Climate Campaigning


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Ideas for climate campaigning

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Climate Campaigning

  1. 1. Overview of issues thatdetermine the oil fight
  2. 2. The age of ‘extreme oil’
  3. 3. ….and extreme costsUS Dollars per barrel
  4. 4. Deepwater Horizon Disaster “The oil industry’s Chernobyl”
  5. 5. The Arctic Battle has begun
  6. 6. Big Oil – crossing the line in the ice
  7. 7. A unique world – on the front line
  8. 8. Big Oil profiting from climate change
  9. 9. Arctic oil or bust for Big Oil
  10. 10. Shining the spot-light on Shell’s Arctic drilling plans
  11. 11. Success in first year of the battle• Shell mess up big time in the first year!• Over 3 million people have signed up to protect the Arctic• Shell plans under review by US Government• Globally agreed oil drilling ban possible within 3 years
  12. 12. Deep Sea Drilling inNew Zealand•Most well blow-outs occur duringexploration drilling•Deepest Taranaki production wellis 120 metres deep•Deepest new permit area is 3,100metres deep•Deepwater Horizon was 1,500metres deep
  13. 13. Technical issues•Isolated and challenging far-offshore environments•High pressure and temps of oil reservoirs•High pressure and low temps of deep sea•Poor well design•Casing cement failure•Unexpected pressure anomalies in the well•Drill crew misreading pressure anomalies•Poor management of drilling mud pressure•Inadequate diversion of a ‘kick’ on the drilling rig•Undetected shallow gas pockets•Failure of the Blow Out Preventer at the seafloor•Inadequate well integrity diagnostics
  14. 14. Relief well drilling operationNeed more than one rig to stop ablow-out
  15. 15. Fundamental issues for New Zealand• Isolation of deep sea rigs from main petroleum infrastructure• No well capping solutions other than relief well drilling
  16. 16. Economic Impact•Deepwater Horizon costs - 37 billion US$ and climbing•No International Oil Rig Spill Liability Treaty•Impact on New Zealand fishing industry•Impact on New Zealand tourism industry•Impact on ‘Clean and Green’ international reputation
  17. 17. Need an Energy Revolution! • “By 2050, around 95% of global electricity will be produced from renewable sources” • “By 2050, 80% of global primary energy demand will be covered by renewable energy sources.”
  18. 18. New Zealand’s Economic Direction? 2011 global renewable electricity investment higher than fossil fuels Projected to reach 1.7 trillion US$ by 2017 PWC Clean Economy Report estimate NZ can capture 7.5 - 22 billion NZ$ of global market by 2025
  19. 19. It’s time to back the winners
  20. 20. …however
  21. 21. Oil & coal companies buy politicians…
  22. 22. … and politicians pay oil & coal companies
  23. 23. So our ultimate aim – fossil fuel extinction!