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Glasgow carpet cleaning companies & commercial carpet cleaners 0141 221 7355

Glasgow carpet cleaning companies & commercial carpet cleaners 0141 221 7355

Published in: Self Improvement
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  • 1. The purpose of carpet cleaning Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.
  • 2. Why clean carpets??? Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer- lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.
  • 3. Before and AfterCarpets usually need a cleaning at least once, maybe twice a year depending on traffic and dirt buildups.
  • 4. Foam Cleaning FOAM CLEANING: Along with steam cleaning, you can also foam clean carpets. Using a machine similar to a buffer, the shampoo is released onto a brush that works it’s way into the fibers of the carpet. After the application, you must wait an hour or two for it to dry. Then vacuum the entire area to remove the dirt. Your carpet will be looking brand new after everything dries.
  • 5. Shampoo Method SHAMPOO METHOD: This is the oldest way to "clean" carpets. Using a buffer, the solution is poured on to the brush of the buffer, which then is worked into the carpet. You must clean a small area at a time, going over it two or three times, just like buffing a floor. Edges and corners must be done by hand. This method can damage carpet, especially if there is a tear, so be careful. You finish the job by vacuuming. The vacuuming may be the only way the carpet is actually cleaned. The solution used to clean the carpet has brighteners in it and will make the carpet look nice.
  • 6. Bonnet Cleaning BONNET CLEANING: Instead of using the shampoo method just discussed, using a bonnet is actually a much better way to go. The bonnet is placed at the base of your buffer. Dip it into a shampoo solution first and then go over the carpet, just as if buffing a floor. The bonnet starts to get soiled. This means it is actually removing dirt from the carpet. Rinse it out, turn it over and keep working with it until it is too soiled to continue. Follow up by vacuuming the carpet once it is dry. Drying time is usually 30 minutes.
  • 7. Dry methods DRY METHODS: The dry system is actually a three- part procedure. First you sprinkle the solvent on the carpet. It’s a powder. The directions say you must allow the powder to stay on the carpet for about 15 minutes. Then, using a special buffer with two rotating heads, you go over the carpet. This rotates the cleaning powder into the carpet. Your final step is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. As you vacuum, the powder and the dirt it has accumulated is removed. The great thing about the dry method is that there is no drying time whatsoever. For schools, offices, 24-hour facilities, it is best way to go.
  • 8. Steam Cleaning Steam cleaning is the most common carpet cleaning method. Todeep clean a carpet, it will need to be steam cleaned at least once per year. Steam cleaning is a misnomer for there really is no steam. Hot water with a cleaning solution is extracted via a wand. You go over the carpet a section at a time, overlapping your last pass. As the hot water is extracted, the wand is also vacuuming up the water and the dirt. When you look at the water being extracted, it often looks brown and dirty meaning it’s working to keep those carpets clean. The carpet takes up to 8 hours to dry. As it dries, the carpet nap rises and the result is a very clean, fresh and "new- appearing" carpet.
  • 9. Conclusion…. Depending on how clean and how much you’re willing to spend, it would be best to consider your options. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services in the yellow pages and these companies would be the best since they have machines attached to their work vehicles and are fairly affordable. Keeping your carpet and rugs clean provides your home and office a stunning visual and it’s healthy for your family and kids.