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Hydro nation presentation

  1. 1. Jon Rathjen Team LeaderWater Industry TeamScottish Government
  2. 2. Farewell Devlin Photos
  3. 3. Hello
  4. 4. Hydro Nation - Global Context The world is waking up to the critical importance of water and to its scarcity in some locations. One in eight of the world’s population do not have access to clean water and 2.5 billion live without basic sanitation. Climate change and population pressures will lead to an estimated 30 per cent increase in demand for fresh water, in just 20 years, as the world’s food demand grows even more quickly, water availability becomes even more critical.
  5. 5. VisionOur vision for Scotland as a HydroNation is to be a country that regardswater as part of its national andinternational identity, recognises that thesustainable management of its waterresource is crucial to its future successand a key component of a growing lowcarbon economy with flourishinginternational trade.
  6. 6. Global responsibility
  7. 7. Economic Opportunity• We need to bring together the academic, utility, business and community sectors to work closely together. A technology innovation park that could help provide the proof of concept capacity to support our innovative business sector.• Feasibility Study nearing completion• Market opportunity and capacity work
  8. 8. Hydro Nation Forum• An expert group, The Hydro Nation Forum, drawn from the water industry and other informed and interested parties, will help shape the delivery of the Hydro Nation programme.
  9. 9. Centre of Expertise• We will partner with Scotland’s academic sector to develop further a centre of expertise in water issues and work to develop global recognition of Scotland as an academic centre of expertise in key water governance areas.
  10. 10. Water Resources (Scotland) Bill• Water Resources (Scotland) Bill – Introduced to Parliament – evidence for stage 1 being gathered• Hydro Nation Duty on Ministers• New emphasis for Scottish Water• Water shortage management and other improvements to water resource management.
  11. 11. Duty of the Scottish MinistersThe Scottish Ministers must take suchreasonable steps as they considerappropriate for the purpose ofensuring the development of the valueof Scotland’s water resources.
  12. 12. Priorities for 2015 onwards• Stable Charges and better service• Maintaining existing assets• Protecting public health• Climate change & environment• Increasing capacity to accommodate economic growth• Reduce water demand and catchment management to reduce pollutants
  13. 13. Changing World• The Hydro Nation agenda includes water efficiency and good stewardship• Is there room for community action on water resources?• Innovation – governance and techniques as well as little black boxes.• Energy – renewable emphasis• Conservation• Local management
  14. 14. Scotland The Hydro Nation• Scotland is determined to respond to the global challenges and capitalise on the clear economic opportunity.• Scotland has a unique contribution to make in areas such as water technology, governance, management and regulation.• Scotland has the communications capacity and global reach to project key messages on water issues and build our reputation as a Hydro Nation.