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Personal branding for your business



See how your personal brand can enhance your business.

See how your personal brand can enhance your business.



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  • Hi I’m Cindy Howes. I’m an executive coach and organizational change consultant who helps people discover their authentic brand. Can I introduce you to the concept of personal branding and how it can be put to work for you? I want this to be interactive so I will ask you a lot of questions and I welcome your questions and comments.
  • Before I talk about personal branding, let’s talk about branding in general. We are probably bombarded by more car branding messages than just about anything. Here is a list of 40 car brand logos. I don’t know what they all stand for but I know that they are all sold in the United States. Some brands have logos that are easy to identify and others are more difficult. If cars are your passion, you probably know them all. But for most people certain car logos stand out. Which ones do you know? The logos also carry other messages in addition to the name of the car brand. Which brands best meet the description below? The Best Car Wins Which brand has the best fuel mileage? Which brand has the best safety? Which brand has the best quality? Which brand has the best performance? Which brand has the best car overall? Thus far the most frequent answers have been Toyota, Volvo, Toyota, BMW, BMW respectively. Some manufacturers have clearly branded their products-their reputations are solid and authentic. Now let’s look at personal branding—these folks have established a solid brand…
  • Who are these people and what is their “personal brand”? Tim Ferris author of The 4 Hour Workweek and blogger. http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/ Tim is hip, bold, effective and efficient in unique ways. He is a lifelong learner with a strong drive to win. Ryan Stiles, actor and improv artist from Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show. http://www.ryan-stiles.net/ Ryan is a wild and crazy guy (just look at his photos on his web page) who is creative and funny. Oprah Winfrey, TV & radio host, Magazine founder, Film production company founder, etc. http://www.oprah.com/index Oprah Winfrey has created an empire from her authentic brand of carrying about others and being willing to share herself to get others to open up.
  • To examine what makes you unique, you can explore your: Vision Purpose Goals Values Attributes Skills Passions You can do this in two ways, one is by looking inward and exploring yourself and the other is by looking outward and finding out how others see you.
  • The same image can have different meanings. Here we can stop and get people to share the personal brands of others in the room.
  • You and your closest friends may be clear on your personal brand but what about the customers or clients or prospects you have not yet met. How will they get to know the real you?
  • Used to create a memory trace and provide contact info Logo, font & design—need to be distinctive and represent brand well Information is the right info? Is it clear and easily read? Are you using the space well?
  • WeWell crafted story--as told by your best friend Well crafted story--as told by your best friend Humanizes the barebones work history Highlights your brand strategy More personable than a resume/great on a website bones work history Highlights your brand strategy More personable than a resume/great on a website ll crafted story--as told by your best friend Well crafted story--as told by your best friend Humanizes the barebones work history Highlights your brand strategy More personable than a resume/great on a website Humanizes the barebones work history Highlights your brand strategy More personable than a resume/great on a website
  • Showcases you and your accomplishments Fleshes out your brand with logo, font, style, picture, bio User driven, low-pressure information and it’s available 24/7!! Can be used to generate credibility and “expert” status
  • Builds online reputation Strengthens your brand by growing an organic following Generate and co-opt trends Manage Google search results Builds and grows online and in person networks Global & Interactive
  • Image sized for each use (linked in, facebook, website, twitter) Background enhances rather than detracts from the image/brand Lighting brings out facial features Respects your brand
  • Build relationships and communicate brand messages Give back or pay-it-forward Where will you find your hiring managers or clients? Grow thyself! Speaking is a special opportunity to project your brand
  • Do you have an overarching plan?
  • Can people see you as clearly today as you want them to a year from now? If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of working to further your brand, sign up for a complimentary consultation today by contacting me at Cindy.Howes@millennialconsultants.com
  • One year from now, will you have…climbed to the top or …
  • Will we find you dashed on the rocks?

Personal branding for your business Personal branding for your business Presentation Transcript

  • Personal Branding for Your Business Oct. 1, 2010 Cindy Howes Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563
  • Best Brand of Car Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563
  • What is a Personal Brand?
    • A way to communicate value specific to an individual’s unique traits and experiences
    Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 For more info check out: MillennialConsultants.com and this article on FastCompany.com http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html
  • Unique Message
    • The unique proposition that you bring to the table is sometimes hard to see.
    Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 It’s not just what you do – it’s who you are.
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 As you look over the top of the hill and envision your business a year from now—what if your fondest dreams were fulfilled? What would you see? How would it feel?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Now bring your focus back to the present. What are the ebbs and flows of your business today?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Are you known for the things you want to be known for?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Does your brand reliably support the progress of others? Does it reach to the clouds? Does it take you places you want to go?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Beauty, delicacy, grace Or Silent stinging menace?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 What kinds of support do you have for your personal brand?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Should he or she be on your business card?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Are you clear where you are headed?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Is this the image you are projecting online?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Is your online presence trapped in the past?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Can we distinguish your face from the crowd?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Has your networking gotten you out of the pond? Or are you wishing on a star?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Is there a roof on your personal branding strategy?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 How does your image emerge from the fog?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Climbed to the top?
  • Cindy.Howes@MillennialConsultants.com 610-316-3563 Dashed on the rocks?
  • Questions? Cindy Howes 610-316-3563 [email_address] http://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhowes Website: millennialconsultants.com Blog: livelikeamillennial.com Personal Branding: cindyhowes.com