Africa Jv Ppp Oct 2009


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an overview for potential JV partners from Africa - and also applicable to all Southern hemisphere clients

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Africa Jv Ppp Oct 2009

  1. 1. INSULATED CONCRETE FORMS Innovative, Sustainable & Strategic Opportunities Ann McLennan
  2. 4. What we do - insulated concrete formwork (ICF)
  3. 5. Our buildings take a systems approach.... much like your body bones & muscles ......... ICF & eco-concrete lungs..........................MHVR skin ..... solar PV collectors & reclaimed/renewable materials ....ICF buildings must be integrated ....partnerships with ancillary systems are needed and valued
  4. 6. We seek to provide buildings that are... marketable adaptable affordable sustainable unique ...through...
  5. 7. exemplar site considerations & design cutting edge engineering unique natural element designing superior energy efficiency principles well selected renewable technologies handcrafted & recycled local materials planned & monitored water & waste control Designer Covers Mountain House with Recycled Tin Cans in Patagonia
  6. 8. heat can be kept in or out - dependent on global region think - airtight envelope
  7. 11. Sustainable Construction : Eco/green concrete
  8. 17. Our EPS/ICF products supply the engineered bones of an energy efficient building with a LCA of +120 yrs
  9. 20. Our Core Product & Service - ICF Wall systems
  10. 27.
  11. 33. Text Text Text Text Text
  12. 34. Kirkcudbright 2009
  13. 40. Possibilities...
  14. 41. There is huge scope for unique external finishing....... render & wood recycled stone aluminium
  15. 42. ... to weathered, more natural finishes
  16. 43. . PV exteriors - self contained electrics for housing.......
  17. 44. ...otherwise known as ..... Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) • Financial appeal – costs are combined for a building material and power generation • Distributed power generation – greater independence and less reliance on centralised fossil fuel power sources • Economies of scale – leverages a large inventory of constructed surface area for renewable power production • Improved real estate values – capitalise on short- and long-term property investment • Easy integration to standard construction practice – can be retrofitted to existing construction or installed new • No independent support structures – minimise system cost - fit on ICF systems easily • Hassle-free operation – low to no maintenance, with no moving parts • Improved aesthetics
  18. 52. We offer our partners ...unique joint venture opportunities that start with ICF systems training & products... ...and add well designed regionally suitable renewable energies... Carnegie Mellon University - concept house
  19. 53. a long term partnership for traditional and modern developments We offer our partners
  20. 54. ....opportunities for new product development & exporting... ...improving on old technologies and developing new technologies... University of Nottingham (UON) Consórcio Brasil (UBR) Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (MON) We offer our partners
  21. 55. consider the challenges think about the opportunities call us to discuss how we can help each other some last thoughts......
  22. 56. thanks for your time