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Fisher FIELDVUE Instrument ValveLink Mobile Update


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ValveLink Mobile portion of Lorin Miller's 2010 Emerson Exchange presentation

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Fisher FIELDVUE Instrument ValveLink Mobile Update

  1. 1. Fisher® FIELDVUE ™ Instrument ValveLink Mobile Update Lorin Miller Sr. Marketing Manager FIELDVUE Instruments
  2. 2. ValveLink™ Mobile Customer Pain  Most configuration, calibration, and diagnostics are still done locally.  In the field, techs can look for corrosion, leakage, and damage to ancillary equipment, which are hard to assess remotely.  Speed is important. Every instrument and valve is calibrated during a shutdown or turnaround, which equates to several thousand pieces of equipment.
  3. 3. ValveLink™ Mobile - Solution  Icon Driven User Interface  Common Tasks Located on Home Screen.  High Contrast for Outdoor Viewing.  Thumb Driven Interface - No Stylus Required.  Preprogrammed diagnostics. Tests can be run, saved, and uploaded later to ValveLink or AMS.  Color Touch Screen  Li-Ion Battery  Reduced Footprint  Bluetooth / IrDA wireless capabilities for file transfer Emerson 475 Field Communicator
  4. 4. ValveLink™ Mobile on a PDA  Very compact, portable platform for local configuration, calibration, and diagnostics.  Bluetooth Communications to a HART modem  Developed for Windows Mobile platform
  5. 5. ValveLink™ Mobile Diagnostics Total Scan Step Response Valve Signature Step Study Dynamic Error Band Stroking Time Stroke Valve Status Monitor 0, 25, 50, 75, & 100% presets Monitor basic variables 2% Jog Active alerts Last calibration date
  6. 6. ValveLink™ Mobile Stroke Valve
  7. 7. ValveLink™ Mobile Status Monitor
  8. 8. Wireless File Transfer  Data collected from the field can be transferred to a desktop using Bluetooth or IrDA.
  9. 9. ValveLink™ Mobile - Benefits  "Local to the valve" is an important work practice for assessing equipment integrity.  Mobile devices have become very powerful and have the right form factor for field work.  ValveLink Mobile takes full advantage of recent developments in mobile hardware and user interface design.  Valve diagnostics that were once only available on laptops or desktops can now be brought out to the field.
  10. 10. Where To Get More Information   Local Business Partners