engages THE PRESS RECENTLY thinking for more than a generation. The Making of BritishPriMe sky news carried Managers saw that good management and quality leadershipMinister a report of cmi’s affect economic performance, but found that UK management “Tomorrow’s Leaders” fell short on training and development.Cmi’s Ceo ruth spellman survey, which flagged Using the skills and knowledge he had developed workingis part of a new independent up managers’ concerns for the likes of Cranfield school of management and imeDeemployer-led taskforce about the readiness of Business school in switzerland, he also led a review of thebacked by the prime minister young people for work. provision of management education, undertaken with the CBi.– and set up to improve levels [Sky News Online, During his tenure at Cmi, there was increased activityof employee engagement. 4 March 2011] between membership Branches and local schools. We will soon launched at a round-table launch an initiative aimed at 14- to 21-year-olds. it is inspired byin march with David Cameron the Press association John’s work and ensures that his legacy will live on.and employment relations carried commentminister edward Davey, from Ruth Spellmanthe taskforce is a chance for on the importance of PresiDent’s Dinnerleading professionals from the cooperation betweenpublic and private sectors to schools and employers CMI Fellows, Companions anddiscuss ways to help stimulate to develop leadership Ambassadors are to debate keyemployee engagement and skills, in support of the management issues and socialise oversupport those organisations launch of Campus CMI a three-course dinner with our newlooking to implement in March. [3 March 2011] president, Terry Morgan CBE CCMI.engagement practices. The event takes place at the Corinthian The group is set to build The Sunday Times Club, Glasgow, on 1 June. It begins aton the report ‘engaging for highlighted CMI’s 6.30pm with a drinks reception. It followssuccess’, written by taskforce sponsorship of the the President’s Dinner at the Honourable Artillery Companychair David macleod and Best for Training in London, which Terry hosted with CMI chief executive Ruthdeputy chair nita Clarke for and Development Spellman in February. At the dinner, Charlie Mayfield, John Lewisthe Department for Business, category in the chairman, who chairs the UK Commission for Employment andinnovation and skills in newspaper’s 100 Best Skills, showed how best-practice management helps companies2009. The report looked Places to Work list. The thrive, while 80 guests welcomed Terry to the presidency. Forat issues such as barriers training award winner photos, visit Ticketsto the wider adoption of was charity Llamau. for 1 June (£65) are selling fast. Email, how to harness uk For more info, visit for innovationand how to maintain morale ManageMent sPeaKthrough difficult times. Bycollaborating with academics,practitioners and think tanks, Crisitunity 1. n.The point at 2. attrib. An episode of The Simpsons,the taskforce aims to tackle which a crisis provides a unique in which Lisa mistakenly informs herthese issues, offer practical window of opportunity. The term father Homer that the Chinese wordsguidance, share examples of gained has currency during the for ‘crisis’ and ‘opportunity’ aregood practice and generate economic slump. the same.debate via a new website. _ 11
  • Agenda PoLiCy WatCh George Osborne’s so-called Budget for Growth made some attempt to fix the UK’s economic problems. But firms are still gloomy – and the Government must work harder, says CMI policy and research director louise Brooker-carey chancellor must revive optimism ollowing weak GDP Outlook” survey went live in the 10 managers felt that the Budget f figures at the end of 2010, much of the wake of the Budget. A look at the interim results highlights some would improve their organisation’s prospects for the year ahead. policy debate in the first serious challenges. Around half reported that it had half of 2011 has been about how First, around 80% of managers made things worse. the Government can best promote still feel that the economy However, Osborne’s economic growth. Chancellor is negatively affecting their commitment to create a more George Osborne set out his organisation. Fewer than one in skilled workforce is welcome. The approach in March with the Budget 10 felt conditions were having chancellor announced support for and a new Plan for Growth. a positive impact (with the 50,000 apprenticeship places, and While the need for growth is remainder neutral). We might a doubling in the number of the agreed on across the political expect public sector managers new University Technical Colleges. spectrum, fundamental differences to be feeling the effects of the The colleges are being supported exist about how best to achieve it. Government’s austerity measures. by CMI – we are leading a working For many, particularly on the right, What is surprising is that a greater group of professional bodies the key is to reduce the “burden” number of private sector managers on behalf of the Baker Dearing imposed by Government on report negative effects than they Educational Trust, the body business in the form of regulations did six months ago. Worse still, establishing UTCs. and taxes. But many on the centre private sector managers are less CMI welcomes the aim and centre-left have challenged optimistic about their prospects of creating a more educated the focus on deregulation and for the next six months: for the workforce and Osborne was called for a more active role for first time since 2009, those with a right to draw attention to the gap Government. This month’s View pessimistic outlook outweigh those between the UK and international from Westminster article (see page with an optimistic outlook. skills levels. But his aim must 15) sets out some Labour criticisms So, did the Budget mitigate be backed up with a long-term of the Government’s strategy. this misery? Responses to a new programme that improves But what do CMI members think question looking specifically at skills. Achieving that will be a about the prospects for growth? the impact of the Budget are not challenge for all policy-makers and Our twice-yearly “Economic encouraging. Fewer than one in politicians in the coming years. The Code of Ethics gives CMI members a abide by professional guidelines at work, touchstone for good practice and sends demonstrating that codes of practice a clear message to your peers and your help company leaders set an example CoDe oF organisation that you meet the highest for others. Sadly, the same survey ConDuCt standards of accountability and integrity. showed that 36% are not governed by an The Code has been reviewed by the employer’s or professional body’s code Professional Standards Committee (PSC) and, of those that are, nearly 25% have and is now reissued. The revised Code never read their relevant code. CoDe reaD?illUSTRATiON qUiNTON WiNTER retains the spirit of the former Code, but By distributing our revised Code to our CMi’s code of ethics for has been made more concise. It uses more members, CMI is providing a clear and members revised accessible language and focuses on the robust standard that provides you with important place of integrity and trust and real value in your career. A copy of the the role of responsible leadership. revised CMI Code is included with this In a recent CMI survey of 1,000 issue for your reference. non-member employees, nearly 60% If you want to feed back on the Code, or of those surveyed would think better are interested in the work of the PSC, email of a manager if they made an effort to _ 13
  • view from Westminster Businesses Cannot groW it aLone if the private sector is to rejuvenate the economy, it needs vision from Government, not news of rising unemployment and a decreased number of adult learners. Does the Government have its priorities right? John denham isn’t convinced n the weeks leading up to of the challenge facing work experience will be i the Budget and the Growth Strategy, the message from our economy and the close link between state a very small proportion of young claimants and the Government was clear: spending and private- that the scheme is aboutthis will be a pro-growth plan, designed sector growth. Chaos in building their CV ratherwith not just this economic cycle in view. planning policy, cuts to than guaranteeing aIt will look to the medium- to long- term science and technology permanent setting out how Britain could pay investment and damaging Nor do 50,000 newits way in the future. changes to energy policy apprenticeship starts per But was this achieved? Although some have all undermined year replace the 500,000measures in the Growth Strategy were business confidence, training places lostsensible – such as building on Labour’s and the slowdown in name John Denham through the scrappingrecord for improving access for SMEs manufacturing growth Party labour of Train to Gain, which seat Southampton itchento public sector procurement – it lacked in March due to weak first elected 1992 equipped employeesthe long-term vision and systemic consumer spending current majority 192 with the skills businessesapproach that we need for growth. The showed that even former ministerial roles need to expand andGovernment is cutting the deficit too far improving sectors are Secretary of state for remain competitive. innovation, universitiesand too fast, resulting in slower growth, fragile. The Growth and skills (2007-09) and The Government hasrising unemployment and increased Strategy fails to address communities and local said that total adultpublic borrowing. We know that growth the prevalent economic government (2009-10); learners will decrease bycannot be achieved through diktats uncertainty experienced minister of state for health 529,000 by 2013, taking (1999-2001) and home by managers, and office (2001-03) more of the skills needed the Office for Budget Political compass for growth out of the“The Government Responsibility has Centre-left employment cutting the deficit predicted that they will have to operate in a Voting reCorD The resilience of the British people hastoo far and too fast, greater schools autonomy post-budget environment Moderately against never failed to bring ourresulting in slower with a reduced growth transparent parliament Moderately for country through tough forecast, increased economic times. Butgrowth and rising unemployment and eu integration very strongly for this resilience needs tounemployment” a further corporation be met by action from a tax cut that will government that takes a have ‘minimal effect’ on growth. systemic, long-term approach to growthfrom Whitehall. Jobs must come from Developing the skills of our workforce that ensures nobody is left behind. Wethe private sector. But government is vital for securing long-term growth. haven’t seen it during the first wastedpolicy plays a crucial role in creating the But the 40,000-place expansion of two- year; let’s not make it two.environment for private-sector growth. month work-experience placements willIts wasted year could very easily become not improve young people’s employment John Denham MP is shadow secretary ofa wasted two years. prospects in the same way that six state for business, innovation and skills The disappointing, but not entirely months of real work would, as proposed and is leading Labour’s business andunsurprising, Q4 2010 contraction by our party’s call for a £600m Youth enterprise policy review, ‘How Britainsounded an alarm for managers in all Jobs Fund. The Government itself has can lead the world in enterprise and skillssectors, highlighting both the sheer scale already said that the target group for and ensure no region is left behind’. _ 15
