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Wwp4 adrian fd

  1. 1. By Adrian Ng Date: 7/5/13FirefightMission Brief: In early 2020, crime levels have spiked and Interpol isuseless, the government is in chaos and crime lords are rampaging through thestreets. That is why the Galactic Senate made the decision to request theKimonians to help supply the city of Sceitan with an army of clone soldiers.Clones will fight the wars that the police or the NPO cannot fight, clones don’tcomplain and are very good fighters. The only problem is that they are hard todistinguish if the clones are not allowed to have a distinguishable hairdo, it hasalso been a custom that whenever a young clone shows a very distinguishableskill or emotion at anytime, they are to be given a special nickname so that it iseasier for the superiors like the Prime Generals to call the clone’s by a nameinstead of a long serial number. Clones have brown eyes, jet-black hair, verysturdy features that you might see on a regular soldier in the marines. Onesquadron of clones has stood out over the four years since the production ofclones started, the Ghost Squad. The Ghost Squad is a team of six Commandoclones lead by a highly decorated clone commander, Wheels, who hasaccomplished many missions in his time serving the galactic senate. He is alsothe commanding officer of the entire blue clone platoon.Villain Record: Drug Lord Riley McHenderson a.k.a “Maze” has been in the drugdealing business since late 2023 and has recently developed a startling new
  2. 2. drug, which he calls “Vertigo”, a highly addictive and affordable drug. In it’s purestform, “Vertigo” can be a very dangerous substance, because once in thebloodstream it will stop one’s heartbeat in matter of seconds. No one has beenable to track down Maze or any of his inner-circle, not the police, not the NPO,but we may still have a chance at winning this drug war....2025, in the Clone HQ situated in the well lit, busy and highlypopulated Sceiten:“Clone Commander Wheels, please report to the mission debrief roomimmediately,” said a mechanical female voice. One bald clone among the millionsof other clones off duty in the mess hall looked up, he then took his blue coloredhelmet and left for the missions debrief room.“Wonder what it is this time?” muttered Wheels as he entered the room.An officer standing behind a circular holo-projector looked up, his name wasGale, clone mission controller,“Morning Wheels, good to see you are fit for your next mission, ‘cause it willprobably give you and your men the fight for your life,” said Gale in a very serioustone.“I highly doubt that it will be harder than the battle for the capital city of Gorgon,huh?” said Wheels cheekily. “Maybe, here is your holo mission debrief, I wantyour men on this case asap, is that clear soldier?” said an unamused Gale.“Yes Sir,” said a now serious looking Wheels as he walked out of the debrief
  3. 3. room. Wheels then called his men via his com-link to gather in the main fighterhanger. When they all arrived, Wheels played out the following debrief video, aplump figure popped up from the flat surface to the holo mission debrief and itsaid“Good Morning, I am Captain Ruso of Interpol, we have approached your squadcommander, Wheels, because it seems fit that your team should handle thismission. Your mission is to track down the drug lord “Maze”, a.k.a RileyMcHenderson. Then a file on what Interpol and NPO had on Maze came up,which did not cover much.The plump figure spoke again: “Maze has disappeared and none of our agentscan infiltrate his organization, they’ve either bailed out, or are dead, so that iswhy we need you. We are counting on you and your squad commander.” Andwith that, the recording ended.Shred, Wheels’ weapons expert with a sort of blue gear tattoo on his baldhead,asked, “Right, so any ideas on how to catch this shady Maze guy?”When no one responded, Freefall, Wheels’ technician who shaved his hair intotwo blue arrows, excitedly said,“I’ve finally figured out where I heard that name before!”“Where?” asked Orbis, Wheels’ scout who kept the same army cut hair style of anew clone said excitedly,“Through one of my bugs that I planted in a bar on our last routine mission, Ioverheard some drunken fellow mention that a guy called Maze had a HQ
  4. 4. somewhere in the Scorpion Nebula, on the humid, dense jungle planet Rancor.”“Good job Freefall”, said Wheels, “Now let’s start hunting, boys!”Wheels and the rest of his men filed into a shuttle to the Scorpion Nebula,the trip was long and boring, but they finally managed to get there, by the timethe twin suns of the dense jungle planet Rancor, home of the most poisonous airscorpions and plants, had risen. Wheels and his men filed out and started usingtheir state of the art structure scanners, to try and locate Maze’s HQ.“Arrgh, nothing works in this jungle, we’re blind!” said an angry Orbis.“All right then, we’ll just have to do this the old-fashioned way,” said Knuckles,Wheels’ soldier with a haircut that nearly made him bald. And with that, hepocketed his scanner and started trekking through the dense jungle. Wheels thenlooked at the rest of his men’s grim and determined faces and turned around tofollow Knuckles footprints into the woods with the rest of the squad silentlyfollowing his lead.Suddenly, “Sir, you might want to see this!” shouted the distant voice ofKnuckles.Immediately Wheels and his men charged through the undergrowth, blastersready to come to Knuckles aid. But when they arrived, they found Knuckleskneeling over a still form of a man.Knuckles looked up and said in an excited tone: “Found a map on this guy aswell as other things that might be useful!”
