Exploring IPad for Education
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Exploring IPad for Education

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Explore Apps that can make IPad a promising tool for education

Explore Apps that can make IPad a promising tool for education

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. Exploring the iPad in Education
    Nand Kishore
  • 2. What is it?
    A touch screen tablet
    A mixture between a phone and laptop
    Connects to the internet using 3G or wi-fi
    Allows users to:
    Browse the internet
    Read and compose emails
    Watch and listen to multi-media
  • 3. App Store
    One of the greatest assets of the iPhone and iPad
    Allows users to easily buy and download app for a variety of functions
    Currently contains more than 400,000 apps
    More than 80,000 apps are iPad specific
    Over 14,000,000,000 total downloads so far
    Review: http://youtu.be/y2Hz8dhQw8Q
  • 4. Types of Educational Apps
    Types of Educational apps on the iPad include:
    Information/ Learning
    Media, Games, and Entertainment
  • 6. Discussion Apps
    Allows users to concurrently communicate with others
    Real-time communication
    Applications in group projects, meetings, lessons, etc.
  • 7. SyncPad
    One of the best whiteboard apps
    Real-time whiteboard discussion
    Supports images, pdf’s, and dropbox
    Great for teaching students remotely
  • 8. Airsketch
    Similar to SyncPad as it is a whiteboard app
    Supports pdf’s, images and drawings
    Great for remote presentations
  • 9. GoToMeeting
    Web Conference
    Online meeting with anyone
    Allows you to share applications or whole screen
  • 10. Fuze
    Another meeting app
    Great user-interface
    Easy to collaborate, and supports Skype
  • 11. jabberPad
    Another real-time whiteboard app
    Runs through jabber
    Easy and efficient to use
  • 12. Communication
    Social Networking:
    Includes many popular IM’s
  • 13. RDM(Remote Desktop) and Screen Apps
    Allows your iPad to become a remote desktop
    Project your computer screen to your iPad
    Enjoy movies, games, and productivity applications on your computer from your iPad
  • 14. Splashtop
    Projects computer screen to iPad
    Wirelessly control the computer from iPad
    Enjoy all the content and applications on computer through iPad
    You can even stream videos and possibly games!
  • 15. TeamViewer
    Similar to Splashtop
    Very simple to use
    Great user-interface
  • 16. Document Reader/File Manager
    Allows you to manage your files directly form your iPad
    Can support popular syncing services
    May include it’s own document editing software
  • 17. GoodReader
    Amazing PDF reader and annotator
    Supports various other formats
    Organize your files easily
    Transfer and sync files easily
  • 18. iAnnotate
    Perhaps the best pdf reader and annotator
    Many different options for annotating
    Organize and send files
    Review: http://youtu.be/k3g_wYr-vDI
  • 19. Dropbox
    iPad version of the popular Dropbox service
    Share files with other people
    Update and sync back files
    Amazing for group projects
  • 20. Notetaking Apps
    Very useful for student
    Take notes on the iPad, either through handwriting or typing
    May support syncing to different devices to updates notes
    Can also be like an organizer
  • 21. Evernote
    Easiest and most comprehensive apps
    Works with many different devices
    Sync and organize notes between all devices
    Review: http://youtu.be/Zkn4FSOTrXc
  • 22. Penultimate
    Known as the best handwriting app
    Take handwritten note very fast
    Amazing handwriting experience
    Organize notes into notebooks
  • 23. MindMash
    Note-taking and brain-storming app
    Put together pieces of notes, text, and media
    Edit bits of data and organize into sheets
  • 24. ReadItLater
    Easily save a webpage that you have seen
    Allows you to access the webpages easily offline
    Organizes webpages into lists
  • 25. Sundry Notes
    Very easy to use note-taker
    Write, draw, and import media
    Collaborate with others on the same notes
  • 26. Other Organizers
    Sugar Sync
    iStudiez Pro
  • 27. eReader Apps
    Great selling point for the iPad
    Buy and downloads books very quickly
    Easily accessible
    Saves paper, all you need is your iPad for your whole collection of book.
  • 28. eReader apps
    Google Books
    Our Choice
    iPDF Reader Free
  • 29. 2Screens
    Great tool for presenting anything to anyone
    Sophisticated with many options
    Makes presentations look clean but animated
  • 30. Creation Apps
    Create your own documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
    True productivity apps
    Many are easy and cool to use
  • 31. iWork
  • 32. Replay Notes
    Create video whiteboard lectures
    Very easy to use
    Share your videos with others
  • 33. Idea Sketch
    Design charts and diagrams quickly and easily
    Exceedingly easy interface
    Save or share diagrams as pictures or text
  • 34. Quickvoice
    One of the best voice recording software
    Record lectures, podcasts, songs, etc.
    Record anywhere in the field, then just email the recording
    Applications in presentations and interviews
  • 35. Garageband
    Create music directly form your iPad
    Many different options and functions
    Has significant music capability
  • 36. iMovie
    Create and edit movies easily
    The iPad can capture video
    Then edit this using iMovie
  • 37. Dragon Dictation
    An excellent speech recognition app
    Useful for typing text messages, emails, etc.
    Has amazing results
  • 38. Flash Cards Deluxe
    One of the best flash card apps on the market
    Excellent way to study for any subject
    Create your own flash cards or use Quizlet’s existing repository
  • 39. Educational Apps
    Made specifically for the purpose of teaching
    Allows student to learn using the iPad
    Apps can be very informative and creative
  • 40. iTunes University
    Collection of educational videos and podcasts
    Browse to hundreds of innovative lectures
    Includes content from MIT, Stanford, etc
  • 41. Discovery
    Collection of videos, articles, and media
    Includes information about all the wonders of the world
    Great educational app to use
  • 42. TED Talks
    Mobile version of the popular TED talks
    Allows you to browse through a wide selection of videos
    Discover the recent innovative advancements in the world
  • 43. Science 360
    Created by the National Science Foundation
    Includes videos, photos, and stories from a variety of resources
    Amazing science app with endless information
  • 44. How To Videos
    Recently gaining popularity
    Video tutorials on how to accomplish simple tasks
    Videos range from a variety of subjects
  • 45. Examples of Educational Apps
    Video Calculus
    Physics Pro
    Grammer Up
  • 46. Wolfram
    Wolfram Alpha
    Wolfram Course Assistant Apps:
    Advanced Calculus
  • 47. Instructional Apps
    Sat Prep:
    Sat Vocab
    iLiveVocab Sat
    Sat Connect
    Sat Reading
  • 48. Reference Apps
    Google Maps
    Google Earth
    National Geographic: World Atlas
  • 49. Media Apps
  • 50. Explore Educational Apps on the Web
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  • 52. Check it out
    Go To http://www.beststudentapps.com to view the presentation.
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