  • Should I was practising as a solicitor before the last yes government changed sacking the previous unfair dismissal period fromnatasha Jones two years to one; it isSolicitor and my understanding that be madehead of Cheshire claims have increasedEmployment law year-on-year ever since. My experience as an employment easier? lawyer is that most employees know their rights – better than employers know employment legislation – and will avidly litigate. Staffers will have to work for two A fear of claims can act as a deterrent tobusinesses taking on new employees. I meet many years before being able to file anentrepreneurs who tell me light-heartedly that it unfair dismissal claim, under newis unlikely that I will get any work from them asan employment lawyer – they’re not taking on any government plans. Ben willis asksemployees, mainly because of the red tape. whether extending the length of I believe the current rules hinder the ability mandatory service from 12 to 24of companies to grow which, coupled withthe increased unemployment throughout the months makes senseeconomic downturn, is very relevant. Last yearthe Department for Business, Innovation andSkills stated that at the start of 2009 there werean estimated 4.8 million private enterprises inthe UK. Almost all of these – 99.3% – were SMEsof up to 49 employees. The survey estimatedemployment in SMEs had fallen by 102,000 to13.6 million people at the start of 2009. I believe that 12 months is a short space oftime in the context of induction and training of anew employee and so employers are reluctant totake people on for fear of being sued. As soon asan employee completes 12 months’ continuousemployment, it becomes more difficult to dismissthem, so they simply don’t take the risk – or Join thedismiss them before the 12 months is up to avoid deBateany claim. If it went back to two years, then theentrepreneurs who want to grow their businesseshave got two years to employ staff before fear ofbeing sued and therefore stand a better chance of Concernedgrowing into healthy companies. about the new Employees who have 12 months’ continuous governmentemployment can bring an unfair dismissal claim plans overat no cost to themselves. The employer then has unfair dismissalto spend time defending the claim or money on claims? Emailgetting a lawyer to defend the claim. If you’ve got wait twice as long to bring a claim, that could manager@lead one to think there will be half the amount of phOTO CORBiSclaims. It won’t be as simple as that, obviously, uk or visit www.but if you have to be employed for another year, all of those employees out in the first 12 blog to havemonths would not be able to issue a claim. your say.16_ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • DebateCoaLition I’m not vehementlyCLaMPDoWn opposed to these no proposals; I just don’tEarlier this year, think they’ll makebusiness secretary much of a difference.vince Cable outlined karen mannering If a manager wants toplans to double the Company owner and get rid of a memberamount of time an author of Managing of staff, there are lotsemployee must hold Difficult People of ways of doing thathis or her job before such as reorganisingbeing able to claim the company andfor unfair dismissal making themif sacked, from one redundant – whetheryear to two. The the unfair dismissalGovernment said period is one year orthe tribunal system two is irrelevant.was “costly and Judging by attitudestime-consuming” for I have come acrossstruggling businesses, during management courses I run, managers justrevealing that the don’t want to deal with staff performance issues.number of tribunal However, these proposals will give weakclaims rose by 56% managers an excuse to keep people on for a bitbetween 2009 and longer and then get rid of them after two years.2010 to a record Rather than dealing with performance issues236,000 claims. straight away, they’ll be able to delay. I would The pendulum argue that this delay makes it even more difficulton the employment for the manager, however, because by the timetribunal qualifying two years are up the employee will not only beperiod has swung well established within the company, but theirbetween one and two personal life might also be more affected as theyears under the last employee may have taken on loans or mortgagestwo governments. based on their job and salary.The last Conservative These changes might also affect existinggovernment changed employees’ motivation. With the economicit to two years, but it downturn, I have been dealing with a lot ofwas restored to one people who are feeling very unsettled at workyear by the subsequent all of the time and would like to have somelabour government. sort of stability. But they can’t have that if One of labour’s they are fearful that their job has not actuallyjustifications for been confirmed, and so that will really affectchanging the tribunal people’s motivation.period back to one Finally, the proposals also mean there’syear was that a two- a danger of having employees working for ayear period unfairly company for as long as 18 months, but neverdiscriminated against really psychologically engaging in what they’rewomen. When the doing because they fear they might not beproposals to turn the staying in their job. People in this position aretribunal period back unlikely to be working at peak performanceto two years from one because they might not be concentratingyear were announced properly, and may be distracted by consideringin January, the shadow their options, for example, looking at theminister Yvette Cooper job advertisements.argued that this would It all makes for a most unsettling situation,be the case again – and managers may find that staff leave anyway.because women are If they’re coming up for their two yearsmore likely than men and feeling uncertain about whether or notto be in jobs for less their job will continue, it is very likely thethan two years. employee might start looking and find something better. _ 17
  • 18 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • interview Simple pleasures Innocent’s Karen Callaghan believes great firms find the perfect fusion of order and chaos – while doing the basics, better. Her recipe works, says Ben walker It all seems a bit contrary. Karen Callaghan is standing amid the psychedelic chaos of Innocent’s Fruit Towers HQ, leaning against a forest-green astroturf wall that is pockmarked by cartoon-style daisies – extolling the virtues of simplicity. “Whenever people ask me about being innovative, I just say we do the simple things, better,” says Callaghan, Innocent Drinks’ people director. “Simplicity in objectives: if your people don’t know what success looks like, how can they be successful? And simplicity in conversation: we always say why wouldn’t we just tell the truth? If it’s DynaMiC important to people, we will share it! It’s DesKs very simple.” “We like to mix it up, Yet simplicity is not the word that so people don’t sit springs to mind when I look around. with their teams and There’s clutter and chaos everywhere: the founders sit with the walls are covered in vividly coloured everyone else. So handwritten notes; someone has hung i sit surrounded by iT up bunting designed in the manner developers. i didn’t know of country-kitchen tea towels; and, the first thing about iT, if you swing your head up, there’s a i still don’t, but i have menagerie of plastic farmyard animals become more interested staring down at you. Contrary maybe,phOTO ChARliE BEST in what they do. Mixing but the contradiction is beneficial, it up makes people more says Callaghan. “My dissertation is on independent in their complexity theory,” she says, referring thinking, given that to the MSc she’s studying towards. “The we don’t necessarily rely theory says that complex systems are at on a teammate sitting their best when they are on the edge of next to us” chaos. We need process and structure; but _ 19
  • also flexibility and space in the system.A system can go both ways. Too muchprocess, and it becomes too static andcan’t adapt; too chaotic, and it becomesinefficient. The Holy Grail is to get theright amount of process and chaos.” Here, they manage just that, every day.Innocent’s products are loved by theircustomers – they have become a Britishsuccess story in a time when there havebeen too few of them. And they keep“A system can goboth ways… TheHoly Grail is to getjust the right amountof both processand chaos”creating great new products, neverseeming to run out of ideas for deliciousflavours. Given their achievements asa firm, I start to think that Callaghanmight be on to something when shesays order and chaos are actuallygreat bedfellows, opposites that canbe made to complement each other. KarenCertainly, working in such an untamed CaLLaghan, milestones PeoPLe DireCtor,environment must stimulate the little innoCent DrinKsgrey cells. “It can be an energisingworkplace,” she says. “It was never 2006 planned. It’s the staff that have filled it people director  –up with all this stuff. That is what’s given innocent Drinksit its organic feel. What you hear is justthe hub of conversation; it’s just people 2002meeting, doing their work. It certainly head of graduatesounds like it’s on the edge of chaos!” recruitment and development / diversity & inclusion – StandardProcess paradox Chartered BankThe noise; the crackpot décor; andInnocent’s cuddly, kindergarten-style 2000branding contrive to give people an people strategy & hRMimpression of the company that doesn’t consultant – Andersenreally hold water – or, indeed, kiwi juice.“We are very entrepreneurial,  but also 1997very process-orientated,” says Callaghan. various hRM roles – United Biscuits“That’s often a surprise to people.” While Innocent lacks the staid, educationclinical feel of many big food and MSc, peopledrink brands, its values are thoroughly & Organisationbusinesslike, corporate even. Innocent Development (2011),is not in the business of seeking out the University of Sussexweirdest and most outré people Britainhas to offer. In fact, everyone seems very BSc hons, Chemistry,nice, bright – and normal. “We have to be 1st class (1997), University of leedscareful that people don’t think it’s aboutbeing mad or wacky or about being anextrovert,” says Callaghan. “Whether you20 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • interview
  • are a geek, or you want to wear the wackyT-shirts, then go for it. But I’m moreconcerned about people being good attheir jobs – so we sweat the recruitmentprocess. We try to identify the differencebetween good and great candidates,and say, ‘let’s look for that’.” Callaghanshows me some software that keeps alive record of all Innocent employees’targets and how they are measuring upagainst them. “We have 95% complianceon employees’ objectives,” she says, “andthe 5% we don’t have is probably becausesomeone forgot to post them up. Lotsof companies say that their internalprocesses and their people reflect theirespoused values. But I genuinely believethat ours do. When recruiting, we askwhether the people we meet are goingto enrich the culture and strengthen ourvalues. Is the company going to be betterwith them on board?”Money motiveInnocent strives to be all the thingsthe public might reasonably associatewith a brand that runs hippyish musicfestivals in London parks: it tries to beenvironmentally proactive, it advocatesfair trade with its suppliers. But its focusis the same as every successful business– commerciality. “Our values are not thatsoft, fluffy or ephemeral,” says Callaghan.“But they capture the things we are, thethings we care about, the things that self-conscious about it – given most ofmake us successful. Not just the things us here are pretty into health. But I alsowe aspire to, which is why, I think, that drink a lot of Innocent smoothies, as youthey resonate well with the team.” might expect!” The commerciality of the business There’s no pretense with Callaghan.was highlighted last year when its She’s slightly troubled by the photographer’s assistant preening her hair – “too bouncy, I don’t really do“Our values are not polished” – and I get the feeling that thethat soft, fluffy or whole company is like this: what you seeephemeral. But they is what you get. Another of Innocent’s brand values is ‘be natural’, and,capture the things incredibly, given that I’m a journalist,we are… not just the everybody I meet is. “Think about our product,” says Callaghan. “It’s anthings we aspire to” unadulterated, natural product.” The same should go for Innocent’s people,directors sold a majority stake to Coca she says: “Be professional – but bringCola. The soft-drinks behemoth now yourself to work! Bring the best versioncontrols 58% of Innocent, but Callaghan of yourself. ”is not worried. In fact, she seems quite It’s a compelling confection, but can itkeen on the products of the new mother last? As Innocent gets bigger, so must it Above: innocent’scompany – and spends some of the handle change. Not only has Coca-Cola messageboardinterview sipping a Diet Coke. “I drink taken over, but the company is leaving contains vividlyit with pride!” she says. Did she always its Fruit Towers HQ, tucked away in coloured well-wishesdrink it in the office? “Well, when I first Hammersmith, and moving to the from guestsjoined I might have been a bit more sparkling Portobello Dock on the other and customers22 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • interview side of west London. “It’s an exciting move for us,” says Callaghan. “Here at Fruit Towers, we basically work in a big shed. I’m not sure it was ever intended to be an office, so we are taking the things Clockwise from that work best for us, and bringing far left bottom: Farmyard more of the things we have had less of animals; on the here – like natural light. It’s going to be banana phone different, and I’m intrigued about how at reception; a warning about it’s going to work, being over five floors in innocent’s a gleaming building. With the move, we creative don’t want to just replicate what