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The Nelson Mandela Way- 21 Principles for Passionate Leaders

The Nelson Mandela Way- 21 Principles for Passionate Leaders



To download this eBook in full, please visit http://calebstorkey.com/nelson-mandela. ...

To download this eBook in full, please visit http://calebstorkey.com/nelson-mandela.

I’m a leader who wants to change the world, experience success & see others be successful. If you’re a fan of Nelson Mandela and his sayings - I’m guessing you may have a similar heartbeat & desire.

In my pursuit for understanding key principles of success, I’ve looked in detail at the lives, skills & character of many leaders. And it’s led me to an important question:

How do we define success in leadership?

For some it is compartmentalised into having influence, financial freedom, the recognition & praise of others & being the master of one’s destiny. But sadly, for too few, the focus is not about making a difference in the lives of others.

So many people chase after the latest fad and swallow the life numbing success pills that we’re offered. Bigger house. More exclusive holiday. Greater convenience. Life on our terms.

I know people who spend more time planning what car they will buy next than what difference their life makes to those beyond their family. Like lemmings, it’s easy to become self obsessed & consumed in the need for more.

But there is also an increasing number of people who want more from success. Who want wholehearted success. And many of those people are inspired by the likes of Nelson Mandela. I’m guessing you may be one of them.

What if success requires discomfort? What if success requires embracing frailty & leads you down a different route? What if this success takes everything you valued from you, with no guarantee that you’ll get it back. Is that success….or stupidity?

This was the success that Nelson Mandela experienced, & subsequently there’s so much that todays leaders, entrepreneurs & thinkers can learn from him.

Why do you need The Nelson Mandela Way- 21 Principles for Passionate Leaders?

Mandela’s thinking is even more relevant for the boardroom, organisation leaders & the start up entrepreneur than ever before, as it points to an authentic, effective approach to leadership.

In today’s increasingly transparent culture, it’s no longer possible to hide your failings & the failings of your business. Short cuts get exposed & broken promises spread like wildfire. The Nelson Mandela Way allows you to take a stock check of your approach to leadership, & make necessary adjustments.

Without the deep work of personal development & organisational leadership, you are more likely to experience self induced failings that will affect you, your organisation and those close to you. Prevention is better than cure.

Here are examples of a few of the principles:

Be Courageous
Know When To Step Down
Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin
Lead With Conviction
Be The Change You Want To See
Think Big
Forgive and Love Others
Be Authentic
Make People Your Priority
Don’t Give Up
Make The Impossible, Possible

Nelson Mandela leaves a legacy that has changed the lives of millions.



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