Business - Sharing Value? International Development and Business: Experience from Scotland


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Business - Sharing Value? International Development and Business: Experience from Scotland

  1. 1. International Development and Business:<br />Experience from Scotland<br />Colin Imrie<br />Scottish Government<br />Directorate of Energy and Climate Change <br />Presented at Business - Sharing Value? 20th September 2011, EdinburghA NIDOS event<br />
  2. 2. International Development<br /><ul><li>Scotland has a unique approach to international development
  3. 3. Our policy encourages the consideration and adoption of best practice with an emphasis on country-led identification of need, organisational and institutional capacity building and community-led development, for example, the sharing of knowledge and skills transfer.</li></li></ul><li>Scottish Policy Context<br /><ul><li>International Development Policy delivers on the commitment to advance Scotland’s place in the world as a responsible nation, by building mutually beneficial links with developing countries.
  4. 4. Developing the low carbon economy has been put at centre of GES
  5. 5. 2007 and 2011 SNP political commitments to international energy engagement
  6. 6. Budget pressures to leverage funding and investment </li></li></ul><li>International Policy Context<br /><ul><li>UNFCCC – The International Climate Change negotiations are creating momentum in bringing about a sustainable approach to development
  7. 7. Setting up $100 billion Green Fund
  8. 8. Opportunities in policy driving low carbon investment
  9. 9. Scotland looking for first mover advantage </li></li></ul><li>International Engagement on Energy and Climate Change<br /><ul><li>Promote Scotland as international destination for low carbon investment.
  10. 10. Promote high ambition on climate change by international community.
  11. 11. Support developing countries affected by climate change, principally through sharing knowledge and expertise.</li></li></ul><li>Malawi<br /><ul><li>Links between Scotland and Malawi for 150 years, since Dr David Livingstone.
  12. 12. Co-operation Agreement between governments.
  13. 13. Funding by Scottish Government of NGO and Academic Institute projects in Malawi, e.g. food production in face of climate change.
  14. 14. Strathclyde University delivering community-owned solar panels, providing skills, revenue and health improvements in communities. Potential to scale up.
  15. 15. Rural electrification and wind resource mapping.</li></li></ul><li>Maldives<br /><ul><li>Partnership on climate change.
  16. 16. Study of marine energy potential of Maldives – wave, tidal and ocean thermal.
  17. 17. Robert Gordon University, supported by Energy Technology Partnership of Scottish universities and Scottish European Green Energy Centre.
  18. 18. £48,000 costs met by Scottish Government.
  19. 19. Potential for follow-up to link to EU Climate Fund for Maldives, administered by World Bank.</li></li></ul><li>Inter-American Development Bank<br /><ul><li>Memorandum of Understanding to promote Scottish expertise in green energy technology to Latin America and Caribbean. Funded through IDB Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative.
  20. 20. IDB Strategy for Climate Change and Sustainable and Renewable Energy. IDB Energy Innovation Centre. Collaboration with International Council for Science.
  21. 21. Argentina: onshore wind. Chile: wave. Rural Electrification. CCS</li></li></ul><li>Scotland: Renewable Technologies<br />Onshore Wind<br />Offshore Wind<br />Tidal<br />Grid<br />Wave<br />CCS<br />Grid<br />
  22. 22. Presented at Business - Sharing Value? <br />20th September 2011, EdinburghA NIDOS event<br />