A Brief History of Metal


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No one likes being misjudged; with some context, we can all understand each other a bit better. So, if someone mentions metal music and your mind jumps to hair spray abuses or evil clown lookalikes, join me as we discuss its rich history—really! We'll start with its influences (like Celtic folk and classical music), discuss its cultural and religious roots (not as terrifying as you might think), and see how 40+ years of success and misconception have led to a rich musical tapestry. You might not become a fan, but you'll definitely understand the world you live in just a bit more.

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A Brief History of Metal

  1. 1. a brief history ofmetal
  2. 2. musicaltradition
  3. 3. oldestsongever Text 1400 B.C. (Syria)
  4. 4. singlenotes (rituals & drone)harmony&melody (scales & tonality)dissonance&chords
  5. 5. Classical (Art) Music “Celtic” Music Storytelling (& Drinking Songs)
  6. 6. return date(“Y”) + 500;
  7. 7. distortionriffs&chords
  8. 8. distortionriffs&chords Blind Willie Johnson Pat Hare The Kingsmen (Howlin’ Wolf) (Muddy Waters) Dick Dale “Louie, Louie” “How Many More “I’m Gonna Murder “Misirlou” (by Richard Berry) Years” My Baby” 50‘sblues&60‘sgarage
  9. 9. distortionriffs&chords The Rolling Stones The Yardbirds The Kinks The Who Keith Richards Jimmy Page Dave Davies Pete Townshend 60‘sbritishrock
  10. 10. distortionriffs&chords The Jimi Hendrix Cream MC5 Iron Butterfly Experience (Rhythm) (Feel) (Pace) (Virtuosity) 60‘ssongwriting
  11. 11. distortionriffs&chords Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath Deep Purple AC/DC 70‘sgodfathers
  12. 12. mostmeta(l)thingever
  13. 13. mostmeta(l)thingever Lost middle and ring Listened to Django Adapted by making fingertips of fretting Reinhardt (played thimbles, using light hand in a metal with two fingers on strings, and factory accident the fretboard) downtuning tonyiommi
  14. 14. andthenthishappened
  15. 15. return date(“Y”) - 20;
  16. 16. 50s&60s
  17. 17. counterculture
  18. 18. andthenthishappened
  19. 19. andthenthishappened Renamed band from First song employs Inspired by Geezer Earth to Black the tritone (diabolus Butler’s encounter Sabbath as homage in musica) with a with a witchcraft to a ‘63 horror film diminished fith book-stealing shadow blacksabbath
  20. 20. if ( in_array( “Satan”, $counterculture) ) { $counterculture = “Satan”; exit;}
  21. 21. #amirite?
  22. 22. andthenwhathappened
  23. 23. counterculture
  24. 24. subculture
  25. 25. andthenwhathappened Black Sabbath King Crimson Judas Priest Motörhead AC/DC Uriah Heep Scorpions Misfits Led Zeppelin Rush Saxon Iron Maiden 70sdivergence(oversimplified)
  26. 26. 2briefasides
  27. 27. Kiss was less metal,more shock/glam rock.
  28. 28. Ozzy ate a bat by accident. He was also an addict.Also weird. But, not satanic.
  29. 29. andthenwhathappened
  30. 30. counterculture(again)
  31. 31. andthenwhathappened American Hard Rock Big Four: Thrash Hair Metal Metallica Mötley Crüe Van Halen Megadeth Bon Jovi Guns N’ Roses Slayer Poison Iron Maiden Anthrax Def Leppard80sacceleration(oversimplified)
  32. 32. andthenwhathappened Black Metal Hardcore Punk Death Metal Industrial Metal Doom MetalHellhammer Black Flag Death Ministry CandlemassCeltic Frost Bad Brains Morbid Angel Godflesh Pagan Alter Bathory Minor Threat Napalm Death Nine Inch Nails Pentagram Venom Misfits80sacceleration(oversimplified)
  33. 33. andthenwhathappened
  34. 34. well,now’s a good time to note: unfortunately,
  35. 35. somestufflikethis :(
  36. 36. norwegianblackmetalcool tunes. weird scene.
  37. 37. mostly anti-religious, not always satanic.
  38. 38. wait. what’s with the face paint? and all the anger?
  39. 39. complex historical reactions + herd mentality + other crimes =some pretty bad PR
  40. 40. anyway
  41. 41. andthenwhathappened Black Nu/Rap Death / Grind Industrial Groove Cannibal Corpse Mayhem Rage Against the Marilyn Manson Suffocation Pantera Burzum Machine Fear Factory At the Gates White Zombie Darkthrone Korn Nine Inch Nails Napalm Death Machine Head Gorgoroth Slipknot Rammstein Brutal Truth 90sbranching(oversimplified)
  42. 42. andthenwhathappened Alternative Stoner & Sludge Metallic Hardcore Mathcore Hardcore Punk Kyuss Coalesce Tool Converge Refused Sleep BotchAlice in Chains Shai Hulud Born Against Melvins Dillinger Escape Deftones Hatebreed Battery Neurosis Plan 90sbranching(oversimplified)
  43. 43. Gwar should bementioned somewhere.
  44. 44. andthenwhathappened
  45. 45. andthenwhathappened New American Progressive Death “Djent” Black Mastodon Lamb of God Nile Wolves in the Between the Buried Meshuggah Shadows Fall Atheist Throne Room and Me SikThKillswitch Engage Decapitated Liturgy Cynic TesseracT Unearth Autopsy Behemoth Dream Theater 00sbranching(oversimplified)
  46. 46. andthenwhathappenedPost-Hardcore Metal/Deathcore Noise / Grind Post-Metal Drone Thursday Despised IconCircle Takes the Cephalic Carnage Isis Sunn O))) As I Lay Dying Square Pig Destroyer Pelican Earth Suffocation Thrice The Locust Cult of Luna Jesu Converge Underoath 00sbranching(oversimplified)
  47. 47. 2briefasides
  48. 48. Bands like AttackAttack! are less metal,more electronica with hardcore influences.
  49. 49. Bands like Emmure are less metal,more hardcore with hip-hop influnces.
  50. 50. culturalassociations
  51. 51. The origin of the“Sign of the Horns” is in dispute, but it likely doesn’t refer to Satan.
  52. 52. The origin ofheadbanging is also in dispute and old.
  53. 53. Moshing, pit dancing,crowd surfing, stagediving, wall of death.
  54. 54. questions?
  55. 55. bit.ly/historyofmetal