So, What's Stopping You From Using ERP?


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Choose Your Path to Success! Whether your small or medium business's goal is to save money, grow your organization, improve operations, make your customers happy - or all of the above - Enterprise Resource Planning software like SAP Business One is your answer.

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So, What's Stopping You From Using ERP?

  1. 1. Choose Your Path to Success Whether your small or medium business’s goal is to save money, grow your organization, improve operations, make your customers happy — or all of the above — Enterprise Resource Planning software is your answer. SO, WHATS STOPPING YOU FROM USING ERP? Nothings ERP costs ERP is too ERP is too My company is I can get by stopping me. too much. much effort. complicated. too small for ERP. without ERP. DID YOU KNOW? 75% <3 60% Best-in-class SaaS ERPs total cost of On a scale of 1 to 5, the 44% of organizations are 60% of best-in-class 68% of organizations withorganizations with ERP ownership is low enough average impact on IT work- willing to consider SaaS organizations report less than $50 million in have 91% customer for 75% of organizations load is less than 3, according ERP for the perceived improved profits as a annual revenue use ERP. retention. to consider it. to SMBs with SaaS ERP. ease of implementation. result of ERP. Sounds like a Sounds DO YOU Feel Dont feel Sounds better than that smart investment, pretty easy, better about so alone spreadsheet farm youre doesnt it? doesnt it? it now? anymore? running, doesnt it? CHOOSE CHOOSE CHOOSE CHOOSE CHOOSE Doesnt sound Actually, I sure do. Not Im good Alone. Afraid. Youll have to pry Definitely. worth the effort. yes. really. now. A little these tables from my concerned. cold, dead hands. Im still in What if we told you SMBs ROI averages 26 that 25%. months for ERP? Would it help to Please CHOOSE know that 50% of SMBs without ERP 50% release me believe theyre from my Id say sign me up. Meh. too small for it? data CHOOSE Do you think youre under- prison. What if you knew ERP could improve staffed? 38% of your inventory turns by 55% and organizations consider cloud Wow, Im feeling Did you know only 22% of reduce operational ERP because much better. best-in-class and delivery costs of a lack of companies still by 22%? internal rely on IT resources. CHOOSE I just spreadsheets? CHOOSE want to be appreciated. OK, I didnt How about I take Oh, we can CHOOSE handle it. know that. the money to a Bring it on. casino instead? We do run 22% is still a lot of Yikes. I should pretty lean. best-in-class companies. rethink this. When do youWhen would you need to go live? I doubt it. like to pay for CHOOSE areyour solution? you CHOOSE one of Id like to be. Is that all? them? CHOOSE CHOOSEAll at once. Over time. Its not an emergency. Yet. Right away. Yes. No. ON-PREMISE ERP CLOUD ERP DATA PRISON 67% of SMBs say theyre willing to Many SMBs—55%, in fact—say cloud ERP Prepare to gaze through the bars of your consider on-premise SaaS ERP solutions. is a solution theyre willing to consider. spreadsheets and imagine life on the outside. Brought to you by Data provided by