Recipe or Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your Business
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Recipe or Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your Business



If you are a Mompreneur in particular, you probably cook every day for your family, so recipes and food are a very personal connection you can make with your readers, regardless of your business ...

If you are a Mompreneur in particular, you probably cook every day for your family, so recipes and food are a very personal connection you can make with your readers, regardless of your business niche.



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Recipe or Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your Business Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Recipe or Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your BusinessBef ore, we talked about how recipes are good f or your business and blogging, and now we’ll get into the details of recipe or f ood site strategies f ormarketing that you can use f or your brand or business.*If you are a Mompreneur in particular, you probably cook every day f or your f amily, so recipes and f ood are a very personal connection you can make withyour readers, regardless of your business niche.*If food is your business, and you have a f ood site, you can apply these same strategies to build your brand, and get f ound more in searches online.Remember how your blogging is that invitation or outer shell of content that provides inf ormation or entertainment f or your readers? They come to you f oryour content, and then they f ind you and your business.HomeHome Welcome!Welcome! AboutAbout Mom Blogger PLR CategoriesMom Blogger PLR Categories Information ProductsInformation Products BLOGmodaBLOGmoda Consultation ServicesConsultation Services BlogBlog
  • 2. That is the key to your business blogging, because you don’t want to oversell, and particularly now with the new 2013 Google updates on link schemes, youreally can’t be promoting outbound links in your public content all of the time. If an outbound link is very natural to your content and helpf ul to your readers,you can provide it, but do it sparingly.*(If you’d like to read more on these new Google updates, you can visit my personal blog,, and find a series of postsunder Attention Mom Bloggers in my sidebar.~Courtney)
  • 3. This Recipe or Food Site Strategies f or Marketing your Business will be a series of posts we’ll run on our Mom Blogger PLR, and you can always browsethrough the recipe PLR categories we have f or you to use on your own blogs. If you need a blog post, we have one f or you!Let’s get to the 3 basics of what recipes, f ood, menu plans, etc. as blog content can do f or you in marketing f irst, so you know why using them on your sitecan help
  • 4. 1: They Are Good Content2: Millions Want to Find This Content3: This Content Brings Search Engine Traffic1) *Google is looking f or good, quality content to of f er to their searchers, and you are providing it through recipes, f ood, etc. A recipe is straightf orwardinf ormation someone needs to f ind, and then you can add all of the perks, like extra details, the history behind the f ood item, great photos, a personal storyrelating to the recipe, or how you would change the recipe to f it your blog topics or expertise.For example, if you blog about an organic lif estyle, you could take a recipe, and switch out the various ingredients to make it organic. Just think of howhelpf ul that would be f or your readers!Another example of making recipes and f ood work f or your blog niche, is if you write about business or f itness and health. Moms in business need help withtime management, and you are of f ering that with time saving recipe ideas. Or, incorporating low calorie or low carb recipes into your f itness routine, can beusef ul inf ormation f or your readers.You can also be just a f ood lover, or have a local theme on your blog where you f ind the best restaurants in town. The ways to apply f ood and recipes
  • 5. your blog topics does not always have to f it in a box. Get creative on how you present this type of content!2) *Did you know just the word “recipe” alone receives over 100,000,000 searches per month? When it comes to knowing what to eat and how to prepare it,millions of people turn to the internet. There are so many words and keywords in the recipe/f ood category that people use in searches, and you can usethese words in your content to help yourself be f ound.3) *Of course, with this much interest, you can expect a healthy dose of competition. There are close to 1.6 billion f ood-related websites. But, f or a f oodsite owner, or Blogger who of f ers recipes and f ood tips, if you could attract even 1% of those people searching, you would have a large visitor base and thepotential f or big growth.It’s a lot of competition, so it’s vital to understand how best to market your site f or maximum results. We’ll cover that.Stay tuned f or our series of Recipe or Food Site Strategies f or Marketing Your Business in the coming weeks.Courtney & BetinaCommentsTwit t er Tool
  • 6. Twit t er Tool says:May 7, 2013 at 9:21 amVery nice write-up. I absolutely appreciate this website.Thanks!ReplyTrackbacksUsing Social Media t o Promot e Your Food Sit e or Recipes - Mom Blogger PLR says:March 31, 2013 at 3:34 pm[...] in our series of Recipe and Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your Business, we’ll get into other social media sites, and how to use them to your benefit formarketing. [...]ReplyUsing LinkedIn and Google Plus f or Food Sit e or Recipes Market ing - Mom Blogger PLR says:April 13, 2013 at 11:33 pm[...] Recipe or Food Site Strategies for Marketing Your Business [...]ReplyLink Building Nat urally - Mom Blogger PLR says:April 25, 2013 at 7:44 pm[...] still running our series of marketing your blog, food site or business with recipes, and highlighting natural link building to build your traffic, but this applies toeveryone [...]
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