  5. 5. An hour later, Wheels and his men were hiding behind some bushes, staking outa massive compound patrolled by guards and howler dogs.“This must be Maze’s HQ!” said a bewildered Freefall,“Ya’ think?” said an annoyed Shred.Wheels was oblivious to this though, because he was focusing on the patrolpatterns of the sentries and dogs. When he was sure he was in tune with thatpattern, he signaled the rest of his men to follow him. Wheels then led his menthrough a gap in the patrol time when the sentries are changing and into the opendoors of the compound.In the dimly lit penthouse on the 10th floor of the compound, a figure waslooking out of a window while another figure behind him was struggling in vain toescape the iron chair in which he was bounded to. Then the figure bound to thechair let out a blood-curling scream of pure agony followed by an eerie silence.The figure at the window smiled,“This is where failure gets you!” he sung merrily in his head.A faint beeping sound on his wristband sounded, he then brought his hand up tohis chin and said,“What is it now, Laurence, shouldn’t you be able to handle it? For god sake, youare the newly appointed chief of security!” Maze said, obviously bored. On theother end came a frantic reply“Sir! There are intruders on level 8 and they are mowing down our men, what
  6. 6. should we do!” “Keep the attack up, reinforcements will arrive shortly.” “Thankyou sir.”Then Laurence hurriedly hung up. Maze slowly smiled as he lowered down hishand and silently thought, “Yes, thank me.” Meanwhile on level 9, there was afirefight. Wheels’ men were all alive, but they were cornered. They couldn’tprogress with all the blaster fire coming at them from around the corner.“We can’t hold out much longer, Wheels”, said Knuckles as he let go a torrent ofblaster fire at the giant mass of enemy guards dropping two of them instantly,“I know that, just keeping firing!” said Wheels as he threw a enemy thermaldetonator out of a open window, but then suddenly a sort of green haze camefrom behind the enemy guards and Wheels heard coughing and bodies fallingand someone saying,“Sir, what have you done?” and with that, Wheels yelled, “Move it, move it!”Then he ran for his life with his squad hot on his heels. But he saw the greenhaze coming out from a vent in directly on top of him and he stopped in his track.He couldn’t help but wait until the green haze swallowed him and his team whole!When Wheels woke up, he found himself tied to a chair and the rest of hismen chained to a wall in a well-lit room. Then suddenly a voice from behindWheels hollered,“Well, look at what the cat dragged in!” at the same time, someone grabbedWheels and dragged around to face a familiar looking man. He remembered, this
  7. 7. man was the face he seen in the mission brief, it was the big time drug lord,Maze!“Good to see you already know me, saves me and you both a boring introduction!If you’re wondering how I know you know me, I will just say that I saw it in youreyes!” said a cocky looking Maze. “What do you want Maze?” said Wheels. “Oh,well, just basically a horde of vertigo addicted people for me to control, and foryou to stop poking around in my business! Or else one of your five “brothers” willget an injection of highly compressed pure Vertigo for them to choke on!” said agleeful looking Maze.Wheels was furious. How had he gotten himself and his clone brothers into thismess? Now he had to pick between finishing the mission and saving the life ofone of his brothers. Then Maze turned around to grab something, at the sametime he finished that thought, he noticed that Freefall was awake and hadwatched the whole scene play out. At the same time, Wheels noticed that Freefallbuilt a distress button on his belt for situations like this as well as a secret pocketwith a unused laser blade in it. Once Freefall pushed the distress button, thelaser blade immediately dropped out of the hidden pocket and with his finelytuned reflexes, Freefall kicked it across the room and behind Wheels who caughtit with his bounded hands while Maze was looking away. When Maze turned toface Wheels with a syringe full of green liquid, Wheels had already started cuttinghis rope bonds away. Maze looked back and said“Sorry to keep you waiting, a slight malfunction in the transmission jammer. Now
