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  1. 1. Professional Headend Solutions EQM 008 COMPACT EDGE-QAM IN A BOX GENERAL The EQM 008 is generating 8 RF - unicast or multicast data packets channels with multiple programs QAM channels to provide services encapsulated in UDP format. The and services. to the subscribers at the edge of payload of the UDP packets, Processing of the MPEG transport the distribution networks. compliant DVB MPEG-2 transport stream like PCR restamping and stream packets, are transferred to “insertion of limited zero-packets” A small form factor design allows to the input of the QAM modulator and are supported. The NIT can be install this tiny box in a street to the direct digital frequency extracted from another TS and cabinet to serve small and special conversion (DDS). integrated into these channels. areas like communities or a campus The modulator can be controlled via with selectable video content, or The output of the EQM 008 is a RF- a web browser on a local PC and up to 10 EQM 008 modules in a Signal in the selected frequency can be integrated into a network 4RU 19” chassis. range between 47 MHz ... 1 GHz that management system (NMS). can directly feed a local CATV The MPEG transport streams (TS) network or HFC cluster as well as are supplied over IP-networks as individual communities up to 8 QAM M! ED GE-QA The real FEATURES IP-Input 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T size comparison RJ 45 Connector example QAM Modulation EDGE-QAM 19” FAMILY: DVB-C Standard EN 300429 Annex A/C* EQM 208 ITU-T J.83 Annex B (optional) 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T 32 ... 256 QAM 8 QAM channels 8 Transport streams for the EQM 008 8 Transport streams selectable GbE-Input + 1 for external NIT* EDGE-QAM PCR-Correction, flexible datarate in a box EQM 216 2 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T RFB-EDGE 16 QAM channels Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) 16 Transport streams selectable Frequency Range 47 MHz...1 GHz 8 Output Channels EQM 224 Configuration/Monitoring 3 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Web-Server 24 QAM channels SNMP-Agent for NMS 24 Transport streams selectable *): The NIT can be exchanged by adding a 9th TS containing an actual one (Not for Annex-B Version)
  2. 2. Professional Headend Solutions Technical Data EQM 008 COMPACT EDGE-QAM IN A BOX IP-Interface RF EQM 800 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Frequency Deviation £ 5 ppm Connector RJ45 Phase Noise typ. -105 dBc Signalling Status-LED for IP-Connection Max. Output Level -3dBm (106 dBìV) * Transport Streams 8 feeding the IP-Interface Max. Output Attenuation 20 dB Protocol UDP Output Level Step Size 0.5 dB FEC Pro-MPEG CoP #3 release 2 Level Accuracy ±1 dB Spectrum Flatness ±0.2 dB QAM-Modulation ITU-T J.83 Annex A/C (DVB-C) Spurious £ -60 dBm and Annex B compliant (option) Output Channels 8 QAM channel supported constellations 32 / 64 / 128 / 256 QAM Roll-Off 12% / 13 % / 15% / 18% Monitoring/Control Integrated Web server Channel Bandwith 6 / 7 / 8 MHz SNMP agent for NMS systems MER > 47 dB Shoulder Attenuation > 56 dB General Data PCR-Correction Flexible data rate Power consumption < 35 W Main voltage External Power Supply RF Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) 100...240 VAC =>12VDC 1,25A Connector F 75 Ù EMC EN 50083-2 Return Loss ³ 14 dB Safety EN 60950-1 Frequency Range 47 MHz... 1 GHz Environmental ETSI EN 300019-1-3 Class 3.1 Frequency Step size 12.5 kHz Housing Aluminium diecast chassis Dimensions (WxHxD) 1,25” W x 6,69” D x 4,21” H Weight 1.0 kg *Max. Output Level, 8 channels active Application example for local content Headendwww.blankom-usa.com EQM 008 EDGE-QAM in a box Subject to modifications (V5a) © 08/2011 BLANKOM USA, LLC Server for SMS, NMS, Scrambling Server Associated BLANKOM Products - IRD-Family Professional Receivers/Decoders - DIP 120/121 IP ASI/ASI-IP Gateway BLANKOM USA, LLC - DRD Family (DRD 694/695, DRD 699) 5 Stanton Court · Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone: 800-205-0710 · Fax: 609-936-8171 sales@blankom-usa.com www.blankom-usa.com