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Feb 12 LEO Meeting PPT


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Feb 12 LEO Meeting PPT

  1. 1. Feb. 12, 2013 LEO Meeting How was Family Day?Ready for Valentine’s Day?
  2. 2. Meeting courtesies• Please remain quiet during the meeting• Remember to put on table cloths BEFORE eating• Do NOT dump your food down the sink• Clean up after yourself
  3. 3. Sign up on
  4. 4. Thank you volunteers!• Valentine’s Day Rose Folding• Valentine’s Day Rose Sale• Grade 7 Orientation• NCBWF Education Session
  5. 5. Valentine’s Day Rose Sale• No more volunteers needed!• Date: Tuesday Feb. 12th and Wednesday Feb. 13th• Time: Lunch• Location: Atrium• Details: 1 rose for $2.00 6 roses for $10.00 12 roses for $20.00
  6. 6. List of Volunteers• Ena Krdzalic • Joyce Kam• Sarah Abood • Bowaine Ma• Sharon Lam • Clarissa Chiang• Ihsan Hage-hassan • Michelle Ly• Lizette Calangian • May Ubungen
  7. 7. Parent Info Night• Volunteers needed for setup, LEO booth, assisting parents and teachers• Date: Tuesday, February 12th• Time: 3:00pm to 8:00pm• Dress code: LEO shirt• Meet in Room B102 after school today
  8. 8. List of Volunteers• Raphaella Robles • Angela Qi• Molly Yang • Carson Liu• Twinkle Perfecto • Frances Agbayani• Ashley Cayabyab • Maegan Poblacion• Jenny Peng • Rachel Robles• Eric Zheng • Angela Fu• Ivan Endrinal
  9. 9. Black History Month Celebration Setup• Need volunteers to setup stage, risers, back screens• Date: Friday, February 15th• Time: 3:00pm to 4:30pm• Meet in Room B102 after school
  10. 10. Grade 7 OrientationTaylor Park Stride Avenue• Friday, February 15th • Friday, March 1st• 1:30pm to 3:00pm • 9:30am to 11:00am
  11. 11. List of VolunteersFebruary 15 March 1• Reece Avila • Frances Agbayani• Mandy Shen • Maggie Lee • Molly Yang • Werd Khader
  12. 12. Edmonds Community Centre Performance• Need 5 volunteers for performances• Date: Saturday, February 16th• Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm• Location: Edmonds Community Centre• Dress code: LEO shirt
  13. 13. List of Volunteers• Maegan Poblacion• Jessie Park• Shindee Lau• Laura Kim
  14. 14. Black History Month Celebration• Need about 25 volunteers to help with set- up, take down, and serving food• Date: Wednesday, February 20• Time: 3:00pm to 9:00pm• Dress code: LEO shirt• Meet in Room B102
  15. 15. List of Volunteers• Sharon Lam • Melissa Pascual• Joyce Kam • Stevens Qiu• Ihsan Hage-hassan • Matthew Luu• Jeffrey Lam • Twinkle Perfecto• Rebecca Yet • Angela Fu• Aisle Neral • Raphaella Robles• Frances Agbayani • Jessica Lusuegro• Werd Khader • Jennifer Lusuegro• Youjin Lim • Bowaine Ma
  16. 16. Pro-D Day Setup• Need volunteers to help setup• Date: Thursday, February 21st• Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  17. 17. List of Volunteers• Rachel Robles • Adnan Khan• Mariel Pasana • Ivan Kunestov• Karen Liang • Ihsan Hage-hassan• Vincent Fitton • Joyce Kam• Justin Lin • Sharon Lam• Jason Lin
  18. 18. Pro-D Day• Need about 30 volunteers to help with setup, assisting and directing teachers to their workshops• Date: Friday, February 22nd• Time: 7:30am to 3:30pm• Dress code: LEO Shirt
  19. 19. List of Volunteers• Jenny Peng • Reece Avila• Ariana Lee • Mandy Shen• Bonnie Ng • Milena Carrasco• Maegan Poblacion • Stevens Qiu• Angela Fu • Betty Zhong• Rachel Robles • Joy Zhu• Twinkle Perfecto • Ke Huang• Raphaella Robles • Ikjot Bhogal• Jessica Lusuegro • Dani Swannie• Rebecca Yet • Priya Sharma
