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The future Sarah


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The future Sarah

  1. 1. May 18 2013 Sarah LeungThe FutureIn this world, when a baby is born the parents must come up with aname for his or her future career. Many parents may choose doctor or lawyerand maybe even singer. But this is a story of how a girl’s life changed whenher parents name her Future.“What do you guys want to name her?” said Nurse, the nurse of thehospital.“Future,” said Lawyer and Teacher.This was their newborn, they didn’t want to control her future, and sothey named her Future for a bright future. Little did they know this name wouldchange their lives and her life too.“Future? I don’t think I have heard of that name before,” said Nurse.Lawyer and Teacher were a hundred percent satisfied with their babygirl’s name and were ready to go home. Future was a troublesome baby, andwhen she was little, she was very demanding; she loved to argue with herparents. But they loved her, and she would learn from her mistakes. Futurewas really pretty, she had long brown hair, and big blue eyes, she wasamazing. There house was big, they were very rich, all the floors werecarpeted, and the furniture was all brand new. Future had the best of the best,which made her very spoiled. On Future’s seventh birthday, she got mad ather best friend Architect because she made fun of her new haircut. Futurewished in her head that Architect would get the same haircut as her, and tenseconds later; Architect had the exact same haircut as Future. Lawyer andTeacher were startled, they didn’t know what had happened; they assumedthat someone pulled a trick on Architect and it was just a wig. But as hard as
  2. 2. they tried, they couldn’t pull it off. They assumed the incident would havebeen bad karma, so they didn’t look into it deeper.A month later, Future got into a fight with her cousin. She argued withher, saying that 5+6 = 12 not 11. They kept fighting until her cousin had proofthat she was right. Future got so mad that she said she wished her cousinwas back home. One minute later her cousin vanished. Future called herparents over and told them what happened. It brought back memories of herseventh birthday party, where she also wished for something then ithappened. They called Future’s cousin’s home and her cousin picked up.“I can’t believe it!” said Lawyer.His daughter actually changed what would happen in the future.Meanwhile in a small cabin up in a hill, another person named Future wasconfused; he had a weird feeling about what had happened, it felt like somepower was taken away from him.“I need to look into this,” he said.He started to think about some possible situations, someone could havebeen named Wizard and pulled a trick on him, or... no, it’s impossible; heknew that no one else was named Future. He checked seven years ago, all ofthe records, not one was named Future. He figured that he should checkagain. As he checked not one had the name Future, but when he got to thelast one, there it was; FutureHe worried, it took him 10 years to control his power, and how could shebe able to do the same in such a short time when she keeps wishing forthings. A thought came to him; he could predict that she would be able tocontrol it, no it wouldn’t work anytime she would wish for something, and even
  3. 3. the slight anger at someone could determine a bad fate. He decided he wouldgo see this girl and see if he could tutor her, like his old friend did for him.As he was arriving to her house, Future was in the middle of a tempertantrum, she was angry because she was not allowed to eat dessert beforedinner. The other Future ran in before she could make a wish. He told herparents who he was and what he was doing here. They were astonished, hername was the reason every time she wished something it would come true.They agreed to let younger Future have lessons with older Future to controlher special power.During their lessons, the older Future was having trouble controlling theyounger one, she would argue with him until she lost her voice, she wouldwish for foolish things that wouldn’t do her any good, she was impossible todeal with. Older Future wanted to give up so badly, but he knew if he didn’ttrain her, the world would be in danger. He tried to explain to her how if shedidn’t control her temper, something really bad would happen. Older Futurewould try to annoy younger Future, and he trained her not to wish forsomething even if she disliked the situation. They tried it several times; the oldFuture almost lost his hair. But they eventually were able to control most ofher anger. The older Future was proud, he was starting to connect with her,he knew what she was going through and it was great seeing her grow.Six months later, there was a bomb that attacked America, nowherenear the place where Future was, but she was enraged, who would attackAmerica like that. She was only 7 and didn’t know better, so she wished thatwhichever place this person came from would also experience the exact samething as what America did. The next day her dad told her that a missile hit
  4. 4. Russia at the exact same hour as the one that hit America, it looked exactlythe same as the one that hit America and the same number of people died.Future was scared, she hurt so many people because of a single wish, andnow there could be more consequences because of this wish. She felt thatshe had so much responsibility, that her whole family would be afraid of herbecause of this power. The other Future, was also frightened, he couldn’tteach her, she was still too young, she wouldn’t be able to control this power,maybe he could convince her parents to change her name. Doctor is a nicename or maybe even Famous, anything but Future.He tried everything. He told her parents all the consequences that couldhave happened if she stayed Future. But they refused, they said she was aspecial girl, and even though she did hurt people in Russia, it would be unfairif she had to change her name because they didn’t trust her.On her eighth birthday, younger Future had a visit from older Future. Hetold her that if she wanted to keep her name, she had to meet him every dayto control her power. After 2 years of teaching, they helped all the people inRussia and America after the incident and they all were either in a shelter orhad their homes repaired. She still had an occasional temper, but she learnedthat it was important that she be careful.When she grew up, she became the savior of many people whodeserved a chance to have a better opportunity than others. When the otherFuture died, she took over and tried her best to change many other people’sfate; she learned to look into what would happen in the Future so she couldstop it. She prevented a bomb that was about to hit Russia and saved over athousand people, stopping the bomber from launching it. Although people
  5. 5. didn’t know she did all these things they were all very grateful. Therefore shelived a full life, she had a family and decided the best fate for them. So there itis, the story of Future and how her life was special.