  8. 8. where were me, ahh, yes, you were deciding whether to keep the mission on, orwhether to save the lives of your fellow clone brothers?” “Yeah, I’ve decided, totake you down and put you in prison with the rest of the criminal scum!” repliedWheels. Then Maze smiled and said, “Well then, I really wished you could’vebeen a bit more collaborative, cause now I have to kill one of your brothers, thenanother one and then finally you. How sad!” Wheels smiled and said,“Oh I don’t think that you will kill any of us today.” And with that, Wheels gave therope bonds one last violent tug with the knife and the rope snapped in two, whichthen gave Wheels the chance to launch himself forward and head-butt Maze inthe face, which stunned Maze. Wheels quickly freed his legs, punched Maze inthe gut and freed the rest of the Ghost Squad. Just as he freed his last soldierand passed out everyone’s weapons, a small army of Maze’s guards burst intothe room firing wildly at anything they saw. Knuckles was hit in the arm and wasthrown back into a wall, which rendered him unconscious. Orbis draggedKnuckles behind an upturned table and started shooting back at the guards withthe other members of Ghost Squad. In the midst of the chaos, Maze jumped outof the balcony and onto his private Solar Sailer. Wheels noticed the sudden turnof events and chased after him. Wheels jumped but missed the sailer by inchesand started plummeting towards the ground below. After the initial shock, Wheelsgrabbed his grappling hook from his utility belt and shot out the hook whichlatched onto a rail below the sailer. When Wheels was level with the 10th floorbalcony, he threw a thermal detonator into the hull, let go of the hook and landed
  9. 9. heavily on the balcony. The thermal detonator blew up just moments afterWheels landed on the balcony, causing the sailer to plummet into the waitingarms of the jungle below. Wheels immediately turned around and noticed thebodyguards had fled and his team was already placing detonators around thecomplex. When they were done, they obediently waited for Wheels orders.Wheels had his men individually searching the woods for Maze while Orbisand Spike, Wheels’ medic who had a kind of bluish hair, stayed behind to lookafter the injured Knuckles. Then suddenly Wheels was hit from behind and fell tothe ground, standing over him was Maze, Maze’s eyes were blazing and he washolding a blaster pistol at Wheel’s face.Wheels then said in a calm voice, “Put the blaster down, Maze, and there is noneed to go any further, you lost.” Maze furiously replied, “It was perfect beforeyou came in, guns ablaze to ruin my perfect operation, why?” but Maze couldn’tfinish the sentence because Wheels immediately kicked the gun away from hisface as Maze fired, then stood up, landed a few punches, which sent Mazesprawling onto the ground. Maze raised a shaking hand and fired a bolt right atWheels, but Wheels was too quick and dodged the projectile as it whizzed by,inches from hitting his face. Instinctively, Wheels raised his own blaster pistol andfired at Maze from a point blank range. Back at clone operations HQ at SceitenCity, the Ghost Squad was awarded medals for their valor in taking down the big-time drug lord Maze. Medal’s of Honor were given out that day, and Ghost Squad
  10. 10. has still retained its reputation as possibly the greatest clone squad to have everbeen manufactured since the Inferno Squad which was equally famous for it’sheroic clone soldiers.