Cellocator Accessories


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Cellocator supports a wide variety of supported accessories -such as driver identification systems, fuel and temperature sensors, MDT units, and more.

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Cellocator Accessories

  1. 1. CELLOCATOR TM ACCESSORIES The Cellocator DifferenceA wide variety of product accessories offers an end to end implementation of Cellocator products in orderto best meet the dynamic needs of your applications. Whether it is fuel saving applications, contactingdispatch center, making sure trailers are easily located and more, Cellocator product accessories areavailable to assist with these tasks.We offer a wide range of accessories to provide you with flexibility and ease of installation for fast serviceor solution deployment.
  2. 2. Application EnablersGarmin Integration Cellocator MDTGarmin integration delivers high-end navigation A robust and ergonomic Mobile Data Terminal forand enhanced communication capabilities between pure text messaging applications, commonly usedfleet managers and their drivers. Using the for communicating with central office or dispatchcapabilities of the Cellocator™ Compact units, center. Cellocator MDT utilizes Garmin protocol,a control center can send a text message to the thus enabling operators which have alreadyvehicle with the integrated system relaying the integrated Garmin protocol to use it seamlessly. Itmessage to the screen of the Garmin device. It also comes with a 5.5” Monochrome LCD display withallows Instant re-routing using “new destination” adjustable LED backlight.message prompts.The communication features also allow forenhanced navigation assistance and control, suchas location and navigation capabilities, Real-timelocation of the vehicles, alert the fleet managerwhen the vehicle has arrived at a requestedstop and when the driver has set off for the nextdestination. MDT 860 The MDT-860 Mobile Data Terminal is a robust solution for sending, receiving and storing messages. It enables displaying text and graphics,Cellocator Handsfree has a user input keyboard, and sends data to a wide variety of custom applications. MDT 860The Cellocator™ Handsfree module allows provides a field proven, cost effective platformthe driver to communicate with assistance designed to survive extreme temperature range,representatives, and Control Center (CC) operators vibrations and shock. A built in power supply isoffering full duplex voice connectivity via provided capable of operating in a wide varietymicrophone and speaker. The driver/user may of vehicles. Optionally, a PS2 keyboard can beinitiate, answer and disconnect calls via a service connected to the MDT.button. The driver may also initiate a service callor a panic call to a predefined number (controlcenter) using the panic button. The Handsfreemodule also supports silent cabin monitoringin which the CC can listen in with the speakermuted. A LED indicates the status of the call. TheCellocator unit may be programmed to answerautomatically.
  3. 3. SensorsTemperature Sensor Fuel Cap SensorThe temperature sensor enables temperature The fuel cap sensor decreases the possibility ofmeasurement applications for preventing losses fuel theft by reporting on fuel cap opening. Theespecially in refrigerated containers for the Chilled sensor, which is connected to one of the CellocatorSupply Chain Industry and other temperature unit digital inputs, detects fuel cap removal andsensitive assets. It connects to the analogue input sends a signal to the Cellocator unit digital input.of the Compact Fleet and Compact CAN devices. The Cellocator unit reports to the control center by sending an appropriate event. Installation is simple and straight forward. The fuel lid sensor can be used with all Cellocator units, including the CelloTrack.Accident sensorThe accident sensor enables accident/crashdetection by triggering upon forward/backwardimpact of above 8g, or side impact of above 3g. Driver SecurityThe sensor features false-alarm proof firmware.It is connected to a free digital input of the Cellocator KeypadCellocator device. The keypad is used for driver authentication, offering an additional authentication method besides the Dallas key. The driver enters his driver ID using the keyboard transmitting it to the Dallas input of the Cellocator unit.Fuel Level SensorAs fuel costs are rising globally, fuel-sensors allowthe incorporation of fuel monitoring services.This fuel level sensor can be fitted to all kinds ofvehicles, supports remote calibration and workswith analogue input. The sensor smoothes the Dallas Keys“jumps” created by the fuel movement in the Dallas Keys are coded keys with matching receivertank. Typical applications include theft prevention/ that enable immobilizations and driver-recognitiondetection, leak detection and refueling control. applications for both security and fleet services. Additional keys enable multiple drivers.
  4. 4. Additional AccessoriesDistress Button Trailer IDA distress button in the vehicle increases driver Trailer ID is a compact device for monitoring trailersafety, allowing the driver to alert the fleet location and connectivity as well as trailer-tractormanager when needed. correct pairing. Fleet managers can easily monitor which trailer is connected to where within the fleetImmobilizer Relay or whether a trailer is not connected.12V 40/30A relay supports immobilizing andgeneral purpose applications. Cellotrack Magnetic Bracket This bracket allows CelloTrack units to be fixed on steel (iron) surfaces by means of very strongDriver Reader with LED & Push Button permanent magnets, expanding the flexibility in the placement of units, especially for surveillance,The Driver Status Reporter provides driver containers and various cargo assets.identification and driver status reports on specialevents such as private usage of a vehicle. Theproduct contains a Dallas reader, a push buttonand a LED. The Dallas reader is used for the DriverID report, the push button is used for specialevent reports and the LED is used as a statusindication CONTROLLED by the Cellocator unit.The product can be used for applications suchas working hour reports or vehicle private usagereports. Bluetooth Adaptor The Bluetooth adaptor brings wireless technology to a serial port of a Cellocator™ unit, enabling to eliminate conventional cables for use with various applications. In addition, we offer various batteries, antennas and harnesses for various applications, such as backup batteries that enable continuous work for mission-critical applications when external power is disconnected, and harnesses for easy installation. How to Purchase For more infomation about prices and technical knowledge, please contact: Pointer Telocation Ltd. 14 Hamelacha Street, Rosh Haayin 48091, Israel Tel: +972-3-5723111, Fax: +972-3-5719698 e-mail: info@ pointer.com www.pointer.com