Where Am I? How Did I Get Here? WolfWalk: A Location-Aware Mobile Interface to Campus History


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Presented at WebWise 2012, March 1, 2012.

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Where Am I? How Did I Get Here? WolfWalk: A Location-Aware Mobile Interface to Campus History

  1. 1. Where Am I? How Did I Get Here?WolfWalk: A Location-Aware MobileInterface to Campus History Jason Casden North Carolina State University Libraries WebWise 2012 March 1, 2012
  2. 2. Todd Kosmerick and Adam Berenbak, NCSU Libraries
  3. 3. Motivation•  Use mobile technology to place historical images in a more relevant context•  Experiment with geolocation as a component of library services•  Enhance access to archival collections•  Build capacity for mobile development
  4. 4. WolfWalkMake it easy for the NC Statecampus community to learnabout the history of campus while on campus.
  5. 5. Outline1.  Project overview2.  Development options3.  Usage data discussion4.  Some additional considerations
  6. 6. WolfWalk Project Overview•  A historical guide to NCSU campus landmarks•  Images sourced from University Archives•  Mobile web version available March 2010; iPhone app available July 2010
  7. 7. WolfWalk 1.1 •  Released June 10, 2011 •  3 flavors –  Web App –  iPhone/iPod Touch –  iPad •  100+ sites •  1000+ imageshttp://m.lib.ncsu.edu/wolfwalk
  8. 8. Native Apps vs. The Web
  9. 9. WolfWalk•  Mobile web app –  jQuery Mobile –  PHP•  Native iOS app –  Objective-C –  Cocoa Touch
  10. 10. Our mobile web app has thesame features as our iOS app
  11. 11. …but our native iOS app sees 2.8x-5x* more use** * depending on the inclusion of iPads ** This number was 7x six months ago
  12. 12. Multi-platform frameworks•  Mulberry•  PhoneGap•  Appcelerator Titanium•  Sencha
  13. 13. Mobile Historical•  mobilehistorical.org•  iOS, Android, and web•  Omeka-based•  Center for Public History & Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University
  14. 14. Interesting usage data
  15. 15. Native app popularity
  16. 16. Usage by version
  17. 17. Map popularity
  18. 18. Percent usage by navigation
  19. 19. User demographics (?)
  20. 20. Top image request paths
  21. 21. Parents?
  22. 22. Current and recent students?
  23. 23. Grandparents?
  24. 24. Daily trends
  25. 25. Historical State
  26. 26. WolfWalk
  27. 27. Practical ConsiderationsHow robust is the wireless connection on your campus?
  28. 28. Practical ConsiderationsHow do you deliver high-quality media (images/audio/video) without compromising the user experience?
  29. 29. Practical ConsiderationsDoes your metadata need to be modified for the mobile context?
  30. 30. Photograph from the NCSU Libraries University Archives Photograph Collection (c. 1910)
  31. 31. Historical StateTitle: President D. H. Hill and staff, North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.Subjects: College presidents; Hill, D. H. (Daniel Harvey), 1859-1924; North Carolina State University; People; TeachersSite: [D. H. Hill Library (Raleigh, N.C.)]Description: [D. H. Hill Library is named for Daniel Harvey Hill (1859-1924), an English professor at North Carolina State University and one of the college’s first five faculty members. He was president of the University from 1908-1916. The Library was built in four stages, the east wing first in 1953, the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union or west wing second in 1954, the old book stack tower third in 1971, and the new book stack tower fourth in 1990. In 2007, a major renovation of the east wing of the library was completed. D. H. Hill Library is the main library of the NCSU Libraries system, which is composed of five library facilities.]
  32. 32. WolfWalkTitle: D.H. Hill (with pocket watch) and NC State staffSite: DH Hill LibraryDescription: After the first library, located in Brooks Hall, became too small, a new D.H. Hill Library was built in 1953. It was expanded in 1954 and towers were added in 1972 (Bookstack North) and 1990 (Bookstack South). Its namesake, D.H. Hill, was appointed professor of English and bookkeeping in 1889 and became one of the universitys first five faculty members. He selected most of the librarys books and served as the universitys vice president from 1905 to 1908 and president from 1908 to 1916.
  33. 33. WolfWalk Credits•  The project team –  Tito Sierra –  Jason Casden –  Cory Lown –  Steven Morris –  Markus Wust –  Brian Dietz –  Joseph Ryan –  Todd Kosmerick
  34. 34. Thanks!Jason Casdenjason_casden@ncsu.edu@cazzersonm.lib.ncsu.edu/wolfwalkSlides: go.ncsu.edu/wolfwalk-webwise2012