21 April 2013Dear Parents of Grade 6 Students,Re: PYP CELEBRATION – Friday 7 June in the LLACIt is with great pleasure we ...
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Gr6 celebrationletter2013


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Gr6 celebrationletter2013

  1. 1. 21 April 2013Dear Parents of Grade 6 Students,Re: PYP CELEBRATION – Friday 7 June in the LLACIt is with great pleasure we invite you to join the Grade 6 students and CDNIS faculty at thePYP Celebration on Friday 7 June in the theatre and lobby of the Leo Lee Arts Centrefrom 10am-12pm. This special event recognizes and celebrates the journey our Grade 6students have experienced in the Lower School at CDNIS.Traditionally, we have hosted a formal evening to celebrate this occasion. This year our PYPcelebration does not include a formal evening. There are a couple of key points for thischange that I wish to share with you. The completion of the PYP is indeed a milestone wewish to acknowledge and celebrate. However, as an IBO through-school, we must alsoendeavor to align our practices within the PYP, MYP and DP programmes. We must alsoensure that we preserve the Grade 12 Graduation as the one formal event that recognizescompletion of a student’s learning journey at CDNIS and within the IB programme. This is asignificant achievement and one that deserves the highest profile in the school. As a team,we believe a student-centered celebration is a more age-appropriate option at the completionof the PYP. Therefore, together with the Grade 6 teachers, Lower School Leadership Teamand Class Parent volunteers, we have planned the following for 7 June:10AM-11AMA celebration assembly will be held in the LLAC theatre. The assembly will include:• The presentation of two prestigious awards: The Alan Dick Spirit Award and TheCISPA Pursuit of Learning Award• Student speeches• Grade level song• Presentation of certificatesNo formal seating arrangements will be made for families. A section of the Auditorium will beallocated and we invite you to attend if you are able.11-12PMFollowing this assembly, students, parents and faculty will move to the LLAC lobby for aschool-hosted BBQ lunch. Photo opportunities will be available in a designated area with aphotographer for those who wish to commemorate this moment.12-2:15PMAfter lunch, students will move to the small gymnasium for a parent-planned event with avariety of fun activities to participate in.As it is a regular school day, students are expected to be in uniform for this event i.e., short-sleeved white shirts and khaki pants/skirts, black shoes. The school will cover the cost of theevent and will not request any additional monies from families.Should you have any inquiries, please contact Linda Parnsalu, Vice Principal at 2525 7088 orlindaparnsalu@cdnis.edu.hk. We look forward to seeing you at the Grade 6 Celebration.Yours truly,Dylan HughesPrincipal, Lower School