Briefing on ITC test and new ITCE framework - 24-25 May 2011
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Briefing on ITC test and new ITCE framework - 24-25 May 2011



Briefing on ITC test and new ITCE framework - 24-25 May 2011

Briefing on ITC test and new ITCE framework - 24-25 May 2011



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Briefing on ITC test and new ITCE framework - 24-25 May 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. New IT Competency in Education (ITCE) Framework for Pre-QTS Teachers & IT Competence (ITC) Test Prof. Joanne CHUNG, Prof. Alex FUNG and Dr. KONG Siu Cheung Implementation Group for ITC Test and ITCE Framework May 2011
  • 2. Content of the briefing today Welcoming & Introduction Implementation of ITC Test Implementation of new ITCE Framework for pre-QTS teacher education programmes Q&A
  • 3. Implementation of ITC Test
  • 4. New graduation requirements related to ITCompetency have been approved in June 2010by the Academic Board:  For non-BEd undergraduate programmes1 – passing of a new Information Technology Competence (ITC) Test  For teacher education programmes – to maintain the existing graduation requirements and procedures of ITCE2 before 2012/13 and to introduce a new framework of ITCE from 2012/13 onwards1 except Bachelor of Music in Education (BME) for the time being2 ITCE – Information Technology Competency in Education
  • 5. ITC Test for Non-B.Ed. programmes(and Pre-QTS starting 2012/13) ITC Test will serve BOTH…  Immediate need …  Non-B.Ed. undergraduate programmes  Students admitted in AY2010-11 and afterwards  In future … as part of ITCE new framework  Teacher Education Programmes leading to QTS  Students admitted in AY2012-13 and afterwards
  • 6. ITC Test for Non-B.Ed. Programmes ITC Test – Launching planned for September 2011  „Buy-in‟ IT Proficiency Test Service at CUHK  Registration for Test Service – for full-time undergraduate students admitted in AY2010 and AY 2011  100 – study period of 1 September 2010 – 31st August 2013  150 – study period of 1 September 2011 – 31st August 2014  Training and Test sessions scheduled at CUHK  Students can re-take until passing the Test
  • 7. ITC Test for Non-B.Ed. Programmes (cont’d)  Support & Co-ordination for the Test Service  Support provided by ITSC of CUHK  Self-paced learning sessions (online)  Instructor-led courses/workshops scheduled by CUHK  E-Helpdesk and telephone enquiries about the Test  Co-ordination by LTTC of HKIEd  Contact point at HKIEd for information and enquiry;  Institutional internal administration for the Test
  • 8. Implementation of new ITCE FrameworkFor pre-QTS teacher education programmes Starting with Intakes in September 2012/13
  • 9. Background of ITCE Rapid development of IT over the past 10 years “A Report on the Provision of Consultation Service: Revamp of the Teachers’ IT Training Framework” (Education Bureau, 2007)  to emphasize professional development of teachers in the pedagogical issue of using IT for promoting information literacy (IL) among students “Right Technology at the Right Time for the Right Task” (Education Bureau, 2008) New HKIEd ITCE framework for Pre-QTS teachers  revamped according to the above governmental framework
  • 10. Current ITCE operation (up to AY2011)
  • 11. New ITCE Framework Focus on 4 dimensions:  Technical Knowledge  technical components in ICT-supported classroom instruction  Socio-cultural Awareness  issues surrounding the proper use of ICT in school  Pedagogical Integration  practices for integrating ICT into learning & teaching  Managing & Leading Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)  ways to build school ICT capacity & promote systemic change in learning & teaching
  • 12. Implementing the New ITCE Frameworkfor Pre-QTS programmes at HKIEd Consists of 2 elements:  ITC Test – SAME as that for non-B.Ed. undergraduates  Integration across the Programme for Education Components Education Components Education Components Pedagogical Integration Managing & Leading ICT ITCE ITC Test ITC Test Technical Knowledge Socio-cultural Awareness
  • 13. New ITCE Framework for Pre-QTSProgrammes Education Components cover…  “pedagogical integration” – 4 performance indicators:  understand learner-centred learning environments enabled by ICT in pedagogical practices & innovations  design appropriate learning experiences that facilitate pedagogical practices using ICT  apply ICT in learning & teaching to facilitate development of IL and generic skills in students  apply ICT with multiple assessment methods in assessing student learning
  • 14. New ITCE Framework for Pre-QTSProgrammes (cont’d) Education Components cover…  “managing and leading ICT” – 5 performance indicators:  participate in making decision on hardware, software, and administrative systems of a school  participate as a team member to build school ICT capacity and promote systemic change in learning and teaching  engage in strategic planning in ICT implementation  evaluate and reflect on professional development regarding the pedagogical use of ICT  understand the policies on ICT in education at school and system levels
  • 15. Preparing for the New ITCEFramework for Pre-QTS Teachers Integration of Education Components requires:  Individual Programmes to include Education Components in a discipline-based way that best suit their programmes  Individual Departments to allow flexibility for individual programmes to carry out the course infusion  The Faculties and Institute to  oversee the course integration & effectiveness of the Education Components  provide a digital-rich environment for learning & teaching  align the policy, procedures & practices relating to the graduation requirements for ITCE for all teacher education programmes
  • 16. Preparing for the New ITCE Framework for Pre-QTS Teachers Next step – „stock check‟ exercise by Faculties/Departments for each programme:  A sample checklist will be provided for the three Faculties to work with departments/programmes  Check the current situation of integration of IT components in a programme  Attend to new areas of integration as needed in a programme  Identify areas/components which require centralised institutional support
  • 17. Sample of Checklist
  • 18. Sample of Checklist (Cont’d) Possible information to fill in the check boxes  Give  wherever appropriate  Provide the year of implementation and what kind of activity you have applied to the course your taught, for examples:  Online Discussion forum were used to promote collaborative learning and enhance student learning in the course Art-making (A) in 2010  Online quiz was used in the class of Art and Culture to understand what the students have learned at the end of the class in 2009  Using peer assessment to assess students‟ group presentation in the class of Education though Art enhance students‟ understanding of design and implementation of assessment  Decide to buy iPhone/iPod touch for the T&L activity – introduction of HK „Old‟ buildings
  • 19. Q&AThank you! Implementation Group for ITC Test and ITCE Framework