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Published on Manufacturing enhances the capabilities in SAP Business One for manufacturing planning, control and implementation in small businesses and mid-sized companies in different ways – as much as necessary and as little as necessary – exactly enough to ensure that the desired efficiency and flexibility are retained.

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  1. 1. Industry SolutionsSAP® Qualified Solution for SAP Business OneERP Solution for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises in Discrete and Process Manufacturing supports manufacturing planning, control and implementa-tion in small and mid-sized manufacturing companies in different ways – as muchas necessary and as little as possible – with precise to ensure the efficiency andflexibility in the daily business. The business process of the customer takes thecenter stage. provides best practice-oriented methods and workflows that fitfor major manufacturing industries like metal and plastics processing, machineryand apparatus, electrical/electronic equipment, automotive, packaging, chemicalengineering, food.Master Data enhanced for Logistics and MRPII and Production for different Strate-Manufacturing gies / OrganizationsThe source data form the basis for the implementation of The manufacturing functions include specific strategies /company-wide business processes as well as all possibil- functions for materials management: order and stockities for gathering information and making decisions. related production, mixed and variant production as wellManufacturing complements SAP Business One to as the necessary functions for the appropriate productionprovide the information which small and medium-sized planning and execution of manufacturing orders.companies need for manufacturing management, costaccounting and controlling.Industry-specific extended master data in particular  Item  Bill of Materials / Recipes  Routings  Operations  Resources (groups, machines, personnel, tools)  Cost centers  Tool management In addition to the usual standard features some specially extended areas shall be mentioned: Materials management:  Multiple material requirement models  Additional options for the control of goods receipt  Retroactive postings based on demand to work or- der  Unscheduled postings based on demand to work order  Extended batch processing and serial number processing  Extended inventory  Mobile data collection for warehouse / bin locationContact us at
  2. 2. Production order management: of work. By scheduling the production orders, these pools are filled with operations. Flexible reports and graphs  Extended MRPII functionality allows a fully inte- provide the necessary transparence to process the right grated rough cut capacity planning as described jobs at the right time. below  Automatic pooling with start date / progress of the  Create orders: different workflows to create work operations orders can be defined. The customers are able to  Operations available, first planned, behind sche- select the appropriate methods according their dule business processes.  Easy rescheduling of operations  Comprehensive planning and execution of external  Rush orders production and supply parts  Recalculation of utilization pools using priorities  Online check of material availabilityRough Cut Capacity PlanningThe functions for rough general planning include the Quality Controlareas of material and capacity requirements planning. In addition to fulfilling high quality standards, most small and medium-sized manufacturing companies must also  Rough planning of material requirement be able to document them. offers efficient functions Parameterized MRPII methods e.g. for general which allow to plan and execute the necessary quality planning and simulation of partial orders or annual tests during the material flow, from initial procurement budgets. For more information, see materials man- across manufacturing until shipment. Various kinds of agement / MRPII. test orders can be assigned to external as well as internal working steps (operations).  Capacity planning: Rough-cut capacity planning shows in a transparent way available, used and The module includes, among other things: unused capacities for resources.  Manage quality control plans  By machine, machine groups, personnel  Quality control by orders from goods receipt  With graphic tools for evaluation and reports through production to delivery  With selection of efficient use of resources  Monitoring Expiration dates within the same group, alternative resources  Release / block Check, release, block batches and and tools serial number parts  Order history  Capture and analyze customer complaints, suppliers, internal productionDetailed Planning (Pool Monitoring)Pool control is an efficient way to plan resource groups orresources. The pools can be defined with certain volumeContact us at
