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Film 260- Facebook, the Aging Social Network


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Published in: Technology
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Film 260- Facebook, the Aging Social Network

  1. 1. The Aging Social Network: Flickr: Franco Bouly
  2. 2. Flickr: SimonQ錫濛譙 Source: BuzzFeed, Allison McCann
  3. 3. As one of the LARGEST social networking site on the globe, It now has a total number of 1.11 BILLION users as of May 2013 Flickr: MarcbelSource: Craig Smith
  4. 4. In Canada alone, there are 18 million monthly Canadian users Flickr: Jeff.smithSource: Toronto Star, Carys Mills
  5. 5. People use Facebook because…. Flickr: Phil Roeder
  6. 6. T It allows for easy event planning, online communication, and networking With such a large platform for people to CONNECT, Flickr: Andalib
  7. 7. Flickr: Chapendra The ease of photo sharing allows users to make statements about themselves.
  8. 8. and to seek assurance from others Flickr: sofiabudapest
  9. 9. Also, Facebook’s privacy settings and user control allows people to create an ideal image and profile of themselves Flickr: Christine
  10. 10. Lastly, after overtaking MySpace as the #1 social network site several years ago, Facebook was considered “cool” within the young crowd Flickr: wZa HKSource: ABC News
  11. 11. However, recent stats have showed that Facebook is currently facing a huge problem. Flickr: haglundc
  12. 12. Facebook users ages 18-29, 42% say that the time they spend on Facebook has decreased over the last year Flickr: Mervi EskelinenSource: PR Daily
  13. 13. 61% of users have reported taking a break from Facebook for several weeks or more Flickr: Phil RoederSource: PR Daily
  14. 14. The usage decline is mostly due to people experiencing FACEBOOK FATIGUE Flickr: CollegeDegrees360
  15. 15. This is when people are simply bored and tired of Facebook Flickr: Al_HikesAZ
  16. 16. Flickr: Phil Roeder To understand why people are feeling this way, here are some verbatim comments overheard in coffee shops Source: Pew Reseach
  17. 17. Flickr: Phil Roeder “I was tired of stupid comments.” “Too much drama” “I don’t like their privacy policy” “It caused problems in my [romantic] relationship” Source: CNET: Facebook fatigue– it’s real (Pew Research)
  18. 18. Also, one main reason that younger people are tired of Facebook… Flickr: BottleLeaf
  19. 19. Is the growing presence of older people (parents)
  20. 20. According to PRDaily, the two fastest growing user groups are adults ages 55-64 and 65+ Is the growing presence of older people (parents) Flickr: Jesse Garrison Source: PR Daily, Facebook fatigue: Do you need a break from the social network?
  21. 21. This makes Facebook less cool for the young crowd. And therefore, many are spending more time connecting and socializing via other social networks Flickr: Jason Howie
  22. 22. Source: Tali Arbel- The Associated Press Despite intensity of young people’s current facebook usage right now, a narrow majority of young adults predict Facebook’s appeal will fade down the road (51%) Flickr: Phil Roeder
  23. 23. What will become of Facebook in the future? Flickr: Eleaf
  24. 24. • eak_from_the_soci_14014.aspx • report/story?id=18935711#.UZVIWis6VDI • facebook-stats/ • end-of-the-social-network • and_the_aging_social_network.html • ml • breaking-up-too Research Credit Flickr: Phil Roeder
  25. 25. All flickr images are licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement Image Credits Flickr: Phil Roeder