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File streamer sw


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File streamer sw

  1. 1. QVidium™ MPEG2-TS Video File Streamer Software Key Features: Supports Pro-MPEG COP#3 v2 Forward Error Correction Outputs up to two MPEG2-TS CBR Streams to IP Outputs all MPEG2-TS CBR Files listed in a Windows Media playlist, automatically loops to first file after last file Multicast or Unicast In unicast mode, can replicated video file to 4 unicast destinations DisplaysMajor Benefits: Incorporates Pro-MPEG FEC COP #3 Releases 1 and 2: Fully compliant and interoperable with ProMPEG Forum Code of Practice #3, Releases 1 and 2. Better video quality: Sends video with FEC packets so that ProMPEG FEC receivers can recover missing video packets using the ProMPEG algorithm. Cost effective: Runs on cost effective PC hardware.Application Example:Ordering info: Model# QVVFS-1001-SW Contact info: