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Think Before You Click: The Dangers of "Sexting"
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  • 1. “Acne has fallen far downthe list of things to freAKout about in one’s teenageyears…” – kashmir hillImage by Dino Kuznik’s Photostream
  • 2. “It seems that these days,fear of a break-out dayhas been replaced by afear of one’s nude photosbreaking out.” –Kashmir HillImage by thezartorialist.com
  • 3. CUE: sextingImage by jaymesisyiphotography
  • 4. “Sexting is the electronic communication ofnon-professional imAges or videosportraying one or more personsin a state of nudityor otherwisein a sexuALmanner.”-D.J.B.SvantessonImage by TheAlieness GiselaGardinoA2A3
  • 5. 1in 5Americanssext or share racy textmessages with others on theirsmartphones
  • 6. A recent U.S. Study found that in youthages 14-24…10% had sent naked pictures of themselves tosomeone elseImage by dhammza
  • 7. 11% had been pressured by someone to sendnaked photos or videos to someone else
  • 8. 18% had photos or videos sent to themwith the sender being in the nude
  • 9. 17% of those receiving pictures/videossubsequently shared the pictures orvideos with someone else
  • 10. The prevalence of sextinghasincreaseddue to the introductionof appswhich create a falsesense of privacyImage by guccio@文房具社      
  • 11. In 2012, Snapchat wasintroduced, an app whichallows users to sendphotos that “self-destruct” in a certainnumber of secondsImage by Mushman 1970
  • 12. Today,  more  than  50  million  snaps  are  sent  each  day  More than 50 millionsnaps are sent every dayImage by Jonothan Adami
  • 13. “What the public has yet torealize is that their data arenot only being archived butalso analyzed and scored.”–felix gilette Image by mrmanc
  • 14. Decipher Forensics has figured out away to recover supposedly deletedimages from snapchatImage by algo
  • 15. Now… snapchat evidence is beingused in missing teenager cases…Image by meddygarnet
  • 16. the reality is,anyone canget access toyour photos
  • 17. Your friendsImage by Saad Faruque
  • 18. YourfutureemployerImage by Victor 1558
  • 20. “So seriously, y’all, thinkreally hard about havingnaked photos of Yourselfin existence…”– Kashmir HillImage by dhammza
  • 21. Because 15 minutes of famecan turn into a lifetime of shameImage by dhammza
  • 22. REFERENCESDan Jerker B. Svantesson - “Sexting” and the Law – 15 Minutes of Fame, and a Lifetime of ShameFelix Gillette - Snapchat and the Erasable Future of Social MediaKashmir hill – Snapchat’s Don’t Disappear; Forensics Firm Has Pulled Dozens of Supposedly-DeletedPhotos from Android PhonesKashmir hill - Another Day, Another Group of Teen Girls Blackmailed with Nude PhotosSara gates -Adult Sexting on the Rise: 1 in 5 Americans Send Explicit Text Messages, Poll FindsWill oremesus - OMG, Deleted Snapchat Sexts Can Actually Be RecoveredPHOTOGRAPHSAll photographs used are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement, and sourced from flickr.Project by Clare SheasgreenQueen’s University2013