  20. 20. Pro-D Day (Taylor Park)• Need volunteers to help with setup and assisting teachers• Location: Taylor Park Elementary School• Date: Friday, February 22nd• Time: 7:30am to 3:30pm• Dress code: LEO shirt
  21. 21. List of Volunteers• Mamta Sharma• Milena Carrasco• Mandy Shen• Manisha Sharma• Reece Avila
  22. 22. Overhead Roll Cleaning• Need 30 volunteers to help clean overhead rolls• Date: Wednesday, February 27th• Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  23. 23. Spring Festival Poster Meeting• Need 3-4 volunteers• Date: Wednesday, February 27th• Time: After school• Location: Room B102
  24. 24. Spring Festival• Multicultural celebration• Volunteers needed for different activities: formal waiters, performances, booths, etc.• Date: Friday, March 8th• Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
  25. 25. List of Volunteers• Mariel Pasana• Karen Liang
  26. 26. Spring Festival Performances• Need volunteers for multicultural performances• Same time and date as Spring Festival
  27. 27. LEO and International Overnight Retreat• Year-end trip to make fun memories with your friends• Date: Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31st (2 Nights and 3 Days)• Cost: $125.00• More details from chairs…
  28. 28. Do It Green Conference Setup• Need 30 volunteers for event setup• Date: Thursday, April 18th• Time: Afterschool• Location: Burnaby North Secondary• Dress code: LEO shirt
  29. 29. Do It Green Conference• Need 30 volunteers for assisting presenters• Date: Friday, April 19th• Time: 8:00am to 4:30pm• Location: Burnaby North Secondary• Dress code: LEO shirt• Food is provided
  30. 30. Vancouver Sun Run• Early bird applications NOW DUE!• Date: Sunday, April 21st• Time: 9:00am• MEET AT EDMONDS STN @ 8:15AM• Objective: participate in the 10K run to raise money for charity (we need at least 20 members for early bird registration)• Early bird cost: $20.00• Regular cost: $25.00
  31. 31. List of Participants• Ke Huang • Mamta Sharma• Eric Zheng • Jenny Peng• Angela Qi • Jinny Ku• Angel Ha • Joy Zhu• Darren Gill • Betty Zhong• Shannon Piollo • Leon Wu• Nhi Nguyen • Brandon Mah• Stephanie Yu • Stevens Qiu• Priya Sharma
  32. 32. LEO/New Century Lions Conference• Meet members from different LEO and Lions clubs in the lower mainland• Date: Saturday, April 27th• Time: 9:00am to 2:00pm• Location: Empire Landmark Hotel• Dress code: Semi-formal attire (but bring LEO shirt)
  33. 33. List of Participants• Vincent Fitton • Mariel Pasana• Bonnie Ng • Karen Liang• Ariana Lee • Aiken Lao• Michelle Ly • Dobin Yang• Esther Shin • Aisle Neral• Michaela Morelli • Maegan Poblacion
  34. 34. District 19A Conference• Participate in different fun competitions and maybe win prizes!• Date: Saturday, April 27th• Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm• Location: Empire Landmark Hotel• Dress code: LEO shirt
  35. 35. List of Participants• Michelle Ly• Ariana Lee• Bonnie Ng• Esther Shin• Michaela Morelli• Jinny Ku
  37. 37. SIGN UP TABLES PROJECTOR-Edmonds Community -Vancouver Sun RunPerformance -LEO/International-Do It Green Set-up Overnight Retreat-Do It Green Conference -Parent Info Night-Grade 7 Orientation -Overhead Roll Cleaning-Black History Month Set-up -Spring Festival-Black History Month -Spring Festival Poster MeetCelebration -Spring Festival Performances-LEO/New Century Lions -Pro D Day Set-upConference -Pro D Day-District 19A Conference -Pro D Day Taylor Park