  3. 3. Pre-calculation be parameterized such that a highly flexible and differen- tiated assignment of work in process is possible.Whether you want to prepare estimates for standardproducts with different lot sizes or customer-specific  Several calculations in paralleldesigns for quotations or manufacturing orders, the pre-  Comparisons of target/actual with drill-downcalculation makes different possibilities available to you. procedure of order for assemblies up to individual movementsHighlights of this very flexible module are:  Batch calculation with selection of different evalua-  Calculation scheme freely definable tion criteria  Automatically create and manage calculation struc-  Flexible differentiable WIP using the chart of tures accounts from SAP Business One  Simulate alternative scenarios by changing the formula structure Product Configurator  Calculation and reporting of marginal costs and full The product configurator allows the management of costs and profit contribution product variants. In a quotation or sales order a user  Production orders can be created from the calcula- friendly guided question/answer process can be started tion structure to configure, calculate and integrate the products.  Batch calculation with creation of price lists The structure of products is based on the master data,  History of calculation data such as items, BOMs, routings and can also be used without manufacturing, i.e. as standalone with SAP Business One quotation and sales order processing.Concurrent and Post-calculation, Work in Starting from the product selection for exclusive pricing,Progress from simple material lists to the fully-integrated manufac- turing, all applications are possible. Efficiency is maxi-At any time the actual accumulated costs of a work order, mized.the comparison with the planned costs or the profit mar-gin are provided. Whether as full, marginal costing or  Allows the creation of multilevel decision structurescontribution margin can be determined by the individual with variables, formulas, rules, wildcards, graphics,design of the calculation scheme. Further, the data can etc.Contact us at
  4. 4.  Automatic generation of a user-friendly menu for Multiple Warehouse / Bin Location configuring the product Management  For more complex variant products or applications The warehouse / bin location management extends the shortcuts to the fields of information (e.g. items, standard functionality of inventory management on the BOMs / recipes, routings) are available. Their one hand and to the nature of the stored goods on the contents / values can be influenced with vast other hand. It can be used as a single module with SAP potential to be effective in generating the desired business One. product variant.  Extended warehouse managementAdvanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)  With/without consideration in (MRP)APS is used for detailed planning in enterprises, if order  User-defined warehouses / bin locations with uptimes, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, to 3 dimensions based on vector graphicsavailability of resources are critical parameters in the  Different to- and from-bin strategiesvalue creation process. By graphical visualization and  Kind of stored goodscomparison of all activities with resources, a high level oftransparency is achieved, where and how intervention is  With batch/serial number or expiration daterequired.  Inventory with parameterized counting lists and inventory registrationSome of the most important features:  Work order and resource-oriented customizable graphical views and charts  Various ways to order and operation sequence planning and optimization with/without capacity limits  Dependencies in multi-level orders with cross- checking the delivery dates are considered  Simple selection or change of resources such as machinery or tools  The integrated material availability calculation can be enabled/disabled and reports automatically missing parts during every planning and schedul- ing process. Mobile Solution Warehouse Management The functions of warehouse management are also provided for mobile devices (Windows Mobile). These communicate via wireless LAN directly to the server, therefore the information on the mobile devices is always up to date. The mobile data collection is versatile in various combinations with other modules.Contact us at
  5. 5. Key functions: Time Recording & Production Data Collection  For logistics companies, If the times of your employees are of value for you and SAP Business One with or for a variety of uses a transparency is necessary, attend- without Warehouse Bin loca- ance module should be used. If you need an up-to-the- tion management, with or minute overview of your manufacturing orders or if you without SCM want low-administration feedback of such operating data  As a complete solution with as times, conditions, quantities of goods, etc., for exam- manufacturing ple, via Barcode, then the operational data collection is  Warehouse information, the right choice for you. booking process as posting,  The hardware and commu- charge-off, transfer, goods nication technology of KABA receipt Benzing or PCs with bar-  Inventory and Quality control code readers are supported, other techno-logy available on requestCost Accounting, Machine Hour Costing,Marginal Costing  Enhanced master data and Models for Time andThe Cost Accounting enables you to set up a classical attendanceoperational accounting system based on European  A variety of information on attendance, absencesmodels, but not only this! It facilitates the presentation of  information about jobs to be produced and the sta-all values and quantities from SAP Business One Gen- tus of operations, availability of material requirederal Accounting, Payroll and Manufacturing. As a result,  Comprehensive data collection about operations,you can expect to see the customers, orders and prod- materials, yield, scrap, quality data, etc.ucts with which you have really earned money over acertain period from the extended contribution margincalculation.Key functions:  Cost accounting  Cost Element and Cost Center accounting  Divide cost elements into fixed and variable costs by cost center  Budget non-accrued incidental cost elements  Re-allocate cost centers  Short-term Income  Contribution costing  Customer- or order related  Profit contribution by period, customer, order, item  Machine Hour Rate Calculation  Full cost rates and marginal cost rates per machine  Calculate hourly rates by planned and actual hoursContact us at
