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  • 1. • Hi! - Hi there! - Hi man (buddy, dude, mate, brother, bro)• Hi 5! (kids) – Hi everyone! – Hi everybody!• Hello! - Hallo! - Hello all! – Hello guys (fellows)• How are you? – How are you today? – How’s it going? – How youdoin’?• What’s up- All good? – You’re right? – Are you all right? – Are you ok?• What are you up to? – What you’ve been up to?
  • 2. • Good, thanks. How are you?• I’m all right. – I’m ok, how about you?• Great! And you? - I’m excellent! – Oh, that’s good!• Not (too) bad, thank you. (= good)• Not so good, no... (= bad) + reason (I have a headache) (That’s toobad. Sorry)• Pretty well – Pretty good – I’m fine.
  • 3. • Hello! – Hi there!• What’s up = #whassup• Who’s that?• It’s ___(your name)____ speaking, from ___(your company)_____.• What (are) you doing? – A= (I’m) Just having a coffee and watching TV.• Hold on = Hang on. (Hold on a sec)  sec = second.•
  • 4. Please, see this video below and try to notice thewords you have learnt so far:
  • 5. • Good Morning! = Morning! ( 1 am to noon)•Good Afternoon! (noon to about 5pm)•Good Evening! = Evening! (5pm to about 9pm)• Good Night! = Have a good night! ( 7pm to after midnight)• Good day! = G’day! (any time)• Have a good one! (anything)
  • 6. • Nunca diga WHAT! quando não entender algo• I’M SORRY ?• EXCUSE ME ?• I BEG YOUR PARDON ?• PARDON ?
  • 7. • What’s your name? – Just say your name! or I’m _______.• Mind your pronounciation when saying your name.• Spell your name (just in case) if anyone ask it.• Nice to meet you. Glad to meet you. (informal)• Pleased to meet you. How do you do? (formal)