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Love actually
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Love Actually

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Love Actually

  1. 1. Love Actually
  2. 2. Setting and CharactersSettingWe see straight away that the first two minutes of the scene are shot in Heathrow airportwhere there are mixture of all different types of people showing all the different types oflove between people. The films genre is a romantic comedy and most films that areBritish and the genre is a romantic film, they are usually shot in London and one of thefirst things we see in the film is that its shot in London.CharactersThe start of the film we see just normal random characters who are showing that thegenre is about romance and love by resembling it. The use the actions ofhugging, kissing, smiling and crying with joy. This makes us as the audience relate to how setting is established and whether or not it is linked to genreshow if characters are established
  3. 3. Actors and ActressesThis film is full of well known actors and actresses who have been in many films andhave won many awards, who have all been put together to create the film loveactually.- Hugh Grant- Liam Neeson- Colin Firth- Laura Linney- Emma Thompson- Alan Rickman- Keira Knightley- Martine McCutcheon- Bill Nighy- Rowan Atkinson
  4. 4. SoundIn the first two minutes of the clip there is no diegetic sound how is non-diegetic soundused, because no characters are talking, the music that is played is not coming from thescene of the film and we cannot here any other sound from the scene.Non – Diegetic sound is used as Hugh grant opens the films by being a narrator of thestory, telling us what the films going to be about.Furthermore as well as him having an over voice, the film also uses music at the start of thefilm. The music is instrumental, and is very classical. I think they’ve used this kind of music torepresent two things..1. The slow and classical music shows a British culture2. And the feeling of Love, by the soft music with Hugh Grants soft carming voice over talking it create a very special effect.
  5. 5. Font and CreditsThere is no font used at the start of the film in the first two minutes until the very end. Atthe end of the two minute after Hugh Grant have spoken about the start of the film, we seethe words ‘love actually is all around’.The colour of the writing is white which reflects the peace between relationships ofdifferent people. The word ‘is’ is in the colour red, which is to make is stand out from theother words, the shows that they want to make everybody listen to what there saying andwant the audience to believe it.The colour red other relates to love. The words fades out except ‘love actually’ which isclever as this is the name of the film. The word love turn in to the colour red to showeverybody that these colours relate.The font of the writing is very simple, which I think connotes that the producers are tryingto say love is simple.
  6. 6. About Love ActuallyThe film Love Actually is a British based film, as its set in Britain, the language they useand accents they have are of the British culture. Furthermore the actors they have usedare mainly well know British actors and actresses.Richard Curtis was born in 1956, he was born in new Zealand but is now a British Direct.He directed the film Love Actually, he is also a well known British actors who directs a lotof British based films showing the culture of Britain. He is also well known for the genre ofromantic comedy as he also directed the Bridget Jones and Notting Hill. Additionally itwas released in 2003 and making a massive amount of money, $246,942,017 in boxoffice.It was produced by a number of British producers but was The Working Title Filmsproduction, budgeted at $45,000,000, was released by Universal Pictures, a massiveAmerican production company. It grossed $62,671,632 in the UnitedKingdom, $13,956,093 in Australia[and $59,472,278 in the US and Canada. It took aworldwide total of $247,472,278.
  7. 7. Camera AnglesThe first two minutes of the first doesn’t use a verity of camera angles. The film mainly usesthe close up shot and also over the shoulder shot. I think the director has chosen to usethese type of camera angle because it reflects on the genre. The Genre is about love andusing the close up shot we can see the emotions and love on the characters faces. This alsomakes us as the audience relate to the films and the emotions on the characters. The overthe shoulder shot also creates us as the audience to feel their emotion of love, which makesus like the film more and want us to carry on watching it.The editing used shows us different families, relationship and friends between them. It usesthe camera movement of panning and zoom, it uses panning to show all the love that isaround. Furthermore it uses zoom to zoom in on the emotion in their faces with again has agood effect on the audience.Furthermore it used sharp but slow cuts to change the scene of the film, to show thedifferent loves.
  8. 8. Mise–en–scene-The characters used are all different ages, sex’s and races which shows that this film isbased on reality and the problems that people have in life.-The clothes that the people are wearing are just normal, average clothes. The way theyact we can clearly see the types of relationships between them.-The movement of the characters is very quick, which I think shows that there happy andexcited which reflects on the genre of the film. The actions of the characters shows us thatthe genre of the film could be happiness or to do with relationships and love.-The lighting that they have used throughout the first two minutes of film love actually isjust natural lighting which shows us again that they want the film to be professional andrealistic-one of the props we see in the background of the first 2 minutes of the film, is aChristmas tree which creates that the film could also be based around Christmas.


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