we’ve environment; Karen Callaghan got here, every company has to evolve talks to and develop. But we’ll miss this place, colleagues; staff with all its silliness – sorry, fun.” break out for a meeting by the It will be fascinating to visit the football table new place in a year or so. Nothing will ever recreate Fruit Towers’ glorified warehouse, but you feel that the creative chaos will seep into Portobello Dock pretty rapidly. “We’ll create another one,” she says. “I doubt that we will be taking the same astroturf to Portobello Docks, but we will be grassing up some of the new office. We’ll take the feeling with us.” And with that it’s time for Callaghan to head back into the silliness. Just one more thing, she says: “‘Smoothie operators’, please don’t use that headline” – she’s seen it too many times. I was thinking “simple tastes”, I say. “No,” she smiles: “Simple pleasures.” l“our PeoPLe WiLL haLF-KiLL theMseLVes Doing a toP-notCh joB” “Trying to ensure that years. And this important they manage an informal, friendly, engagement has caused their energy levels, too, socially aware business the business to flourish. and don’t burn out. As is also a commercially Everyone’s set on a board, we try to set the successful one is not as improving their bit of standard by continually difficult as you might innocent – quality rises, refocusing the business imagine. in fact, i’d innovation increases, on a small set of clear argue that it’s easier accounts are won. ideas priorities every month, than in a staid business. come from all parts of and actively managing The great thing about the company rather than workload hotspots innocent is that the being restricted to a few, around the company. richard reed, team is so engaged with leading to a surge of “Ultimately, our team co-founder, on our healthy product, the commercial creativity. is engaged because they why innocent values and the mission “if anything, we have get to do what they’re has to manage we are on, that we all such high levels of best at; like the peopleits staff’s energy naturally give more than engagement that we they work with; and a little bit extra, which need to make sure personally connect with is a key part of what has people aren’t taking innocent’s purpose. made us successful. on too much. Our best One should never “Our engagement people will half-kill underestimate a group levels are higher than themselves in doing of people who believe they have been for five a top-notch job, so it’s in what they’re doing.” _ 23
  • PerformunderPressure Budgetary pressures and increasing demands onmanagers need not be a recipe for disaster. Times would be tough enough were Kien Lac, a consultant and the owner of In fact, says the Mail managers simply facing smaller budgets. Auditel, a cost-management consultancy, says: “Know your business. In the current on Sunday’s helen That moreare increasingly being asked to do they for less, with their roles climate, the main difference between loveless, they could expanded while their budgets are cut, SpENCER WilSON @ SYNERGYART those firms that thrive and those that struggle is often how proactive they arebe a chance to this adds to themakes things tougher still. But,could also pressure faced by managers, it although in managing internal efficiencies.”reassure your be an opportunity to improve margins and efficiency. He points out that managers who organisation that many business of change is needed in the way Experts say a sea owners and managers think about wait for things to improve are unlikely to do well. Those who are very outward- doing business. In the good times, it was easy to appear looking – for example, aiming to diversify successful, while the bottom line told a different tale. In into new markets, but failing to consider the boom years, many firms grew and expanded in terms how the firm’s internal workings could of staff numbers and offices – without growing profits. improve – may also struggle.24 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • in practice Lac says: “Firms need to understand Ringrose believes that making use of use social media to recruit staff, whichat a very fundamental level how the the internet and technology can increase could cut costs substantially.”business operates and how that could efficiency. For example, online videos Many managers fear that costbe improved. It is about seizing the can be used to train people rather than management means cutting staff, yetopportunities that are out there and not spending time and money holding a day’s the best way to improve your businessbeing afraid to do something differently, training course. Efficiencies can also be is to prepare it to take advantage ofespecially in order to stand out. For made in communication, by using email forthcoming opportunities. Firmsexample, a firm that tries a daring and and even social media. that sacrifice too many staff couldhigh-profile advertisement campaign at Ringrose adds: “Employees are find themselves unprepared to growa time when other businesses are closing already switched on to social media, so as the economy improves – a commondown spending may benefit hugely.” managers could use this to become more problem after the early 1990s recession. efficient. In the NHS, you could have an “There is a distinction between cost-reMoVing Waste online system that allows staff to log in cutting and cost management – it is vitalAnother key word is focus. In a sick from home, so the manager in charge to stress this,” says Lac. “We help firms todownturn, it is impossible to do knows in plenty of time that extra cover manage costs, rather than make big cuts, ineverything, especially when budgets are might be needed. Managers could also order not to harm their sustainability.” lbeing cut. Focusing on what is key anddrawing up a strategy to prioritise willhelp. Look at areas such as spending. heaLthy iMProVeMentsWhere can you cut costs without cutting Managers go green in the NhSvalue? Equally, where do you need tospend to grow the business? The scope of most managers’ jobs has extended in recent by taking measures to years, with managers expected to take a more hands-on be more environmentally Most businesses take a certain amount approach in many areas. friendly now, we willof waste for granted, but cutting back on Managers are increasingly involved in setting out be prepared.”waste can make a significant difference to the firm’s goals and strategies, managing resources Taking a longer-termthe bottom line. When it comes to energy, and also managing wider policies – such as setting view in business can inmeasures such as turning down the out and implementing itself save money. Makingheating or switching equipment off can more environmentally changes may cost butmake a surprising difference to the bill. efficient operations. may be outweighed by Lac recommends that owner This is particularly future savings. There aremanagers look at how similar businesses true for Sonia Roschnik, also a lot of changes and operational director at efficiencies that can beoperate and what their energy the NhS Sustainable implemented and don’trequirements may be, and then compare cost a thing, says Roschnik. Development Unit.them to the amount of energy they use. It She says key to the She adds: “it oftenmay highlight where more energy than is strategies being adopted requires imaginationneeded is being used. Alternatively, firms by the NhS SDU is a and courage to makemay realise that they are paying over the focus on becoming more changes, but changes needodds and it is time to change suppliers. carbon-efficient, both to be made. Everyone in Stationery and consumables may also to save money and also the NhS, managementbe another area where spending could be minimise the impact upon included, is frantic but the environment. it is worth taking stockmanaged far better. While the deal struck “in the NhS, if we can to consider the bestwith your supplier to provide paper and approach. For example, we reduce costs and becomecartridges for the printer may have been more efficient, then we can have an influence ongood value then, it may be possible to can improve care for the other companies too, bynegotiate a better deal now. patients,” she says. “We encouraging our suppliers Dr Tim Ringrose is medical director are likely to have carbon to be more efficient, moreof and says there is a taxation in the future, so, carbon-friendly.”recurrent theme among NHS managersabout the general inefficiencies in theway that business is done. He points if you’re looking for help to make your businessto the IT systems in the NHS, which more efficient in the current economic climatehe describes as archaic, as well as helP is and ready to capitalise on any forthcomingwidespread inefficiencies around at hand opportunities, why not make use of the institutediagnostics, with the results of up to 75% of Consulting support service by visitingof tests done in hospital neither looked at acted upon. _ 25
  • 26 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Thought leadership The magic of enchantment Your organisation will be more productive and innovative if you can beguile your staff into wanting to do things, rather than making them. tom Peck meets the masters of charm school “There was no screaming, no shouting, In the late 1990s, the now-legendary the box, setting it up, picking the carrier, no clenching of fists or wild exhortation. Silicon Valley figure Guy Kawasaki was transferring data, and setting up an He simply walked in, picked up the ball, the “chief evangelist” at Apple. It was his Apple account to buy apps. It’s a sad and said, ‘Let’s go’. He had buckled on job to inspire people not just to buy Apple world if machines are more enchanting the breast plate for the fight to come.” So products, but to love them. No company than people.” said Sir Alf Ramsey of his captain Bobby has ever come close to achieving this to For managers, he says, enchantment Moore, in the rarefied moments in the the degree that Apple has. Today, when is a three-stage process. “The most Wembley dressing room before the 1966 even the most minor update to an Apple important thing they can do is to provide World Cup final. product is released, the world looks on a MAP,” he says. “M stands for mastery Both men, it is commonly agreed by all with bated breath – then rushes to the – the ability for people to master new who met them, knew a thing about what shops. In his latest book, Enchantment, skills and improve themselves at work. Prospero in The Tempest called the “art to The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and A is for autonomy – the ability to work enchant”; to inspire people to do what they Actions, Kawasaki tells us how to charm independently and not have someone might not think themselves capable of. customers, colleagues and partners, as breathing down your neck. P is for Prospero commanded the elements purpose – people are working on a higher to wreck a passing ship and deliver calling than simply making money; they him his destiny – impressive stuff, but “Enchantment are making the world a better place. a comparatively straightforward task when compared with Sir Alf and Mr should be easier on “If you enable people to master new skills while working autonomously on Moore’s achievements – getting England a person-to-person meaningful goals, you will enchant them. not just past the quarter-finals, but to basis. People can see If money is the primary mechanism actually win the World Cup. for influence, the magic won’t last very Today, with finances tight in both the the expressions and long. Employees need to embrace the public and private sectors, managers are reactions of others” goals and values of an organisation – so increasingly finding that if they want to much so that they need less direction stay afloat, they have to deliver more than and supervision. They ‘know’ what to do before. In an age of austerity, when there is well as inspire ourselves to a level higher because they know what the organisation no money to spare, how can they motivate than we’ve thought possible. stands for. They are empowered.” their teams towards better results? Although famous for making Though the art of enchantment can Sir Alf and Mr Moore were natural machines enchanting, Kawasaki says: be learned, it is often counterintuitive, leaders, possessing an air of assurance “Enchantment should be easier on a says Steve Martin, author of best- and authority from as early an age as any person-to-person basis. People can see selling book Yes! and a leading expert of their contemporaries can recall. The the expressions and reactions of others. in the “science of influence”. For the magician Prospero was different, though: They can change their approaches and do past 12 years, he has been the head of a his tricks came straight out of a book. many other things to make themselves consulting organisation called Influence And key figures in the world of more enchanting. With a physical object at Work. He says: “One of the things we behavioural psychology and insight such as an iPhone, you have much less find when we conduct research is thatCORBiS think that all managers can do the same. control of the initial experience: for people believe that some people are In fact, it’s all rather easy. example, the circumstances of opening born with this ability to engage people, _ 27
