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Equipment 101 ppt Equipment 101 ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Lab Equipment 101 correct responses are in red actual responses given by 2013-14 students
  • What Are these called? • flasks • cone beakers • triangular beakers • vase • Erlin Meyor flask.....getting closer..... • Erlenmeyer flask
  • What Are these Called? • Becker • Beaker..... but capitalize Beaker and you get this: • beaker
  • What are these called and what are they used for? • Scoopers. Used for scooping stuff. • scoop for scooping. • chemistry spoon. To eat cereal. • stir sticks • scoops or spatulas. Used for transferring dry chemicals.
  • What is this called? • fancy scale. • weight scale. • scale to weigh stuff. • hot plate. Yeah.....not quite. • electronic balance.
  • What are these little plastic thingies used for? • plastic dishes are used to hold different substances. • used for holding things. • they are used to weigh a non-compact form and then to pour.....gettin’ closer.... • weigh boats are used to contain solid chemicals while being weighed on an electronic balance (which is what most of you called a scale.)
  • What is this called and what is it used for? • tongs. They grab stuff. • tongues. (Turn your autocorrect off)! :) • pinching • clamp • test tube tongs are used to pick up test tubes (usually when they are hot).
  • What is this called and what is it used for? • graduated colander. (You mean the strainer thingie in your kitchen?) Thanks for playing. Is your autocorrect on, too? :) • cylinder to measure liquids • graduated cylinders or graduates for short, are used to measure liquid volumes.
  • What are these used for? • Funnels are used to get large amounts of a material [a liquid] into a test tube or other small piece of equipment [container]. (Above answer provided by a student. Enough said about funnels.)
  • What is this called? • Busem burner • hot plate (seriously?!?) • Bensenville burner • bunson burner....closer • bunsen burner.....closer.....closer..... • Bunsen burner (it’s capitalized because it’s named after a person).