February 19th powerpoint


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February 19th powerpoint

  1. 1. Byrne Creek Leo Club Meeting February 19th, 2013 Thank you for attending!
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies• Please put on table cloths before you eat.• Remain SEATED, SILENT, STILL and ATTENTIVE during the meeting.• Please clean up after yourselves and do NOT leave any mess behind.• Please do NOT dump any food down the drain.
  3. 3. Signing Up OnlineHave you signed up on byrnecreek.info?
  4. 4. Thank You To Volunteers!For taking part in:• NCBWF Family Day Conference• Parent Info Night• Valentine’s Day Rose Sale(and Delivery)• Edmonds Community Centre Performances• Black History Month Set Up
  5. 5. Black History Month Celebration• Objective: Set Up, take down and servers• When? Wednesday, FEBRUARY 20TH• Time? 3:00PM-9:00PM• Where? Atrium• Thank you for people who helped set up!• Tickets are $5 each or $15 for a family of 4FREE FOR VOLUNTEERS!!****************WEAR LEO SHIRTS!****************
  6. 6. Volunteers• Sharon Lam • Matthew Luu• Joyce Kam • Twinkle Perfecto• Ihsan Hage-Hassan • Angela Fu• Jeffery Lam • Raphaella Robles• Rebecca Yet • Werd Khader• Aisle Neral • Jessica Lusuegro• Frances Agbayani • Jennifer Lusuegro• Melissa Pascual • Bowaine Ma• Stevens Qiu • Darren Gill
  7. 7. Pro-D Day at Byrne Creek Setup• What? Setup for the following event• When? Thursday, February 21st• Time? 3:00PM-5:00PM• Where? Byrne Creek Secondary School
  8. 8. VolunteersSET UP:Rachel Robles Justin Lin Ihsan Hage-HassanMariel Pasana Jason Lin Joyce KamKaren Liang Adnan Khan Sharon LamVincent Fitton Ivan Kunestov Youjin Lim
  9. 9. Pro-D Day at Byrne Creek• What? Direction and other assistance• When? Friday, February 22nd• Time? 7:30AM-3:30PM• Where? Byrne Creek Secondary School************WEAR LEO SHIRTS************
  10. 10. VolunteersEVENT:Jenny Peng Jessica Lusuegro Ke HuangAriana Lee Rebecca Yet Ikjot BhogalBonnie Ng Reece Avila Dani SwannieMaegan Poblacion Mandy Shen Priya SharmaAngela Fudawg Milena Carrasco Youjin LimRachel Robles Stevens Qiu Matthew LuuTwinkle Perfecto Betty ZhongRaphaella Robles Joy Zhu
  11. 11. Pro-D Day at Taylor Park Setup• What? Set up for the following event• When? Thursday, February 21st• Time? right after school• Where? Taylor Park Elementary School Anyone want to make a switch from the Byrne Creek Pro-D Day to this one?****************************WEAR LEO SHIRTS***************************
  12. 12. Pro-D Day at Taylor Park• What? Assisting and direction guidance• When? Friday, February 22nd• Time? 7:30AM-1:00PM• Where? Taylor Park Elementary School We really need people to sign up (au moin 10).****************************WEAR LEO SHIRTS***************************
  13. 13. Volunteers EVENT:• Mamta Sharma• Milena Carrasco• Mandy Shen• Manisha Sharma• Reece Avila
  14. 14. Overhead Rolls Cleaning With Sustainability Council• What? Cleaning overhead rollers• When? Wednesday, February 27th• Time? 3:00PM-5:00PM• Where? TBA (most likely B102)• 30 Volunteers Needed!
  15. 15. Grade 7 Orientation• Purpose: To give a tour for gr.7 students and let them know our school better.• Date: March 1st(Friday)• Time: 8:30AM-11:00AM• Location: Meet in Atrium• Dress code: Leo Shirts• 2-3 Volunteers Needed
  16. 16. Volunteers• Frances Agbayani• Maggie Lee• Molly Yang• Werd Khader
  17. 17. Jeans Day Button Packaging• Purpose: To help out with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation for Jeans DayTM.• Dates: March 4th(Monday) March 5th (Tuesday) March 6th (Wednesday)• Time: 2 Shifts: 3:00PM-7:00PM 5:00PM-9:00PM• Location: To Be Announced• Dress Code: Leo Shirt• 30 Volunteers needed for each night!