  • Thought leadershipto lead people, to get people on-side. Toa certain extent, it’s true. But there’s a the great enChanters Wizards of persuasion from the worlds of computing, cookery and sportsignificant body of evidence that says anymanager can learn those skills. There arefundamental principles. “First, there’s reciprocation. Peoplewill be more likely to engage in a messageor a proposal if they see that doing sois in return for something that’s beendone for them first. Rather than demandcompliance, the most engaging peoplewill invest in others in advance and thentrade on those social obligations. Often,managers think, ‘If I have a challenge,who can help me? Who can help medeliver?’ That’s the wrong question. Itis better to be asking themselves, all thetime, ‘Who can I help? Whose cause canI further? Who can I support?’ Thatmeans when they do need to deliversomething difficult, they’ve already builta social obligation. We are more engagedand we comply with people we are the silicon the Potion the sPortalready socially obliged to. sorcerer Peddler sPellBinder “Second, many leadership courses and steve Jobs Jamie oliver Brian cloughmanagerial courses say that people need “Remembering that i’ll Few people remember The master motivator,to be told of the benefits they will gain if be dead soon is the how roundly mocked Clough has taken twothey move in a new direction. But people most important tool i’ve the iconic chef-cum- unfashionableare significantly more moved if they are ever encountered to teacher-cum-health- Midlands clubs – Derbypresented with what they will stand to help me make the big campaigner was when County and Nottinghamlose if they don’t. Saying, ‘do this and choices in life. it is the he first appeared on Forest – to levels ofyou’ll save a million’, doesn’t work. Say: best way i know to television as the Naked success that neither‘don’t do this and you’ll lose a million’.” avoid the trap of Chef more than a would have thought Most important, managers should not thinking you have decade ago. he was possible. One of histhink that leading change is a one-man something to lose,” mocked, too, when he players, Martin O’Neill, announced the founder put up his house as now a successful and CEO of Apple to the collateral without manager himself, said“People are assembled graduates telling his wife, to found the entire team would on commencement day the Fifteen Foundation have done anything,significantly more at Stamford University in 2002, training 15 just to receive amoved if they are in 2005, a year after he young adults from thumbs-up from thepresented with what had been diagnosed with cancer. disadvantaged backgrounds or with manager. When the Forest players walkedthey stand to lose “You are already a history of crime or into the dressing roomif they don’t do well” naked. There is no drugs. Some of the before the 1979 reason not to follow earlier recruits are European Cup Final in your heart.” now television chefs Munich, they foundjob. “Often leaders will believe that the Since then, Jobs has themselves and, in the their kit laid out asresponsibility for getting people to follow revolutionised the way meantime, Oliver has normal, but on top ofa certain course of action is solely down the world works, with transformed public each little pile, a glassto them,” says Martin. “That’s not true. the iphone and the ipad. attitudes to the quality of champagne thatThe evidence shows the much bigger his company, Apple, of school dinners Cloughie told them toinfluence on people’s decision-making is has been rescued from throughout the country, drink. “Now you’ve gotwhat people immediately similar to them relative obscurity to seeing him voted the a taste for it, go out andand those around them are doing. become a worldwide “Most inspiring earn it,” he told them. “Don’t feel you have to rely on your own industry leader. political Figure of They won 1-0.influence to enchant others. Shine a light 2005” in Channel 4’s  on those who are already doing what you annual poll.want to see done. Most people say theyaren’t influenced by others’ behaviour.But the reality is that they are.” l _ 29
  • Because…you’reworth itThere may be a recession on – but is your pay keeping upthere with your peers? The CMI’s salary survey should helpyou find out, says Philip smith Some managers have become used than many managers (who averaged to their pay being static. The pay rises 2.1%). At 4.2%, junior staff in the South of managers in organisations with East were awarded the highest average revenues of between £25m and £124m increase, much better than the highest reflect those of the country as a whole. increase enjoyed by managers (3.3%, And their pay rise over the past year also in the South East). was equal to the national average, at The regions threw up the biggest 2.2%. The bad news is that the rise anomalies, showing that where you live was the lowest for more than a decade has as much an impact on pay as what – and runs below the current inflation you do. The average section manager in rate, meaning a real-term pay cut for the South West would see a basic salary many managers. of £52,781. In East Anglia, that would But not all managers have been drop to £47,812 and, in Northern Ireland, treated equally. When placed against the even lower at £44,937. 4% CPI inflation rate, the 2011 National The survey, however, goes deeper, Management Salary Survey, published analysing the pay not only across by the Chartered Management Institute functions and sectors, but by company and XpertHR, shows a wide variation in size too. Here, the smaller the business, pay rises – or in some cases, actual pay the better the basic salary rise. cuts – when analysed across functions, Managers in businesses with less than regions, sectors and company size. The £25m income saw a 3.5% rise compared Finance survey shows that salaries in general range from just over £15,000 to just to 2.2% in those with a turnover of £25m to £125m, 2.9% (£125m to £600m) and Forward under £400,000. The average salary for 1.9% in companies with revenues in n 14.6%: average all UK executives is £36,413. excess of £600m. pay rise of directors It’s not just senior managers that are Yet the specifics often hide the trends. in finance and pocketing the bigger pay packets. While For many, pay is boosted by bonuses. business services trainees saw a modest 2% increase in As a percentage of salary, bonuses this n 0.6%: average pay pay overall, the data shows that junior year were higher across the board than rise of IT directors staff have enjoyed greater reward (2.3%) in 2010, averaging 13.4% compared30 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • Salary survey eland Natio rn Ir nal Northe In ne nd r L la on ot Sc do n Out t Eas er Lo North ndon 20k 40k 60k 80k 100k 120k 140k South st th We East Nor So ds ut an l W es h id t MAverAgeBASIC SALArY glia WaleBY regIon East An sn Entry-level staffn All executivesn Department managern Directorwith 10.9%. Many bonuses are modest,helping to ensure the pot is spread The survey goes pressures are not currently feeding into wages, as the labour market has yet toacross the managerial workforce. Junior deeper and shows show signs of a sustained recovery – thestaff who received such a payment saw that the smaller the likelihood of a wage-price spiral thereforebonuses of between £1,500 and £4,000. still remains relatively low despite recent The message, though, is don’t start business, the better commodity price increases.”expecting the bumper pay rises to the basic salary risereturn just yet. Peter Hemington, a confidence returningpartner at BDO, told one newspaper: Even so, the survey does show signs that“Although inflation is well above the business is growing in optimism. It’s notBank of England’s 2% target, inflationary just pay and perks that are an indication _ 31
  • of growth and prosperity; staff retentionand recruitment trends also showhow confident businesses are for the 160kcoming year. The data, collected from 34,744 Nationalindividuals in 353 organisations, revealsthat labour turnover has declined in Manufacturingthe past 12 months – to 10.5% downfrom 12.3% in 2010 – with resignations Finance/insurancedropping to their lowest level since 1997. IT The drop is partly explained by fewerpeople retiring, with just 0.2% choosing Public sectorto quit the workplace, compared to 0.9%last year – a fall that is likely to have been Retailinfluenced by a change to the default 140kretirement age and the economic climate. HR Fewer employees are showingdissatisfaction with their boss as the Consultantsproportion of people resigning hasdipped for the 12 months to February2011, standing at 3.9% compared to4.1% in 2010. In fact, retaining staff AverAge BASICwas cited as a major problem only inthe consultancy and business services SALArY BY SeCtorsector. For managers, the added good n Entry-level staffnews is that redundancies are also 120k n All executivesdropping – at 2.9% down from 3.3%. n Department managerThese seemed to be centred mainly in n Directormanufacturing and IT. Ruth Spellman, chief executive ofCMI, says: “We are by no means out ofthe woods, but the indications are thatthe era of pay freezes may be about tothaw. Of course, no one should believethat the only way to retain employeeloyalty is by throwing money around.It’s not practical in the current climateand wider evidence exists to show thatmoney is not the main motivator. Whatis clear, however, is that employersappreciate that they can influence 100klabour turnover and reduce the churnof staff they want to hold on to.” If the best barometer of businessconfidence comes not from retentionbut from recruitment, then the nation’semployers are, indeed, showing positive 80kAverAge pAy rise in per cent by region 1% 2% 3% National Inner London Outer London South East South West Wales32 _ professional manager _ May /June 2011
  • Salary survey signs; at least in some sectors. While 80% of those in the public sector and charities are actively recruiting, that was the lowest figure on a sector-by- sector basis. In some sectors, such as IT, banking, retail and manufacturing, all employers surveyed are looking to hire. It appears that these are new jobs, and not a result of staff churn. Some,20k however, such as banking, faced strong competition to woo the top staff, and 14.5% of those questioned said they are TalenT people having to offer golden hellos to attract hunT power the right calibre of candidate. 80%: proportion of n 5.1%: average salary However, those seeking work need public sector and not- rise of HR directors to consider their skill set, particularly for-profit organisations n 1.9%: average salary in the fast-changing world of IT. The that are recruiting rise of their sales directors survey shows that 100% of respondents in that sector are recruiting, while “We are by no means out of the woods, but the indications 40k are that the era of pay freezes may be about to thaw” most – just over 80% – are experiencing ShopS postcode problems. And, say the businesses, it is Stumped lottery not down to the salaries on offer (cited 67%: proportion of n 4.2%: average pay by just 30%) or the location (a mere distribution and retail rise for junior staff 15%), but that the applicants do not have managers who cite in the South East the specific skills sought (77%). the level of pay and n 2.6%: average pay Skill-specific recruitment is not benefits as a hindrance rise for junior staff just relevant to IT. Dominic Ceraldi, to recruitment in the South West HR manager at London-based Pimlico Plumbers, a £15m turnover business60k with 180 staff, says: “Staff retention here has gone up in the past 12 months, but we are recruiting in all sections and we get Are you being a lot of applications. We are looking for pAid enough? specific skills and, in the current market, See at a glance with our online calculator we can afford to be more specific.” l at n Trainees n All executives n Department manager n Director East Anglia Midlands North West North East Scotland Northern Ireland Trainees and entry-level staff shown in the graphics are subsets of junior managers _ 33