  6. 6.  POOL INFO: this Manufacturing functionality Key functions: provides the possibility to work in the factory with  Warehouse management no any paper.  Supports bin location management and all  Each worker is able to access to the available material transactions operations in his area.  Warehouse information, Inventory  Information about the status of the required ma-  Quality control operations terials is displayed.  Direct print of labels and reports  Workers can easily open shared documents or  Time recording, Production data collection pictures.  Pick & Pack provides an own integrated WEB-Server for XML and HTML-5 applications. Thus, full compatibility is guaranteed for present XML- based devices like KABA Benzing as well as for future development in HTML 5 standard. Machine Data Collection, Direct Machine Connection Based on connected machine data collection terminals automatically transmit of start and end time or duration, status of operation, set up, runtime, cycle time, downtime, breakdowns, produced quantities of first pass quality, scrap. Process data and quality data e.g. temperature, pressure, in application of special software like Intellution can also be processed.Mobile Solutions (Web Apps) These integrations are implemented and analyzed case by can be accessed by anyhandset which has a browser, (cell SCM (Supply Chain Management)phone, smartphone or industrialscanner) You are always up to SCM supports sales order as well as purchasedate with the current data availa- order management including blanket orders and allble on your handheld device and automated transactions per EDI industry have the possibility to inter- SCM is tailored for automotive industry for compa-vene directly. nies with own manufacturing as well as for refiner /logistic service supplier and trading companies. Product delivery can be released manually or electronically from blanket orders.  Sales / Delivery with blanket orders, delivery One click setup: The required web scheduling, detailed planning horizons, scheduling server as well as the web applica- delivery proposal, Pick&Pack, cargo. tion is set up and configured auto-  Purchase / Goods receipt with blanket orders and matically. You can decide which scheduling / Control of supplier´s goods receipt employees or which device has access on specific apps. The num-  Communication management / EDI supporting the ber and type of apps will be extend- industry specific standards VDA, Odette, EDIFACT ed continuously. and ANSI X.12  Packaging structure and container managementContact us at
  7. 7. Dashboards for manufacturing companies  Purchase analyses, for example:based on SAP BusinessObjects  Delivered quantity vs. scrap  Delivery times and complianceSAP BusinessObjects Edge BI as a Business-Intelligence  Complaint reasonsSoftware for midsized companies contains solutions foroperative reporting, for flexible Ad-hoc-queries and -analyses, for dashboards and visualizations, for schedul-ing and dashboards (will be extended continuously) :  Added value trend  Analysis: per order and item groups, per time unit, planned and actual values, forecasts  Progression: diagrams of periods  Order controlling  Cost analysis of work orders  Labor time: planned costs vs. actual costs  Materials: planned costs vs. actual costs  Comparison on monthly basis by item groups  Productivity  Progression based on attendance times and confirmed work orders With dashboards you get a fast and consolidated overview on the performance of you company. Enhance the efficiency of your company by getting the best possi- ble analysis of you data, examine different scenarios, simulate new business opportunities and take immediate measures if necessary.Contact us at
  8. 8. More information on beas group: Your Industry Solutions Partner for SAP Business OneSwitzerland Germany North America Austria Asia / Pacific(Headquarters) beas gmbh beas (USA) inc. beas austria gmbh beas asia software technology co. ltd.beas group ag scharnhorststr. 21 2711 centerville road, grazer straße 18 d-75177 pforzheim suite 400 a-8600 bruck a. d. murr 807 Chun Shen Jiang Building,Haldenstrasse 5 fon: +49 (0) 7231-357377 wilmington de 19808 fon: +43 (0) 3862 89 89 220 398, mid Zhe Jiang Rd.,CH-6342 Baar / Switzerland fax: +49 (0) 7231-359137 fon: +41 (0) 43 344 38 34 fax: +49 (0) 3862 89 89 22 Shanghai,200001 mail: fax: +41 (0) 43 344 38 01 mail: Tel.: 0086 21 6176 0325fon: +41 (0) 62 398 32 16 mail: Fax.: 0086 21 6176 0326fax: +41 (0) 62 398 44 83 mail: info@beasgroup.commail: beas gmbh SCM South America Solutions Division beas Brazil von-der-recke-straße 5-7 d-45879 gelsenkirchen Calçada Pólux, 28 - sala 21 fon: +49 (0) 209 94 78 28-0 Centro de Apoio II fax: +49 (0) 209 94 78 28-49 Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo mail: CEP 06541-085, Brasil fon: +55 11 4157 2431 mail: Global SSP of the Year 2011Contact us at