Zombie Love Slide Show


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The presentation for our music video

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Zombie Love Slide Show

  1. 1. Zombie Love Haunted House by Axe Girl Presented By Hermione and Roseanne
  2. 2. We are presenting to you a music video extravaganza! The plot The latest craze at the moment is the un-dead. Vampires are taking over. Now we want some of the ‘ bloody ’ action. We wanted a romantic story, but for it to appeal to this ‘new market’ approach of blood and gore. Picture this. Two Love crazed zombies are happily enjoying there life in the haunted graveyard when one day, they are attacked by EVIL, MAD, SCIENTISTS, with fishing nets. Taken away from their bliss, they are strapped away in a laboratory. Two surgeons prepare to begin gory experiments on their already mutilated bodies. The zombies escape and with the help of slow motion and one fast establishing shot, they appear unharmed back at their ‘haunted house’ and live happily ever after.
  3. 3. Teenagers. Vampire-crazed, loony, immature humoured, teenagers. It will appeal to them purely because the story is attractive with its romantic love story but then with the vast contrast of the over the top humour and certain shots resulting in slow motion and fast forwarding, almost representing a child play video where anything can happen.
  4. 4. Over the top melodramatic HUMOUR!! Romantic Love story! Crazed Mad Scientist’s! The video concept appeals to most ages! It involves thriller, action and comedy! The video shots are constantly moving, slow-motion, rewinding, fast forwarding and Mickey Mouse subtitles.
  5. 5. The overall mood of the music video will be exciting and suspenseful. It will involve kidnap, abduction, scientific experimentation and the safety of being ‘home’. The video itself is a horror rom-com so the video will be uplifting and gives a good sense of moral in a relationship. The fact it has so many genres combined into one story has a good watchable appeal and because it is melodramatic in its film technique it gives the audience a good vibe to create a pleasing atmosphere. Other material we could compare this to would be the Carry On sagas most notably Carry On Screaming.
  6. 6. HOW!? Good chemistry between actors and characters (the zombies) Humorous, evil characters The setting (graveyard and laboratory) Camera shots and angles (wide shots and fast forwarding) The genre: Horror rom-com
  7. 7. How will it stand out These are the basic elements which will be used in our music video
  8. 8. Continued The song we are using is called Haunted House by the new Brit pop artist Axe girl. She is constantly releasing new material such as, “I Like Girls”, “If I couldn’t sing” & “Powered by your Love” with her brother/partner Kid Max. Her song’s are unique and different and enable us to create a video to the song which fits perfectly. The video content features elements that aren’t used regularly in music videos. It is not just one genre it is variety of sub-genres, that help us to create such a unique and original video. We also discovered by researching other varieties of videos the stereo typical zombie is evil and we wanted our zombies to have the sympathy factor with the audience, and be recognised as ‘good’.
  9. 9. Other relative music videos.
  10. 10. Thankyou for watching our presentation. You have been a wonderful audience. Remember! To kill a zombie shoot it in the head. Apart from our zombies.