  • Record your development on CMi’s online CpD system, www.onlinecpd. Masterclass 36 Ask the experts 38 Book reviews 42 Latest events 46 Want to be There are at least three a Chartered previous CMgr candidates Manager? who have moved up the To find out whether promotional ladder. Of course, the Chartered this is not down to the CMgr Manager award is status alone, but since it is a right for you, head common connection between to www.managers., email them, it has clearly played a cmgr@managers. significant role in contributing or call 01536 to their professional successes. 207380. You can read more about the Customers are more benefits on the CMI confident, knowing that site and take our new work is being managed self-assessment by competent people. questionnaire to The presence of Chartered receive a personalised report and identify the Managers demonstrates BAE’s most suitable award commitment to senior managerPM ProFiLe route for you. For more development. The fact that candidates have qualified viaalan robson inspiration, see our recent successes at a Chartered ManagementLearning and development manager at BAE Systems Institute panel ensures theAlan Robson explains how Chartered Manager status uk/success. This also qualification has credibility.has reshaped the way in which BAE managers operate highlights members who have renewed Management qualifications or gained CharteredI have spent 39 years in the Morecambe College in 2008, Manager status. underpin existing skills andshipbuilding industry. I spent Investors in People assessor Fred experience. They demonstrate12 years as a production operative Ayres identified professional that our people managersat Shipwright and Loftsman; manager development as an understand the theory as well21 years in Quality Control/ issue for the business. Roger as the practice of successfulAssurance in posts from Quality McCartney, as the regional leadership. People also feel proudInspector to Principal Quality CMI manager, supported the of their academic achievement,Engineer; and the past six years programme initiation, for which which in turn helps with personalin Learning and Development. we were very grateful. and business confidence – as a knock-on effect, it increasesMy job is to provide advice, The difference that it has the likelihood of candidatesguidance and support. made is tangible. The biggest seeking to progress further upAs Learning and Development impact can be seen in the the management ladder.manager I work with the Anechoic Tiling TrainingSubmarine Solutions Operations Programme. Prior to this staff Chartered Manager statusDirectorate (Leadership and were trained off site, incurring is now an integral part ofStaff populations) for the great costs. Adopting a make- the Operations Leadershipdevelopment and progression versus-buy approach gave us Framework. It supports ourof staff members. This has now £70,000-worth of savings. management developmentbeen enhanced by providing our programme, by having suchemployees with the opportunity CMgr has enhanced our a framework one can clearlyof gaining CMI professional working relationships. see the progressive route frommanagement qualifications. With Roger and the five other Team Leaders through to Senior Chartered Managers, there is Management qualifications.The programme was a vital a closer network, almost like a We now actively encourageaddition to the business. board; we can use our experience successful Level 7 cohortWhen we launched the CMgr to offer help and advice to those participants to achieve Charteredpartnership with Lancaster and thinking of taking the course. Manager status every year. _ 35
  • Practical hints and tips to help you on your management journey MasterclassKnoWLeDge transFeraVoiD sCaringoFFtop staff whentaLentYou need the times are hard.Ask great questions – and don’t alienatecandidates, says Caitlin Mackesy DaviesThere’s no doubt that recruiting talent is one ofthe most critical activities for any organisation,and also that conducting the necessary interviewsis one of the most difficult – often dreaded – tasksthat managers have to undertake. Much of theanxiety stems from confusion about choosing thequestions that get the best from a candidate. Hereare a few suggestions that should help you get moreout of your interview hour.Ask: What is the most useful criticism you For interviewhave received? How did you address it? excellenceWhy: It gives you an idea of how aware the CMi’s members-onlycandidate is of their weaknesses and also how they Steps in Successfulrespond to criticism or advice from colleagues and interviewingmanagers. How keen are they to improve? Checklist (107) can help you hone yourAsk: Tell me of a time you organised a group. approach and pointWhy: It offers evidence of how well they worked the way to otherwith others in a leadership role and also lets useful resources. Findthe candidate highlight a specific event that is it online at www.important to them. What did they learn? How do get along with others? managementdirect. Acas offers greatAsk: About which activity or interest are you resources onmost passionate? recruitment andWhy: Whether they choose something work- selection atrelated or a hobby, you’ll be looking for someone is able to communicate real enthusiasm andcommitment, and who gets you excited about it, too!Ask: When you have ever had to change interviewers The Terminator The Clocksomeone’s mind? What did you do? You’re a tough nut WatcherWhy: By exploring a concrete example, you’ll find from hell who brings It’s important toout how the candidate interacts with others and Does one of these a professional, keep an interviewwhat strategies they use to influence a colleague, characters sound but perhaps on track, but give illUSTRATiON STEphEN COlliNSteam or other decision-maker. familiar? Don’t worry – slightly scary, a candidate time to here are some easy sense of purpose think carefully andAsk: Is there anything I can tell you about the ways to perfect your to the table. give consideredcompany/role? interview technique Consider that answers. Let themWhy: You’ll find out whether candidates have done stepping back know you aretheir homework about your organisation and what and putting interested in whattheir priorities are for the future (do they ask how a candidate at ease they have to say,fast people get promoted, for instance?). And you’ll is more likely to not how quicklyshow you care about giving them the facts that they let you get the best you can get to yourneed to join your team. out of them. next meeting.36 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Masterclass What i’Ve LearneD MarK MarDeL National business manager of Storopack UK credits strategic leadership at Worcester College of Technology for widening his own opportunities i’ve gained a greater appreciation for other roles within the company. My course touched all the bases, but there was also enough depth to allow me to understand what other departments have to contend with to keep our company functioning. i’m a bit more strategic about my thinking. I think much more about the long-term implications of what I do and what other departments need. I’ve also been helping other people in the company to understand how the business unit works within the bigger group. the key thing for me was the interaction between departments. Particularly how interdepartmental relationships work in a dynamic environment. It’s very easy to focus on your own department and how to make that run as perfectly as possible, without realising the impact it has on the company as a whole. optimising myself is not enough. I have to take a wider view and think about optimising for all the company. winning a customer isn’t the be-all and end-all. Instead of focusing on results and individual successes, I can now talk about how we’ve gone about achieving results. For career an international role is what i am development and aiming for. Following the course, study support, head to I presented one of the models we learned at a sales meeting in uk/student Germany, and since then I’ve been invited to five-year strategy meetings for the group, whereas before, I would have only been involved in the UK. I’ve been able to increase my profile massively in the company.The Best Friend The Inquisitor The Secret iMProVe learning from experience is easierYou’ll want to put Probing questions Shrink your than learning from a book. I enjoyedyour candidate have a place, but Questions such as sKiLLs the conversational approach of theat ease, but that remember you “what would you Find out more training. Rather than being told “here’sdoesn’t mean you are there to sell do if I gave you about CMi- the notes, go away and read them”, wehave to share your your company an elephant?” may accredited discussed each other’s experiencescandid views on as well. Give the get an interesting leadership and and gave opinions – if there wasthe CEO. Smile, candidate time response, but management a disagreement, it was an open friendly – but to ask questions what do they courses People justified their reasoning.above all, keep about the role or have to do with available at You’re not done learning untilit professional. the organisation the job? Keep your Worcester you are dead. It’s like climbing and show off their questions simple, College of a ladder, and you take one rung own preparation. open-ended Technology at at a time. It takes a personal sacrifice and relevant. www.wortech. to fit this type of training in. But it was absolutely worth it. _ 37
  • Your management questions answered Ask the expertsQ my organisation is facing a number ofchanges at the moment is facing, and communicating realisticand it’s affecting scenarios and timelines is now key. Do not underestimate the power ofmorale. how can i keep communication. You may feel time-pressured and afraid of failing yourself, but you must bemy team motivated? visible, accessible and approachable. If you’re not sure how long it will take for decisions to be made, say so, and you will increase loyalty. Karin says: It takes courage to acknowledge difficulties, In times of uncertainty, the psychological but if you communicate what you know well, contract between you and your employees – you will have a more motivated workforce. what they believe they owe the organisation Motivating staff is about taking little steps, and vice versa – is broken. Employees will rather than making big changes. There isn’t a feel insecure, act more conservatively and one-size-fits-all motivation programme, but be less engaged as a result. They tend to you can group people by their preferences – be highly compliant but not necessarily striving for status and promotion, improving accepting of the demands you make. expertise and employability, the need for dr karin moser As a manager, you will know the signs. social acceptance or verbal recognition or Social and You need to acknowledge your situation for job security – and work from there. A phOTO REx FEATURES organisational and the problems and limitations it poses. thank-you, or the opportunity to take on new psychologist Understanding your staff and what motivates responsibilities and challenges, can make all at Roehampton them is more important than ever – you need the difference. It’s also useful to think about University to focus on your communications strategy things from a team or departmental level. in london and how you word things. Transparency Rewarding teams rather than individuals can about the problems your organisation strengthen organisational bonds.38 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Advice Q as a resultchanges to staff during timesfairly evaluate of the downturn, i am about to inform employees of Q how do i of change? employee performance structure. how do i ensure that they stay emotionally engaged Sir Paul says: in their role and the business To be able to evaluate during this upheaval? staff fairly in a time of change, a good Jill says: leader needs first to The psychological explain to them why health of a company the changes are taking and engagement place and what the with employees sir Paul Judge consequences are is vital. Engaged Chairman of for the organisation. employees are loyal Schroder income Whether change is and productive: Growth Fund caused by economic they show bonding and the key recession or a Jill dann to the organisation benefactor of the competitive threat, Founding director by promoting the Judge Business employees should of Consultation organisation to School at the be informed and limited, designing family and friends. University consulted every step Organisational Employees who are of Cambridge of the way. Development not engaged may In order to achieve programmes for be productive – but change, leaders must establish an awareness blue-chip and psychologically of the need to change and its direction.   