mohieddin moradi 4k hd-sdi hd f-stop aspect ratio jitter inverse tone mapping direct mapping in hdr/sdr conversions tone mapping scene light vs display light conversions wide color gamut (wcg) and color space conversion colour bars for use in the production of hlg and p different hdr technologies nominal signal levels f dynamic metadata for color volume transforms (dmcv conversion between pq and hlg hdr static and dynam signal range selection for hlg and pq (narrow and scene-referred vs. display-referred and ootf (opt hlg hdr-tv arib stb-b67 and itu-r bt.2100 pq hdr-tv smpte st-2084: “perceptual quantizer”(pq) luminance and contrast masking and hvs frequency r an introduction to hdr technology dynamic range management in camera light level definitions & hvs light perception crt gamma characteristic elements of high-quality image production resolution progressive judder interlace high definition frame flicker field drop-frame afd 3g-sdi some production issues 12g-sdi aliasing and moire pattern interlacing and de-inte fourier transform down & cross converting sampling sdtv overview hdtv standards and definitions genlo auto iris video coding concepts mpeg 8k uhd container video compression history a generic interframe vid discrete cosine transform (4×4 dct basis patterns) vceg discrete cosine transform fractal coding run length coding (rlc) or run leve intra inter motion vector i-frame b-frame d-frame motion estimation and block matching algorithms mpeg-1 mpeg-2 mpeg-4 h.261 h.263 group of picture (gop) arithmetic huffman coding uniform threshold quantiser (utq) and bit rate con quantization noise and bit resolution chromatic aberration iris sdi ccd camea aperture ratio image circle principal point focal length focus focal point reflection diffraction refraction frequency response sensitivity dynamic range minimum illumination f-drop pedestal/master black t-number f-stop and depth of field fractional stops f-stop and optical speed f-number intercom (intercommunication) system tele-prompter triax cable fiber large lens adaptor narrow angle and normal view illumination of transparent test charts pedestal/master black angle of view wide-angle camera movements tools aperture focal length lens flare sgahing f-number t-number equalizer wrapper format zero tree encoding (embedded zero-tree wavelet alg hevc wcg hdr compression a full-ip ob truck designing and integration technical challenges in all-ip infrastructure a 12g-sdi ob truck designing and integration a 12g-sdi or full-ip ob truck equipment selection broadcast controller and orchestrator compression the media node pyramid clean and quite switching for audio and video over timing issues in ip-based systems some case studies conclusion router considerations for audio and video over ip ip infrastructure interfaces considerations smpte st 2110 suite of standards nmos (network med standard audio and video over ip standardization osi and tcp/ip model mpeg-2 transport stream and timing smpte 425) digital audio in sdi signal sdi in uhd sdi in tv studios and related standards sd-sdi (sm sd-sdi sd return loss quad-link 12g-sdi interface (smpte st 2082-12) 24g sdi physical layer parameters -electrical ccir 601 & ccir 656 specifications conversion of r'g'b' into luma and color-differenc luminance quantizing coaxial cable alignment 4k 8k 24g-sdi 12g-sdi mpeg-1 structural similarity (ssim) jerkiness contrast masking objective assessment by mse quality estimator (qe) with mutual reference mos vmaf no reference method (nr) reduced reference method (rr) edge neighborhood floating mosquito noise color bleeding basis pattern effect ringing blocking blurring avc 2110 2022 ip lens vvc studio video ancillary (anc) data space in video upscaling av lineup video test pattern expected video signal levels video blurriness scanning type video noise video freeze video field order digital tape dropouts video deinterlacing artefacts judder and jerkiness macroblocking flashing video constant colour frames black bars analogue frame synchronisation video quality control ip technology trend and motivations ip basics net ip technology trend and motivations ip basics net compressor longitudinal vs. transverse waves dynamic range unbalanced microphones speakers sound measurement loudness units balanced dbm midi standard audio tools and connectors dbfs db dbu some functional aspects of hearing pitch and quality/timber loudness digital audio principals domestic and broadcast au timbre pitch sound and hearing audio principles wavlet arithmetic video quality experts group (vqeg) • full referenc • floating • compression artifacts video quality experts group (vqeg) • full referenc • floating • compression artifacts itu frame rate dct prediction decoding coding intra motion vector chroma luma inter sdr hdr wcg bt2020 bt709 iso video codec amea orchestrator broadcast controller dante aes 67 camera video mixer tv ob truck ob van ebu vsm aaf amwa mxf nmos aes67 depth of focus & permissible circle of confusion depth of field white shading flare cmos vectorscope waveform monitor jvet hdr and 360 video an introduction to versatile video coding (vvc) f color temperature contrast brightness qled oled led plasma lcd crt solid state memory technology blue ray xdcam video compression tv picture delivery platform object-based media 3d spatial audio streaming media over ip mixed reality experience pq hlg sdr conversion 16:9 4:3 phase noise eye diagram 3d tv x8 uav draganflyer fpga image wavelet
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