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Ip dix200-flyer-rev-a ip remultiplexer streamer


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Ip dix200-flyer-rev-a ip remultiplexer streamer

  1. 1. Professional Headend Solutions IP Media Solutions DIX 200 IP-REMULTIPLEXER/STREAMER The DIX 200 IP Remultiplexer & exist in the PID filtering and PID The DIX 200 setup and programming Streamer represents the latest Remapping. Statistical PCR correc- has to be done by a software tool generation of transport stream tion results in a full error correction connected over a network to the remultiplexers and is capable of on all services. The IP Remultiplexer Ethernet control port. For the simultaneously processing the data & Streamer is equipped with an monitoring of the device within an streams of more than 1000 radio and integrated TS analyzer and complete Network Management System (NMS) television programs coming from diagnostic module. an SNMP agent is applicable. 256 sources. Four independent MPEG TS are multiplexed and provided IP Beyond the remultiplexer functions, encapsulated at the GbE - output. the DIX 200 IP Remultiplexer & External sources like Scrambling- Streamer can be used without any and EPG-Data can be inserted. additional unit as streamer in IPTV The data rate of the GbE Input can be systems and as gateway in tele- utilized in 100 %, and no limitations communication networks.IP Media Solutions FEATURES 256 IP inputs with multicast and unicast connections 100Base-T and 1000Base-T operation mode Four independent TS Remultiplexers with gigabit IP output Each Remultiplexer part supports 12 PSI Inserters DIX 200 More than 2 Gbit integrated storage capacity IP-Remultiplexer/Streamer PCR corrector for each PID value Automatic and manual Service Identifier and PID handling (PID Remapping) IPTV Streamer mode with logically and physically separated IP output Ideally suited for EDGE-QAM family EQM 10x SNMP remote control facility Low power consumption (typically 35 W), high reliability, long life time
  2. 2. Professional Headend Solutions Technical Data DIX 200 IP-REMULTIPLEXER/STREAMER IP Input, IP Output IP input and output 1000Base-T / 100Base-T DRD 694 (auto negotiation) DVB-S2 Receiver Operational mode full duplex Protocol IPv4 (prepared for IPv6) Number of inputs 256 unicast/multicast connections IP output physically and logically independent from the IP input Number of connectors 2 × RJ-45 Input data rate 1000 Mbit/s (theoretic max. of 1000Base-T) Output data rate max. 4 × 100 Mbit/s Transmission Characteristics DIX 200 Central IP-Remux Number of TS Remultiplexers 4 (independently programmable IP-Remuxing units) Number of PID Filter /Remappers 4 × 256 × 8192 Number of output inserters 4 × 12 Output Inserters Programming/supervision by free external software IP-Network General Data DIX Front panel LED displays 2 × LINK, ACT, GIGABIT 4 × STREAM with OVERFLOW Local IP-Remuxing IP-Remux display Weight approx. 3.5 kg Size 19” × 1 RU W × H × D 483 × 43.6 × 473 mm Power requirement 90 … 264 VAC, 47 … 440 Hz Power consumption max. 35 VA Operating temp. range + 5 … + 40 °C Relative humidity max. 80 % Storage temperature range - 25 ... + 45 oC EQM 10x Relative humidity max. 95 %, non-condensing EDGE-QAM HFC-Network Rear view DIX 200 © 05/2009 BLANKOM Digital GmbH Subject to modifications Associated BLANKOM Products - DRD 694 8PSK/QPSK TWIN RECEIVER - DIP 120/121 IP GATEWAYS - EQM 100/101/102 EDGE QAM MODULATORS BLANKOM Digital GmbH TecCenter · 31162 Bad Salzdetfurth/Germany Phone: +49(0) 50 63/27 11 0 · Fax: +49(0) 50 63/27 11 60