professional not bonded to the For instance, when I led the buy-out of organisations organisation and can Cadbury Schweppes’ food companies be tempted to defect to form Premier Brands, we explained elsewhere. Actively disengaged employees that the company had to become more are physically present, but psychologically efficient and we set the realistic, tangible absent. On social media and in encounters objective of getting our profit margin with colleagues, they may appear intent on on sales back to the average level for the running the organisation down. industry. Nobody could object to this, but Economic downturns can allow people to it gave us a way to refocus the employees’ bring their ideas forward for improvement of minds on what needed to be done, bringing For advice, current products and services, development out their best qualities.assessment tools and of new ones or better use of technologies to A good leader needs to anticipate change study support, visit reduce costs and expand customer services. and decide on the right strategy. When Keeping individuals engaged with their work is change, a manager should include peopleuk/practical-support requires clarity – they should understand in the strategic development as far down their contribution to the business in both the hierarchy as possible to ensure that the tactical (team, individual) and strategic organisation feels part of the process. If this (department, enterprise, group) terms. How is done openly, then staff will respond and this is valued and relevant is very pertinent; you will be able to assess their suitability it is a question managers have to answer in for the new situation. This also creates a determining who is at risk in a restructure. collective conscience, which will boost However, if engaged employees are not morale during a difficult period. FinD out skilled in delivering new capabilities, they The most important thing a manager More… may need to be retrained or be at risk of should focus on while evaluating staff is Check out CMi’s redundancy, too. their own strengths and weaknesses. A good Management Direct Bad news regarding threat of redundancy manager with a well-thought-out strategy service www. is best delivered faster for the individual can engage members of staff in much the rather than leaving people with uncertainty same way as an army general can gain the managementdirect or ambiguity. Often, news is delayed because respect of troops even in the most difficult for checklists on the manager has insufficient experience circumstances. Your actions as a manager in themes such as communication, and knowledge to know how to restructure times of change should indicate that, as well psychological intelligently, fairly, ethically and legally. as caring about the business, you are also contracts and Ensure your confidence in your knowledge concerned about the needs of your staff – motivating staff in and ability is at a good level – make sure you they will still be your greatest asset whatever times of change. consult and research accordingly. change may bring. _ 39
  • human resources the PersonneL touCh Are you managing staff holidays properly? Our resident HR expert alison Blackhurst makes it clear that if your staff can’t recharge on holiday, then you’ve failed as a manager let holidays be holidays t’s that time of year notice. Note, though, that this i again. The days are getting longer, the sun request should also stipulate that your employees cannot insist on finally seems to have taking their holidays at a time that some warmth in it and managers is inconvenient to the business. and employees are thinking about Ensure that your employees their summer holidays. Annual complete a holiday request form leave is important for the health – that way you avoid arguments of organisations: it allows staff to by having a clear, documented refresh their bodies and minds, procedure for applying for leave and avoid the negative effect on and recording whether this has performance caused by working been authorised. without breaks. But it’s crucial You can also stipulate in new holidays are handled properly. A contracts that leavers must take good manager makes sure that remaining holidays as part of employees’ breaks are exactly their notice period – to avoid that: a break. If employees’ holiday paying them for untaken leave homes are merely remote offices on their departure. in the sun, the manager has failed. Make sure that your rules are Staff who take their laptops consistently applied and known and BlackBerry with them and to all employees in advance – thus respond to work emails are not avoiding the dilemma of what to switching off. In fact, such an existence may actually be more stressful than being in the office. Staff who take their BlackBerry To ensure that staff are afforded with them and respond to emails a proper break, managers must plan properly. Encouraging staff to are not switching off. Such an take their holidays is a double-win. existence may actually be more It helps morale, because staff lose any lingering feeling that by taking stressful than being in the office a break they are doing something wrong; and it helps avoid a nasty leave on religious grounds – you do when an employee has booked a situation whereby many staff try must be careful to avoid indirect holiday prior to asking for time off to take their remaining holiday all discrimination. You could also at an inconvenient time. at the same time at the end of the reserve some leave for annual Finally, think about your year, causing a crunch. FinD closures at a time when you are employees’ return to work. Do you To help stretch holidays out not busy, say Christmas or Easter, really want your staff stressed- across the year, you might want and this may also result in savings out, returning to hundreds to consider having some clear More… on running costs, such as energy, of unanswered, unwanted or head to www. rules in your contracts or staff during these periods. But, most out-of-date emails? ConsiderillUSTRATiON qUiNTON WiNTER handbook as to how and when uk/information- importantly, holiday should be auto-forwarding them while the services to quiz holiday can be taken. This could a researcher – authorised before staff make any employee is away, or even turning include staff having to take a and our online holiday bookings. It’s also a good them off – so your people can proportion of their leave in each community idea to specify minimum notice return to their desks happy, clear – through CMi quarter. You could also stipulate Answers. You for holiday requests. The Working of mind and ready to go. l that they are not allowed to take can also access Time Directive requires notice of As a CMI member, you can access more than a certain amount of free BusinesshR twice the duration of the holiday templates for policies, forms, letters resources or leave in one go, but make sure contact our free requested, so two weeks’ holiday and contracts from BusinessHR – you understand the rules for legal helpline. requires at least four weeks’ plus a great monthly newsletter. _ 41
  • a look inside the work of top management thinkers Reviews tremendous determination and commitment to see the book through – I am very proud of what we achieved together. We have already received so much positive feedback on the book. What did you learn from him? I think we both learned the value of true partnership in memoriam: John humble and determination. Effective John Humble started management is the combination his management career of insight and effective at Courtaulds before implementation of good becoming a renowned management principles and consultant. At Urwick Orr practice, as well as simply rolling and Partners, Britain’s up the sleeves and getting stuck premier management in. We had a lot of fun too, and I consultants, he am left with some great stories. rejuvenated the practice.  In 1977, he formed his own What did he bring to it all?Writer rePLies consultancy, John John brought tremendous Humble & Co. He knowledge and expertise inBusiness PLanning became the world expert in the management corporate social responsibility – he pioneered and developedFor the PLanet philosophy known as ‘Management By Objectives’, which has the first CEO attitude survey on social responsibility acrossian Chambers, programme director at Orange Business 11 European countries. shaped the way we stillServices, explains Developing a Plan for the Planet, a book manage today, and he We shared a passion forhe wrote with late management expert John humble, right leaves behind a range communicating an idea of books on essential and vision for the benefit ofWhy did you write the book? Why is it different to other management topics. the planet.The challenges affecting the sustainability messages? He died in March.planet are coming to a head. One of the key features of the He was 86. What were you hoping toIt is time to act and implement book is the ‘how to’ approach. achieve with the book?an effective solution. We The book is structured so To provide an approach forwanted readers to realise that that key stakeholders and tackling and successfullythey can make a difference in individuals at all levels (business, addressing the broad globalthe face of global challenges – government, community) can be issues we are facing. We feltand succeed. active in saving the planet. by establishing an effective plan today, we can all do ourWhat is the Plan for How did you meet John? bit to contribute to buildingthe Planet? We met socially, about two a sustainable planet, forThe book draws on research, years into the project, and John generations to come.initiatives and best practices was working on other writingfrom around the globe to build a projects. We decided to establish Can we save the planet?plan for a sustainable business a writers’ group and due to my Looking at our globaland planet. It includes work from love of Tolkien and CS Lewis, reader offer management capabilities,the United Nations, the Earth we lightheartedly referred to Gower publishing and the major progress inCharter, the Bill and Melinda ourselves as Inklings. is offering readers technology, engineeringGates Foundation and business a 20% discount on and communications, weinitiatives. It shows how And was this when you Developing a Plan for already have the capabilities the Planet. Visit business management decided to collaborate? to address the issues at hand gowerpublishing.principles and practice are John became involved and coordinate these actions com and enter codeequally applicable and effective initially at a research level, but G11ENE20 at the globally. This will be my,in managing the impact we make added his valuable insights checkout. Offer ends John’s and all of our legacieson our environment. and contributions, plus a 30 June 2011. to future generations.42 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Review To rate the latest books, and borrow thought-provoking book on titles from the CMi The fourth section centres the uncertainty that underlies library, head to on the interconnectedness of innovation and change, whether www.managers. societies through globalisation for better or worse. and the rising speed of Presented in six tightly communications. Greater written parts, the book presents unpredictability may not be well-argued, challenging views bad, because anastrophes – the on uncertainty. Starting with opposite of catastrophes – result a definition of the unexpected, in leaving people better off than Lindkvist moves to explain they were previously. In the fifth how the unexpected affects the part, the danger of hijacking brain and soul, and how habits by charlatan futurologists and and routines have evolved as scaremongers is explored and a protection against stress the point made that uncertainty caused by helplessness from is just that, a condition where uncertainty. A business focus an outcome cannot be predicted is brought to the third section with certainty. The final part is explaining how businesses fail an upbeat view of adapting tothe attack of or succeed unexpectedly. He and enjoying life in an uncertainthe unexpected suggests that much innovation reader offer world. The unexpected is seenMagnus Lindkvist and change is stimulated by Readers can buy as a generally benevolent forceMarshall Cavendish Business the unexpected – mistakes, The Attack of the capable of opening our eyes to Unexpected by£12.99 mispredictions and aimless new possibilities and ideas.Pm rating: •••••Uncertainty and risk are at activities – perhaps more than by planned initiatives. Well- Magnus Lindkvist for the special price of This book is well researched and includes entertaining £8.99 (free p&p in thethe centre of our lives and chosen examples support his UK). To order, please examples. A good book makesshould not be feared. Magnus conclusions and challenge the visit you think – and this one does.Lindkvist has written a highly efficacy of long-range planning. Andrew May FCMI the activity illusion: wild courage: a Journey why we live to work in of transformation for You the 21st century and how and Your Business to work to live instead Elle Harrison Ian Price Watkins £12.99 Troubador Publishing £13.99 Pm rating: ••••• Pm rating: ••••• Ever feel that there must be The book examines why we more to life than success? Elle work the way we do – and if our Harrison does. The writer has heightened levels of activity coached various leaders who make us more productive have expressed the need to and effective in our jobs, or go further than the standard reader offer happier in our lives. The author indicators of success. She hasReaders can buy The believes there is a technology documented these leaders’Activity Illusion by IanPrice for the special paradox where advances in journeys in a manner that isprice of £8.88 (FREE communications technology subjective and spiritual ratherP&P, UK & Ireland). have led us to work harder and than measurable. Relating each longer, but less effectively. Also, reader offer stage to our subconscious andTo order, visit www. Readers can buy Wild Couragegrimsdykeconsulting. humans yearn for status in a what Jung called our “shadow”, for the special price of £6.99 (inccom/activityillusion/ world where the traditional P&P). Please call Duncan Baird Harrison devotes a chapter tobookoffer and apply trappings of hierarchy have all each of the six stages: Dying, Publishers on 020 7454 8513 orthe promotional code but vanished. The book offers send a cheque made payable to Stillness, Intuition, Wildness,PM1 at the checkout. ways of addressing some of Duncan Baird Publishers to Sixth Vulnerability and Surrender. SheOffer ends 31 July 2011. these challenges at personal Floor, Castle House, 75-76 Wells tells her own and others’ stories and organisational levels. It’s a St, London W1T 3QH, quoting ‘Wild in relation to each, and suggests thought-provoking book that can Courage, Professional Manager’ activities to become a leader who special offer. All major credit and help break the vicious circle of can deliver more value than just debit cards accepted. This offer unproductive, hyperactive work a healthy bottom line. It is worth applies to UK residents only. practices. A book we all need to reading but, as the title suggests, read, even if it is on holiday! Harrison’s suggested journey Professor Bruce Lloyd, should not be taken lightly. London South Bank University Gordon Harris _ 43
  • Reviewthe aPPetisersugarsynCdesktopsWeetest round-up this issueA great app to sync phones with is machines tops The Appetiser’s but do you ever really use them? Maybe some skyfire people do. Monica is a personal assistant iPhone, iPad, android app that talks to you and accepts voice £1.79 commands. There may be times when you iPhone and iPad are great products. But both are so busy that having your emails and suffer from one key flaw – the devices’ lack documents read to you might save you a few of Adobe Flash support. This is deliberate – precious minutes – such as on the drive home Apple has resisted adopting the format. But, – but The Appetiser found it all a bit much. like many IT industry conflicts, the consumer Certainly, anyone who can cope with running is the first casualty: given that many websites Monica as well as their satnav on their containing crucial news and management evening commute is made of sterner stuff information use this video format, a solution than us. But it’s free, so test your mettle. is long overdue. The Appetiser has found one! Pm rating: ••••• Skyfire is a fully functioning browser that can convert any flash video to a format that iPhone itimesheet and iPad understand. A typical five-minute iPhone video takes less than two minutes to convert – £3.49 provided you have a decent wi-fi connection. How much time do you spend on each The app moves rather more slowly when you project and with each client? Don’t know? access the internet via 3G, however. It’s not Nor do many managers. That’s why we perfect – it crashed a couple of times during have the dreaded timesheet. The trouble our test – but, generally, it does a decentaPPetiser’s PiCK. with timesheets is that it is often hard to job. And, given the massive step forward in sugarsync remember to fill them in and, ahem, time- functionality it brings Apple’s battle-scarred iPhone, iPad, android, consuming when you do. iTimeSheet goes users, it’s more than worth the price. BlackBerry free some way to solving this problem – simply tap the screen when you begin a meeting or Pm rating: •••••The Appetiser is a fan of apps that link the task, then once again when you finish, and tunglevarious electronic parts of our lives. This the app will record the exact time you spent, iPhone, BlackBerryapp is a free storage and file-transfer service eliminating guesswork – in theory. Of course, freelike DropBox (reviewed last issue), but with you won’t remember every time, so you can Getting people to a business meeting oftenadded benefits. You can sync local files on go back and edit your entries retrospectively takes longer than the get-together itself.your machine to your phone, send them – if you can recall the timings. There’s Tungle is the BlackBerry’s answer to solvingfrom phone to machine, and share with third also a function to record your expenses; to this conundrum on the fly. Tungle is a simpleparties. It works cross-platform on PC and analyse the data; and to export it to the more meetings scheduler and calendar allowingMac, plus all major smartphone formats. You powerful and compatible Excel. This app you to suggest times for a meeting based oncan access files via the website. SugarSync is useful. And yet it’s not the future – until availability, and allow attendees to acceptoffers 5GB of storage free of charge, but you smartphone software can automatically or propose a different time in response.can pay for more. It takes around a day to track and time your daily tasks, using a The set-up is pretty easy and the app syncsupload 2-3GB worth of data, but we could combination of GPS and, erm, brain scans, Facebook, Outlook, Google Calendar and iCalsee our desktop and documents folder on our the timesheet time burden will, to some seamlessly. But The Appetiser wasn’t a fanphone screen instantly. SugarSync uses a extent, remain. But anything that reduces it of the recipient-reply process, which was notgame with tasks to familiarise yourself with has to be a good thing, so we’re happy enough straightforward. And there was a great deal ofsending a document, picture, uploading a to recommend this app, despite its lack of user input required for contact and streaming music. Completing the brain-scan feature. A reasonably good solution, nevertheless.tasks gives you an extra 250MB free storage. Itdid crash once, but, that aside, we like it. A lot. Pm rating: ••••• Pm rating: •••••Pm rating: ••••• Don’t forget, CMI has its very own free smart app to help you solve those management conundrums. New monica download to Android and also available on the iPhone, this iPhone now practical app addresses common management free problems, tests your leadership skills and keeps youWe have mixed feelings about speaking plugged in to all the latest CMI news. To download,software. Granted, much of it sounds pretty visit the Apple store or Android marketplace and searchgood these days (gone are the days of the for CMI.emotion- and inflection-free robot voice), _ 45
  • Your managementquestions answered. stay connected with our regional networking events EventsVisit more details south east 7 June management communication Sunburst house, Elliot Road,sPeaKer’s Corner Wallisdown, BournemouthPeaK PerForManCe 6pm for 6.30pm start Free lex McKee from lex StudiosBetween 1995 and 2003, ian Woodall conceived, planned and led four will be running a workshopexpeditions to Mount Everest, with president Nelson Mandela as patron. for the Wessex branch.he will talk on practical leadership at three CMi events this season please book in advance. What’s the most valuable thing you have contact: Jane learned on your expeditions? (t 07944 038306, e cmi. It’s never too late to make one more memory. Personal wealth is not measured just by the balance in our money bank, but also by memories in our memory bank. We can look LonDon back and say, “and to think, I did all that!” 19 may How do the qualities relate to improving Performance management in general? and getting Profitable Climbing big mountains is very much an growth in difficult times individual activity. It is everyone’s personal University of london, responsibility to get themselves as far up Senate houseWhen did you start climbing mountains? the mountain as possible, and then, most 5pm for 5.25pmThe first mountain of any size that I importantly, back down again. No member £25attempted was Mount Everest in 1996 can climb the mountain for another. So AiM Research and CMiwhen I was fortunate enough to reach the everyone must take responsibility for their join together to exploresummit shortly before my 40th birthday. own actions and/or limitations – a sentiment how businesses can moveIt was intended to be just a one-off project I would hope would relate to all managers and, forward in difficult times.but I guess life had different ideas and I’ve dare I suggest it, to our society as a whole! Speaker and Chair: lordsince been back to Everest on four further You also have a book... Eatwell, director, Centreoccasions, reaching the summit again in 1999. It was difficult to condense four Everest for Financial Analysis &So you never looked back? expeditions and the vast subject of personal policy, leads a fantasticAlthough climbing mountains takes up a huge inspiration and practical leadership into panel of speakers at theamount of time in its planning and execution, a 60-minute presentation, so The Tao of Central and Westminsterunfortunately it has never been a full-time Everest book and DVD expand on both the branch event. pleaseactivity. It took me eight years to save up for story of the expeditions, as well as offering visit the website formy last expedition in 2007, and I’m already an additional 20 insights into personal more information.into my fourth year of fundraising for my next inspiration and practical leadership. All contact: CMi Events TeamEverest expedition, hopefully in 2012. proceeds from book and DVD sales will go (t 01536 207333, e event.What made you decide to share your to our 2012 Everest expedition; we hope to administration@managers.experiences with managers? bury three climbers who have been lying after my first Everest expedition, I exposed at 26,000ft on the mountain for thewas invited to tell my story to business and past 15 years. 9 Junemanagement institutes and associations. Book your place Branch agmDuring the Q&A sessions, audiences Ian Woodall will be speaking at Exeter venue TBCdrew parallels between issues of personal Business School on 8 June at 7pm (£5 6pminspiration and practical leadership on the member/£8 non-member), at the WiM Free to members/students,mountain. The Tao of Everest event evolved, event at Bradford University School of £10 non-membercombining emotional storytelling with Management on 16 June at 6.30pm (£10 Central and Westminsterlessons relevant to all business managers. member/£20 non-member), and at Thomas branch welcomes youWhat can members expect from you? Paine Study Centre, University of East Anglia to meet your branchSome of the fun and excitement of attempting on 21 June at 6.30pm (£10 member/£15 non- management team, withbig projects, and practical leadership advice member). Contact Kane Clements for Exeter a top speaker and a great– such as taking ownership of a problem bookings (t 07966 087263, torbayexeter. opportunity to network with(sometimes we may not be the best person, June other branch members.but the only person for the job), and how to Lancaster for Bradford (t 07775 942775, contact: David Blackettrecognise others’ efforts. I talk about personal and Peter J (t 020 7602 2755,integrity as the basis of all leadership – it is the Elliott for East Anglia (t 01603 226716, peter. e centralandwestminster@way we respond when no one is watching. _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Events For the latest event updates and to book your place, visit www. (t 07946 021720, e coventryandwarwickshire. events 15 June maximising employee engagement Oak Tree Conference south West Centre, Coventry19 may 7pmtaking the drama out £7 member/of the workplace £10 non-memberiSCA Bowling Centre, Gareth English hasExeter worked with top firms to7.30pm help them create a better£5 member/ understanding of their£8 non-member staff and customers. ifSpeaker: Kane Clements, you want to maximisean ex-police officer your employees’presents ‘personality 2 June | Backstage tour of the playhouse, Nottingham contributions, this event is aConflict & Dysfunction must. Organised by Coventry– A Manager’s Guide’. and Warwickshire branch.This presentation offers eastern east contact: Janet payneunderstanding on conflict 26 may MiDLanDs (t 07946 021720,at work. Organised by Pure innovation 2 June e coventryandwarwickshire.Torbay and Exeter branch. University of hertfordshire, Backstage tour of the Kane Clements hatfield playhouse(t 07966 087263, 4.30pm Nottinghame torbayexeter.branch@ £35 member/ 6pm £45 non-member Free 19 may At this unique conference, A guided tour of the theatre robert owen challenge9 June delegates will receive will be followed by a briefing competitionagm & the science and invaluable advice on Theatre Management Swansea Metropolitanhistory of timekeeping from top business and a light buffet. This is UniversityBath Spa hotel, leaders on innovations a Nottinghamshire 6pmBath in these difficult branch event. Cost TBC7pm economic times. contact: John Davies An open SMU competition£10 member/ contact: CMi Events (e daviesj@bramcote. and Swansea branch event.