General conversation talks


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General conversation talks

  2. 2. Beginning the lesson
  3. 3. Greeting•Good afternoon.•Good evening.
  4. 4. Greeting• Good morning (afternoon) class.• Good morning (afternoon) everyone.• Good morning (afternoon) students.
  5. 5. Asking condition• How are you?• How are you today?• How’re you, students?• How’s everything?• Is everything okay?• How have you been?
  6. 6. • I am very well, thank you.• I am fine, thank you.• We’re very well, thanks.• Not bad, thanks.
  7. 7. • And how are you, Sir? Ma’am?• And how about you, Ma’am?• And you?
  8. 8. •I am fine too, thank you.
  9. 9. Saying a Prayer• Before we start the lesson, let’s say a prayer together.• Let’s say a prayer everyone.• Let’s say a prayer, students. Shall we?• Let’s say a prayer together. Budi, will you lead the prayer, please?• ………….• Amen
  10. 10. Checking students’ attendance
  11. 11. • Is everyone here?• Who is not here yet?• Who is absent today?• Let’s call the roll. Anita, Budi, Johan• Who hasn’t been here, yet?
  12. 12. • Present, Ma’am.• I am here, Sir.• Yes, Ma’am.• She is absent.• He has not come yet, Sir.
  13. 13. How Inquiringstudents’ absence ??
  14. 14. • Why is she/he absent?• Why?• Is there any letter for his/her absence?• What happen to her?• What’s wrong with her/him?
  15. 15. How Inquiring students’being late ?
  16. 16. • Why are you late?• Why do you come late?• Why are you late again?• Why do you always come late in my subject?
  17. 17. Checking students’readiness
  18. 18. • Are you ready, class?• Are you all ready, students?• Let’s start the lesson. Are you ready everyone?
  19. 19. Inquiring theprevious lesson.
  20. 20. • Do you still remember our last discussion?• Where were we last time?• What did we talk about last time?• Where did we stop last time?• Were we talking about …… (name of the topic)
  21. 21. Stating the day’stopic
  22. 22. • Today we’re going to discuss/talk about/deal with …….• Our today’s discussion is about…• Students, today we will see/discuss ….• Today we are going to do an experiment on ….• Today we are going to discuss … Expansion with the focus on ... expansion of solid.
  23. 23. Asking questions
  24. 24. • What happens if we ….. ?• If we …. what will happen?• What are the causes of ….?• What are the effects of ….?
  25. 25. Giving remarks
  26. 26. • Right. That’s good.• Excellent!• Very good.• Absolutely correct.• Ok.• Yes. Right.• Nice try• Not bad
  27. 27. Proctoring
  28. 28. •Be quiet, please!•Work on your own please!•Keep silent please!
  29. 29. Checking thestudent’s learning
  30. 30. • What was the topic we discussed today?• So far, what was the topic about?• What have we discussed so far?• What do we learn from the topics?
  31. 31. Summarizing the lesson
  32. 32. • In short, the lesson today was about …• Let’s summarize the lesson. It is obvious that ….• In brief, we can say that ….
  33. 33. Parting• I hope you enjoyed the lesson.• See you.• Bye.• Bye-bye.• See you next week.• See you on Friday.• See you soon.