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  1. 1. Clear colour that links with the The colours of use of the school punctu Slogan badge. ation attrac ts the reader as it emphasBold is the Making eyecover point contactlines and with theto articl reader somake e. it directlyit addressesstand theout to audience.thereaderand Wearingthey uniformknow Pun which showswhat that isthey realisticare andgoing relevant toto be studentsreadin that willg. read the magazine.
  2. 2. In my magazine I used a layoutthat you would usually see in amagazine and used puns and bigbold and I have used the left toright layout that is used in themajority of magazines to attractthe reader. I have used a mediumclose up shot on the frontcover.I have developed previousmagazines by using the idea ofschool information but alsohaving articles about what theywant to know like celebrities and
  3. 3. My magazine representsparticular social groups as thecolours are unisex so for boysand girl and they show that themagazine is for children but notof an extremely young age. Alsothe colours are based round theschool badge so that it is aimedat that specific school. Byproviding articles about musicand celebrities shows that mymagazine is aimed at youngerpeople as these topics appeal tothe audience and they are mostlikely to read.
  4. 4. The type of media institutions thatmight distribute my magazine areschools that are interested inselling or giving their students anoption to buy or read a magazine ona regular basis to inform them whatis going on and to get involved inschool life more and to make apositive contribution to school byknowing what is going on and givingadvice to their students.Music companies may want to beinvolved in my magazine to as I havea section for latest music andconcerts so I would look at music
  5. 5. The audience for my magazinewould be school pupils aged 11-16that attend full time educationthat want to know more aboutwhat is going in school and alsoout of school too. And that areinterested in music and thecelebrity gossip and how they cancontrol the stress etc.
  6. 6. I attracted my audience by usingbright colours and a clearcolour scheme and bold titlesfor the articled that are goingto be in the magazine too. I alsoused a relevant picture for thecover and the person in thepicture is looking directly at thereader making eye contact whichaddress the reader. I used a punto attract the audience too.I also used ‘you’ on the cover soit directly addresses the readerand makes them want to readmore.
  7. 7. Designing my magazine I havelearnt that Microsoft Publisheris very limited when it comes todesigning the magazine and I wasvery restricted in what I couldand couldn’t do with my cover.
  8. 8. For the research and planningpart of the preliminary task Iwould give myself a mark of 13level 3.I give myself because I haveclearly gained an idea of thetype of audience that I amtargeting with my magazine andI have explored differentarticles other than based onschool life to show a clearunderstanding of what theaudience expects and have gotopinions of the target audience.I have also explored existingproducts that could help me to
  9. 9. For the production of mymagazine I would give myself 37marks a level 3.This is because I think that Ihave made my magazineappropriate for my targetaudience and used the correctlanguage for the audience. Ihave used a range in differentfonts and text sizes on mycover and contents page. I haveused a medium close up pictureon the cover and it is relevantto the magazine. The tops I’veused in my magazine arerelevant and appeal to theaudience. I’ve used a clear
  10. 10. For the Evaluation I givemyself a mark of 13 markslevel 3.I give myself this because Ihave shown proficientunderstanding of what I havedone well in my productionstage and used powerpoint toshown my evaluation. I think Ihave shown understanding howto make my main task betterthan the preliminary.To improve this mark I couldcommunicate my findings betterand maybe use a better ICT