£15 non-member Team (t 01536 207333, contact: Terance phillipsOrganised by Bath branch. e event.administration@ (e swansea.branch@Speaker: David hornsey. Sarah Golding West(t 07979 596944, 14 July MiDLanDs 3 Junee sarah.golding@ disaster/continuity 24 may sBs-cmi managementcleevewoodaccountancy. Planning improving your customer research Thomas paine Centre, relationship management Swansea Metropolitan University of East Anglia, Oak Tree Conference University16 June Norwich Centre, Coventry 6pmsecuring Your 6pm for 6.30pm start 7pm Cost TBCmobile Phone £10 member/ £7 member/ Organised by SwanseaiSCA Bowling Club, £15 non-member £10 non-member branch. Tutor TBC.Exeter Speaker: Bob Darts, Norfolk Speaker: Martin Kane, contact: Terance phillips7.30pm constabulary counter director of customer (e swansea.branch@£5 member/ terrorism security advisor relationship management,£8 non-member on measures and Severn Trent, on how goodSpeaker: Tim Moorey, contingency plans Customer RelationshipTorbay and Exeter branch. for disasters. Management is essential yorKshire &contact: Kane Clements contact: peter J Elliott for your business success. huMBersiDe(t 07966 087263, (t 01603 226716, Organised by Coventry and 11 Junee torbayexeter.branch@ e peter.elliott@ Warwickshire branch. summer outing in contact: Janet payne Yorkshire at the York races _ 47
  • 6pm for 6.30pm institute oF ConsuLting (iC)Free To find our more about CMi’s consulting arm, visitOrganised by Doncaster Barnsley paul Kincell(t 07952 822326,e north West23 maylean organisations needfat PeopleThe Manchester College6.15pmFreeBay Jordan speaks about“how to grow your humanassets”, and calls for 15 June | The lean Operations Consultant, ioDorganisations to realisewhat lies behind the clichéthat people are assets. 31 may (also 6, 20 15 June 20 JuneOrganised by Greater and 30 June) the lean operations core consultancy skillsManchester branch. certificate in management consultant: cmce & dmc latimer place, Chesham,contact: Robert lynch consulting essentials institute of Directors Buckinghamshire(e robertcolinlynch@ Details TBC 9am to 5pm £1,595 + vAT ( £1,250 + vAT Cost on application of accommodation etc) A Distance learning course. Speaker: Mark law BSc Course leading to the24 may Speaker: Anne-Marie Daly. (hons) MBA CMC FiBC. Certificate in Managementcost reduction – contact: James Dillon contact: laura Robertson Consulting Essentials.turning theories into (t 01455 845071, e james@ at the institute of Speaker: Cynthiaeffective action Directors events Trains Training (t 020 8883 1423, contact: Diane DaviesAcademy, Crewe 6 June e (t 020 8642 9568, e info@Business park the strategy consultant: cmce & dmc 17 JuneFree institute of Directors effectively implementing 20 JuneJane Stephens, business 9am to 5pm a Balanced scorecard Procurement insightsimprovement partner, Cost on application institute of Consulting institute of Consultingexplains a cost-saving Speaker: Mark law BSc 9.30am to 5pm 1pm to 4.30pmframework and introduces (hons) MBA CMC FiBC (ex- £295 + vAT member/ £195 + vAT member/lEAN & Change Management london Business School). £395 + vAT non-member £295 + vAT non-membertools that will enable contact: laura Robertson Speaker: phil hall. Speaker: paul vincent.your business to thrive. at the institute of contact: Natalie Cooper contact: Natalie CooperOrganised by Warrington and Directors events (t 01536 207373, e training@ (t 01536 207373, e training@Cheshire branch. (t 020 8883 1423, Judith provis e 07920 845027, e 20 June 21 6 June (also 18 July) lead on 2011 talent management – consultancy skills hilton Cardiff, south Wales24 may Planning for the future course leading to cmce 9.30amagm institute of Consulting & dmc techniques £35Crooklands hotel, 9.30am to 5pm for change leadership conference. Tonear Kendal £295 + vAT member/ london Gatwick Airport book, visit www.leadonwales.6.30pm for 7pm £395 + vAT non-member 9.30pm com/booking.aspxFree Speaker: Gwen Coyle. £2,295+vAT (Certificate & Speaker: various.Organised by contact: Natalie Cooper Diploma additional fee) contact: Karen DanceyCumbria branch. (t 01536 207373, contact: Carolyn instone (t 02920 218621, karen@contact: ian palmer (t 01229 e training@iconsulting. (t 01293 568817, e carolyn@ karendanceyassociates.832847, e ianpalmerip@ _ professional manager _ May / June 2011
  • Events paul Kincell is branch president23 June of Doncaster & Barnsley, Southstrategic scenario Planning Yorkshire. An establishedinstitute of Consulting professional interim manager9.30am to 5pm by day, he is parachuted in to£295 + vAT member/ solve a wide range of sales and£395 + vAT non-member business challenges, all whileSpeaker: Fiona Urquhart. spreading the message of CMi!contact: Natalie Cooper(t 01536 207373, e My CMi pAUl KiNCEll28 June What is your background with CMI? my career. Recently I have faced veryessential coaching skills I have been a member and involved with the different interim challenges at Remploy andinstitute of Consulting organisation for 25 years, and have seen it learndirect, but I think the most challenging9.30am to 5pm evolve from the days of the British Institute stage of my career was when I was very£590 + vAT member/ of Management to now. It’s still satisfying to young and working in the mining industry£690 + vAT non-member know that overall success relies on talented during the strikes – that was the periodSpeaker: Chris Gulliver. and dedicated volunteers who are passionate that really taught me what it was to be acontact: Natalie Cooper enough to give their time to the CMI. good leader.(t 01536 207373, e Why is CMI important today? What can members expect from Particularly in these times of austerity, the your events?1 July focus is on getting more for less within your I try to find the most inspiring and interestingmoving into consultancy organisation. Involvement with CMI develops speakers, and I’m constantly on the lookoutinstitute of Consulting skills and keeps managers connected in a for these people wherever I go. The most9.30am to 5pm national support network through difficult recent speaker was Damian Hughes, the£295 + vAT member/ times. I have found it an invaluable ally. author of Liquid Leadership, who is£395 + vAT non-member acclaimed by both Sir Richard Branson andSpeaker: Tony lavender. What benefits has it brought you? Sir Alex Natalie Cooper CMI has been the one constant throughout(t 01536 207373, e training@ the twists, turns and changes during the How do you decide what to present? course of my career. Also, through CMI, I We avoid dry or boring subjects and try to met Bill Penney, a CMI Companion and good create something that members can identify13 July friend who helped me formalise and focus on with and take inspiration from. I always havewinning Business my interim management career. potential speakers on my radar and alreadyon the web have a list scoped out for the coming of Consulting How has the branch developed We believe in providing quality speakers9.30am to 5pm during your Presidency? who give useful information and tips for£295 + vAT member/ We have a very strong branch – I have a everyone who attends – add this to a quality£395 + vAT non-member good team of people around me and we have environment and… bingo!Speaker: Martin King-Turner. bucked trends, maintaining and expandingcontact: Natalie Cooper membership. The branch itself has grown What advice do you give to managers?(t 01536 207373, e training@ with the merging of Doncaster and Barnsley – There isn’t a one-size-fits-all style we are a proud member of the NEYH Region. management – you have to be the right kind of manager and leader to different individuals18 July What is the most rewarding aspect and have highly developed communicationsuccessful negotiation skills of volunteering? and awareness of Consulting Being able to give something back to9.30am to 5pm members. I have gained skills and experience What is your business mantra?£590 + vAT member/ across my career and through CMI, and to be Motivation, motivation, motivation! I£690 + vAT non-member able to pass that on now through events and really believe in a proven process calledSpeakers: Bob Manuel and communication with members is a wonderful Motivational Mapping, which focuses on theAnne Rothwell. and rewarding thing. understanding of what drives people and howcontact: Natalie Cooper one can deliver the best performance out of(t 01536 207373, e training@ What is the biggest challenge your staff as both individuals and teams. I you’ve faced? working with some well-known people in this I have faced lots of challenges throughout exciting area. _ 49
  • AOB Columnist stefan stern says that managers must stop relying on famous dignitaries to promote UK industry and ought to rediscover the art of emphasising the quality of British goodslet’s rediscover the art of selling hat do we want? An export- means taking a few risks and a bold and are all just supposed to know what to do – w led recovery. When do we want it? Now! imaginative attitude to globalisation, looking to meet new and emerging but few people will talk about it. You will have your own favourite In early March, this sources of demand. It also means getting gurus, techniques or pieces of homespunrecovery suddenly seemed possible. a better deal from the banks in credit advice. Personally, I have always foundOfficial figures showed a healthy finance. A bit more imagination and the work of Neil Rackham to be the mostnarrowing of the trade deficit, from courage from bankers would do us all useful. He is the author of the four-stage£9.7bn in December to £7.1bn in January. good – but that is a topic for another day. “SPIN selling” approach. SPIN standsAs Chris Dillow of Investors Chronicle The Prince Andrew controversy for Situation, Problem, Implication,pointed out, “This is the sort of move reminds us above all that there is no Need pay-off (ie, value – but that wouldwe need, because with consumer and substitute for good selling. This is an have been SPIV selling, not quite thegovernment spending likely to depress underdiscussed and underanalysed image he had in mind!).GDP growth this year, net exports must aspect of business. It’s a bit like sex. We No Prince Charming will appear ingrow if the economy is to recover.” a puff of smoke to help get this economy But that was as far as Mr Dillowallowed his optimism to take him. It It’s a bit like sex. We out of its current difficulties. Managers will just have to get out there and sell. lwas not that January’s figures were so are all just supposed Stefan Stern is an award-winninggood, he said, but that December’s were to know what to do – journalist and former FT columnist, nowso bad. The UK has enjoyed what he working as director of strategy at PR firmcalled “a massive fall in sterling”. Things but few people will Edelman and Visiting Professor at theshould have been getting a bit better. talk about it Cass Business School in LondonBut exporting into markets that arethemselves struggling is no easy matter. In this context, reading about PrinceAndrew’s difficulties with one or twodubious associates did not exactlymake the exporter’s spirits rise. Bymost accounts, the Duke of York hasbeen a great asset on trade missions.He has charm and a winning manner,and foreign dignitaries are pleased towelcome a member of the Royal Familyto their shores. In the year of the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech and anotheruplifting Royal Wedding, a British princeought to be a valuable asset. But business is business. And selling MAiN illUSTRATiON MR BiNGO / qUiNTON WiNTERhas rarely been harder than it is today.Global competition is fierce and gettingfiercer. The UK cannot beat manyemerging market competitors on price.We have to offer more value, higher-quality specification, and excellentservice. No amount of royal traditioncan camouflage second-rate goods orinadequate after-sales performance. Maybe we should use this latestcontroversy as a chance to reassess whatthe UK is really good at, and in whichmarkets we want to operate and sell. This50 _ professional manager _ May / June 2011