  18. 18. Rec’ N Read Program• Purpose: To help elementary students with literacy, social and behavioural needs.• Dates: February 28th-April 25th (Thursdays) (8 sessions)• Time: 2:45PM-4:15PM• There will also be an orientation announced at a later date. (Must go to all sessions if you sign up)• Location: Windsor Elementary• Dress Code: Leo Shirts• 20 Volunteers Needed
  19. 19. Multicultural Spring Festival• Purpose: To celebrate Spring Festival and promote multiculturalism.• Date: Changed to April 19th (Friday)• Time: 5:00PM-8:00PM• Location: Atrium• Dress Code: Leo Shirt• Need people to bring multicultural foods• Need performances• $10 Per ticket (Free for helpers)
  20. 20. Leo/NC Lions Conference• Purpose: To meet Leos and Lions around the District and learning more about helping out after graduation.• Date: April 27th (Saturday)• Time: 9:00AM-2:00PM• Location: Empire Landmark Hotel• Dress Code: Semi Formal (Bring Leo shirt as well)Cost $10 (includes lunch)As many participants are welcome
  21. 21. Participants• Vincent Fitton • Stevens Qiu • Eric Zheng• Bonnie Ng • Matthew Luu • Eunice Choi• Ariana Lee • Raphaella Robles • Hyunjin Ku• Michelle Ly • Rachel Robles • Jessie Park• Esther Shin • Twinkle Perfecto • Jonathan Tang• Michaela Morelli • Bowain Ma • Joy Zhu• Mariel Pasana • Brandon Mah • Kelly Lee• Karen Liang • Jenny Peng • Maegan Poblacion• Aiken Lao • Ikjot Bhogal • Priya Lien• DoBin Yang • Dani Swannie • Rebecca Yet• Aisle Neral • Priya Sharma • Shindee Lau• Maegan Poblacion • Mamta Sharma • Bryan Lee• Melissa Pascual • Clarissa Chiang • Barry Qiu• May Ubungen • Angela Qi • Maegan Poblacion• Lizette Calangian • Betty Zhong • Ke Huang• Angela Fu • Brandon Mah• Leon Wu • Clarissa Chiang
  22. 22. District 19A Conference• Purpose: To compete against other Leos and Lions for awards.• Date: April 27th(Saturday)• Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM• Location: Empire Landmark Hotel• Dress Code: Leo shirt• As many participants are welcome
  23. 23. District 19A Conference• Anyone want to go for any awards?• Our goal: WIN ALL OF THEM• CATERGORIES: -Five Minute Achievement -Musical Comedy -Musical Performance -Tall Tales -Uniform Delegation (aka Uniform Parade) -What Being a Leo Means to Me.
  24. 24. Participants• Michelle Ly • Clarissa Chiang • Matthew Luu• Ariana Lee • Dani Swannie • Priya Lien• Bonnie Ng • Eric Zheng • Priya Sharma• Esther Shin • Eunice Choi • Rachel Robles• Michaela Morelli • Hyunjin Ku • Raphaella Robles• Jinny Ku • Ikjot Bhogal • Rebecca Yet• Melissa Pascual • Jenny Peng • Shindee Lau• May Ubungen • Jessie Park • Stevens Qiu• Lizette Calangian • Jonathan Tang • Twinkle Perfecto• Aiken Lao • Joy Zhu • Vincent Fitton• Angela Qi • Ke Huang• Barry Qiu • Kelly Lee• Betty Zhong • Leon Wu• Bowaine Ma • Maegan Poblacion• Brandon Mah • Mamta Sharma
  25. 25. Vancouver Sun Run• Purpose: To participate in the Sun Run and help raise money• Date: April 21st (Sunday)• Time: 9:00AM (Meet 8:15AM at Edmonds Station)• Early bird special now over, cost is now $25
  26. 26. Participants• Ke Huang • Manisha Sharma• Eric Zheng • Jenny Peng• Angel Ha • Jinny Ku• Darren Gill • Joy Zhu• Shannon Bianca Piollo • Betty Zhong• Stephanie Yu • Leon Wu• Priya Sharma • Brandon Mah• Oliver Fujiki • Stevens Qiu• Nhi Nguyen • Young Joo LeeIf your name has an “X” • Alyzza Alindogan beside it, you have still yet to pay
  27. 27. Sponsor Teacher Comments
  28. 28. Projector-Pro-D Day @ Byrne Creek -Black History Month(Set up and event) Celebration-Pro-D Day @ Taylor Park (Setup and event)-Overhead Rolls Cleaning -Jeans Day Button PackagingWith Sustainability Council -Rec’ N Read Program-Multicultural Spring Festival(Performances and Food)-Grade 7 Orientation -Leo/NC Lions Conference-Vancouver Sun Run -District 19A Conference