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Evaluation activity 1



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  • 1. Evaluation Activity 1Charlotte Strange
  • 2. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?(i.e. of film openings)
  • 3. TitleWe named our film “Dead End” and decided to include it in our opening after looking at different film openings assome do not include the title, yet we decided to do so as it is common to in social realist films.
  • 4. Setting / locationWe did a high angle shot of a busy high street to set the location of our film. We wanted the location shot to be of ahigh street represent street life. We also wanted the location shot to bring an urban edge to the film.
  • 5. Costumes and propsWe gave out main character ‘George’ a very dull and scruffy costume to represent hercharacter and to add to her homeless and helpless state. We put her in a grey hoody which isassociated with youth and street life. We also put her in jogging bottoms to make her lookscruffy. We chose to give her espadrille style fabric shoes as these at time may look like socksand look improper shoes with no real structure.
  • 6. Camera work and editingWe used a variety of camera angles. Here we used a hand held reverse shot to see the character, her facialexpressions and emotions and also see her surroundings in the background. We saw this camera angle ona music video and we liked the point of view of the character which it presented in this unique style.
  • 7. Title font and styleWe went for a simplistic font when creating our title. We decided to use ablack background and a white font to create a sharp and edgy look. Alsothe simplicity of this title makes it more effective.
  • 8. Story and how the opening is set upThe opening starts with a shot of a road sign reading Marlborough right and Hungerford left. Wethen jump straight into a tracking shot of a roadside of houses in the snow. This sets the locationand feel of the film. The weather in this shot is cold and snowing and is starting to get dark, thissets a cold tone to the film.
  • 9. Genre and how the opening suggests itThis shot is of a silhouette walking down a dark alley way off a main high street. Thischaracter seems mysterious and dark, this suggests the genre to be a social realism asthe hooded character sets a mysterious and edgy tone.We also feel the music, which is upbeat yet mysterious suggests the genre.
  • 10. How characters are introducedIn our opening, before the scene selected we have already seen this character yetknow very little about her other than her appearance. In this scene we see thecharacter sat on a pavement and begging for money. We now understand that thischaracter is homeless and living on the streets. This is where the montage linkstogether and the main character is truly introduced.
  • 11. Special effectsOver the montage of our film we edited over a grey tint effect. This enables a dull feel to themontage. When the scene with the dialouge is rolling there is no grey tint, this presents that thegrey tinted montage is in the past and is dark and unhappy and therefor the lighter scenes arepresent day.