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Wwp4rd.nicole rfb copy

  1. 1. The Horse Who Saved My Life‘ I woke up with a start and smelled smoke. It smelled horrible, like meltedpaint and scorched wood. I looked down on the floor and found out that the crashwas coming from the alarm clock smashing into a million pieces. I knew that therewas a fire, because I looked out the window and saw flames. I couldnt understandwhy there was a fire. But after a few minutes, I knew why.’My name is Brooklyn. My life has been a normal, boring life but when I was11, I had an incident that changed my life forever.I have curly red hair with a spatter of freckles on my face. My favorite color ispink, and my room is full of pink things, for example pink bedsheets, pink lavalamps, pink computer covers and definitely pink carpets. When I was nine, I got myfirst pet as a present: a horse. My horse had brown silky fur and it had a star on itsforehead. It was beautiful. I named it Ace.From that day on, I rode Ace everyday after school. I fell down about a milliontimes and even broke my arm once because I guess he didn’t like people riding onhim, but I never gave up and kept on riding him until he was a really good runnerand he was used to me on his back. I even trained him to jump over obstacles. Itrained him to move haystacks under my window in case there was an emergency,so I can jump safely out of the house. Every time I train him, I have a small treat forNicole R. May 19th 2013
  2. 2. him, but I cant let him know that or else he will come to get the treat withoutjumping over the obstacle. We became best friends.One day, I was sitting in my room enjoying a hot homemade fudge sundaewhile reading Harry Potter - The Deathly Hallows. I hadnt had lunch yet, so Ipopped a couple of frozen hot dogs in the (yes, pink) microwave and turned it on.This was the first time I ever used the microwave so I had no clue how long I shouldset the time for. I set an alarm clock for 15 minutes until I needed to get the hotdogs out and put it on my desk. My parents werent here because they went on abusiness trip. I fell asleep while reading the book with the bowl in my hands. Islapped the book on the table and heard a crash but I didnt bother to look at what itwas, because I was too sleepy. I slept for about an hour until I heard loud thumpingand whinnying. It was coming from Ace. I woke up with a start and smelled smoke.It smelled horrible, like melted paint and scorched wood. I looked down on the floorand found out that the crash was coming from the alarm clock smashing into amillion pieces. I knew that there was a fire, because I looked out the window andsaw flames. I couldnt understand why there was a fire. But after a few minutes, Iknew why. Remember how I had a couple of hot dogs in the microwave and I setthe alarm for fifteen minutes? The alarm clock broke because I slammed my bookon the desk. Now the hot dogs are burnt, and they were on fire.I panicked and started for the door. Then, I saw black smoke coming out ofthe door and I found out that there was no way out. I sat on my bed, helplesslycrying and choking... Then I saw Ace and I had an idea. I flung open theNicole R. May 19th 2013
  3. 3. window, didn’t care if it crashed on the grass and shouted, "Ace! Move thehaystacks!"I snapped my fingers and pointed at the haystacks next to him. He moved allthe haystacks very quickly, and I jumped out of the window into the haystacks. I fellright into them and I was buried in the hay. When I got out, the first thing I did wasto fling my arms around Ace, and sobbed. If he didnt make the noise, I never wouldhave woken up, and I couldve died in the fire. Then, I whipped out my cellphoneand called my mom. She was so glad about the part where I was okay, apart from acouple of scratches and bruises from jumping down, but she wasnt that happyabout the house being burnt. Next, they gave Ace a great big hug and a few sugarcubes. I smiled. He definitely deserved them.We had to live in my godmother’s house for a few weeks until my parentsfound a smaller but comfortable house. When my parents settled in the otherhouse, I went into the kitchen and took some honey out to the stables. And for thenext time I needed to heat something, I would ask for my parents to tell me whenthe timers up.Training time!Nicole R. May 19th 2013