Landowner Workshop Introduction


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Landowner Workshop Introduction

  1. 1.  The Landowner Workshop was held annually starting in 2004 and had more than 100 participants in the first two years. Participation dropped to about 25 and then it was cancelled in 2007 for lack of participation. With the right topics we should have a lot of interest from the target audience.
  2. 2.  Primary Focus: Landowners with 100 or fewer acres There will be additional interest from larger landowners based on the topics presented. We expect at least 100 participants to attend, but again there may be more attendants based upon the topics and the presenters.
  3. 3. Date: Friday, July 27, 2012Time: 8 a.m. or so until 4 p.m.Registration begins at 7 a.m.Location: The Extension & Research Centerin Dallas on Coit RoadMeeting Room: The auditorium in the Whitehurst EducationBuilding.The pavilion will be used for lunchThe foyer of the auditorium will be used for snacks
  4. 4.  Preregistration for the event will take place through Monday, July 23  Use PayPal online through the NTMN website  Download a registration form and send it in with a check Cost to preregister is $50 Registration after July 23 is $75 Volunteers and state employees  Do not pay registration fee  Pay $15 for lunch and snacks
  5. 5. Dale Rollins is a quailexpert and founder ofRolling Plains QuailResearch Ranch inAbilene (funded in partby Boone Pickens andPark Cities Quail Club)and wildlife specialistat the AgriLifeExtension & Researchfacility in San Angelo.He will share hisexpertise on managinghabitat for wildlife.
  6. 6. BillyHigginbotham, Professor at TAMU Research &Extension Service, is awildlife and fisheriesspecialist.He will speak on pondmanagement and weedcontrol.
  7. 7. David Sierra of the East Texas EcologicalEducation Center in Tyler will cover techniquesfor prescribed burning.
  8. 8. Michael Brooks of the Natural ResourcesConservation Service will speak on droughtmanagement and erosion control.
  9. 9. Brett Johnson, UrbanWildlife Biologist withTexas Parks & Wildlife,will speak about thefundamentals of WildlifeTax Valuation and willfill in on other topics thatmay arise during thecourse of the seminar.
  10. 10. • At the last workshop Kubota brought in small tractors and other machines that would appeal to this demographic. They sold a few.• We have a sponsor for lunch, Lone Star Ag Credit, which Fred Burrell has lined up.• We should be able to solicit and sell exhibit space in the foyer.
  11. 11. Sponsor $1,000 level Your company’s’ name will be announced during the program as a “Sponsor” and included in all print, website and social media marketing plus you will be able to hand out promotional materials at the event.Supporter $500 level Your company’s’ name will be announced during the program as a “ Supporter” and included in all print, website and social media marketing.Exhibitor $200 level Your company’s’ name will be announced during the program as an “ Exhibitor” and included in all print, website and social media marketing.
  12. 12. • Texas Parks and Wildlife and AgriLife Extension would manage the content of the program and the presenters.• The NTMN would provide support for the program.
  13. 13.  We have prepared a press release and flyers and are distributing them to the target audience. You may assist if you have someone who might be interested, you may attach these documents to an email. Or you may simply send them to the NTMN Website, the announcement for the Landowner Workshop is on the homepage.
  14. 14.  We have prepared a cover letter and a document describing the sponsorship levels. If you have a person or company in mind that might want to sponsor the Landowner Workshop, you could contact them by email and attach the cover letter and sponsorship document. If you meet them in person, you may printout the cover letter and sponsorship document and give it to them.
  15. 15.  We will have a drawing for door prizes at the end of the program. We already have one terrific prize: a framed photo of a pair of wild turkeys by Rob Wilbourn. Door prizes will be displayed in the foyer and so someone donating a door prize will also get an exhibit in the foyer.
  16. 16.  Lunch will be catered and served in the Pavilion by Randy White’s catering. Fred uses them often and it will be easy to carry out. Pavilion will need to be setup for the lunch: tables, table clothes, etc. This may be done the day before. There will be morning and afternoon snacks served in the foyer.
  17. 17.  The proceedings will be put on an CD or DVD and will include presentations, papers, and etc. from presenters. We will also include brochures from AgriLife and TP&W Fred’s assistants will be able to duplicate disks and labels. Materials for the proceedings disk should be sent in to Fred by June 20.
  18. 18.  Registration will be online through the NTMN website using PayPal to collect the funds. On the day of the event we will have to check people in:  Everybody gets a name tag and ticket for door prize  Pre-registrants will present their prepaid form  People registering the day of the event will have to pay by cash or check Volunteers and state employees will have to pay $15 for lunch if they want to lunch with the group.
  19. 19.  We will be able to park 100 vehicles at the Coit facility. We are asking people to car pool Overflow parking will be at the Home Depot parking lot. We will use a rented bus to take people to and from overflow parking. You would be busy before and after the event with small involvement during the program (if any).
  20. 20. Administrator for Fred and Brett onthe day of the event.
  21. 21. Exhibit Coordinator Eighteen exhibits setup in the foyer Exhibits from sponsors, presenters, state agencies, door prizes, and NTMN projects Setup the day before, Thursday July 26 Monitor during the day to prevent losses
  22. 22.  Work with the onsite coordinator to insure everything is setup and working properly. Many volunteer hours plus able to attend the entire workshop.
  23. 23. Date: Thursday, June 21Time: 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.Location: Marsh Lane AgriLife office
  24. 24. • Volunteer hours• Advanced training: 6 AT hours for the entire program• Cost of seminar is waived for volunteers• Volunteer hours